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Star Wars Cosplay

A few pics of the cosplay items I made for my darling siblings for their birthday this month. Everything is thrifted or handmade and upcycled. 

My fabulous schwester as Rey from The Force Awakens. 90% of this costume is thanks to Saver’s. 

The replica Han Solo blaster (DL-44 BlasTech pistol for you dorks out there) I made for my brother. Suped-up kids toy. 

I love my siblings. They’re such great people to craft for. <3

The "MUST KNOW" Labs for the NCLEX

It is common to see “normal lab values” that differ slightly from what you see in your textbook or at the hospital. Laboratory reference values often vary among reference sources and are highly dependent on the analytic methods used.

The NCLEX will not ask you to identify lab values with only slight variations from the norm because of this widely-known fact! Instead, questions on lab values will be obviously “off” or else you will be told about an abnormal lab result and then tested on your understanding of the implications of that result: can you anticipate the manifestations, the risks associated with it, or how to intervene?

Don’t focus on memorizing every reference range, but do learn the ones that are likely to show up on the NCLEX.  The following labs are specifically listed on the detailed version of the NCLEX Test Blueprint:

• pH: 7.35 - 7.45

• PO2: 80 - 100

• SaO2: 95 - 100%

• HCO3: 21 - 28 mEq/L or 21 - 28 mmol/L

• BUN: 10-20 mg/dL or 3.6-7.1 mmol/L

• Creatinine 0.5-1.2  mg/dL or 44-106 µmol/L.

• Cholesterol (total): <200 mg/dL or <5.0 mmol/L

• Glucose: 70 - 110 mg/dL (fasting) and  ≥ 200 (casual) or  <6.1 mmol/L (fasting) or ≥ 11.1 mmol/L (casual).

• Critical glucose levels are <40 and >400 mg/dL or <2.22 and >22.2 mmol/L .

• Hematocrit: 37-52% or 0.37-0.52 volume fraction

• Hemoglobin: 12-18 g/dL or 120-180 mmol/L

• HbA1C: 4-5.9% (nondiabetic), < 7% (good diabetic control), > 9% (poor diabetic control)

• Platelets: 150,000-400,000/mm³ or 150-400 x10⁹/L.

• Potassium: 3.5-5.0 mEq/L or 3.5-5 mmol/L.

• Sodium: 136-145 mEq/L or 136/145 mmol/L.

• WBC: 5,000-10,000/mm³ or 5-10 x10⁹/L.

• Critical WBC: <2,000 or >40,000/mm³ or <2 or >40x10⁹/L.

• PT: 11-12.5 seconds (normal) or  ≥1.5-2 x control (with anticoagulant therapy)

• aPTT: 30-40 seconds (normal) or  ≥1.5-2.5 x control (with anticoagulant therapy)

• INR: 0.8 - 1.1 (normal) or 2 - 3 (for A - fib) or  3 - 4.5 (for prosthetic valves)

NCLEX Mastery provides lab reference ranges from Mosby’s, 5th Edition (2013) and Mosby’s Canadian (2012). In a few instances, SI ranges have been sourced from Stedman’s Online or conversions made from Mosby’s conventional values, calculated using the AMA Manual of Style SI Conversion Calculator.

For a complete lab resource, broken down by gender and age group, consult any of our nursing apps.

Carolyn Mallon, RN

edward-human16  asked:

Your favourite blasters in star wars? Me: A280-CFE

Nova: DL-44

connor: defender. always the defender. 

Missy: A180

*everyone else looks at each other*

Jack: yeeeeah the one that fires those…blasters….bolts….

roman: i’m not even going to pretend.

