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Dark Fate: Azusa Ecstasy 10 Translation

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-Blue sky-

???: Moooom!

???: Dad too, come faster!

???: Fufufu, they look very good.

Yui: Yes, you’re right.

Azusa: I wonder if they look that good since we’re on this picnic… …?

Yui: Fufu, maybe.

???: Mom, look! I got a flower!

Yui: It’s really beautiful.

Right! Christina, why don’t we make a flower crown?

Christina: Make one for mom? Yay! I will!

???: Flower crowns are boring. Can we do something more fun?

Azusa: Then, Justin can go fishing with me.

Justin: Fishing… …! I’ll go! I’ll go!

Azusa: But, beforehand, be careful to not fall into the water.

Justin: Yeees.

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Seeing All Red
Shakey Graves

I’m yelling in black, yelling in black
Cursing in white, cursing in white
Cursing all night
Yeah, seeing all red


get to know me meme • [2/20] ships

topher/claire - dollhouse

You don’t know me! That’s the contract. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, not fully, not ever!

@ennisgarland Thank you for liking my bread rolls! 😊 They are very basic, the key is the flour mix I use… it’s one that probably isn’t sold outside Finland, unfortunately. But here’s the recipe anyway (sorry there’s no formatting, I’m on mobile):

5 dl warm water, 50 g yeast, 2 tbsp syrup (I use regular dark syrup but I’m sure others could work), 2 tsp salt, 900 g flour mix (a rough estimate), 75 g butter

Crumble and mix yeast into water. Add syrup and salt, and flour mix gradually. Add butter last. Let the dough rest until it’s double the original size.

Make into 24 rolls, and bake in a 225 degree oven for 12-15 minutes.

(Sorry for my sketchy English, not used to recipe vocabulary 😆 I hope this is helpful! 🌈)