Viktor; what now?

sol: Lightsaber woooosh, woooooosh!


testosterone: 44 ng/dL
estradiol: 15.3 ng/dL

testosterone of cis women pre-menopause:

8-60 ng/dL

estradiol of cis women pre-menopause:

Mid-follicular phase: 2.7-12.3 ng/dL
Periovulatory: 9.6-43.6 ng/dL
Mid-luteal phase: 4.9-29.4 ng/dL



Broken Home - Kylo Ren x fem!Reader (part 4)

A/N: I had such a stressful and emotional day at college yesterday and I came home and I just plunged onto my laptop like “Fudge it, I’m going to take my anger out on Broken Home and write the next two parts.” I was so pleased and not pleased with my outcome.


Warnings: Hux teasing Kylo (v mild unfortunately), (anything else you can think of then message me and I’ll add it)

Words: 1134

Broken Home; Part One - here
Broken Home; Part Two - here
Broken Home; Part Three - here

Kylo had walked into your shared quarters back on the Starkiller Base, plonking his helmet down on the side table by the door. He stretched and walked towards your shared bedroom to change into something more comfortable but that’s when he realised that something was off, majorly;

The bed was still unmade from when you and Kylo had awoken this morning, your uniform was hanging over one of the chairs in the bedroom, you wardrobe door was open a tiny crack and most of all… he couldn’t feel your presence; anywhere close by.

It hit Kylo Ren like a ton of bricks, you had left him. There was too much of the dark side in Kylo for you to love him anymore.

But as the years went by, you had given birth to the son that he didn’t know about and the Resistance gave you another chance in proving yourself from the antics you and the most powerful knight of Ren had caused since the deaths of the Padawans’ at the Jedi Temple.

All in the meanwhile, Kylo had vowed to himself that he would find you again and bring you back to your home at the Starkiller Base, back to him.

You sat on the side lines watching Phasma train her Stormtroopers as she gleamed with pride, occasionally scolding some of them once in a while for not being able to remember the different type of ‘simple blaster and rifle blaster’ models and how some of the troopers would occasionally completely miss their target or forget to take the security latch off.

Once she finished training she walked over to where you were sitting on the bench with her shoulders slumped, “I forgot how of a handful they can be at times,” you chuckled, making Phasma snort and from under her helmet and she shook her head.

“Still as hectic as ever since you left, Y/N, Especially since Ren had the whole First Order looking for you,” She took her helmet off and shook her helmet hair, then placing the chrome head gear on the bench in front of her. Passing her canteen of water to her, she muttered a “thank you” and swigged her water down before placing the helmet back on head.

“Was he angry when I left? What was he like…?” You and Phasma started striding down the hallways towards the bridge, “Well, he… Started doing this thing, it would involve either control panels, furniture or sometimes walls,” Phasma started, “he would get into a tantrum if someone said the wrong thing or did something that he didn’t like; slicing up everything with what the General quotes ‘that bloody dysfunctional lightsaber of his’.”

You swallowed a lump in your throat and ran a hand through your H/C strands.

This wasn’t the person who was sitting and eating dinner with your son last week, it couldn’t be… Unstable and a risk to his family. If Agustin, Leia or yourself had said anything out of the ordinary all three of you would have been sliced and diced…

Breaking out of your thoughts as you finally reached the bridge, you felt a familiar force flush over your body. You and Phasma continued through the door and up to Hux whose patience was wearing thin with a young commander, you almost felt sorry for the commander but you brushed it off.

Quickly glancing around, you couldn’t see Kylo on the bridge assuming that his aircraft has landed in the hangar. Phasma coughed and got Hux’s attention to which the commander scurried away back to his work station, leaving you and the two high ranks alone.

“I’ve finished training for tonight, General; if it’s all the same I’m going to retire for the night” Phasma asked from beside you, Hux gave her a tired smile and a curt nod as a go ahead and you shook hands with the Chrome-Cladded-Captain who turned and retreated.

“I’m going to retire early too, thanks Hux” You smiled and kissed his cheek before leaving the bridge.

“Where is she?” Kylo stormed onto the bridge yelling out at everyone, but mostly the red headed General. Hux rolled his eyes at Kylo and turned away from monitor he was currently looking at, “Who? Phasma? I believe she retired to her quarters half an hour ago.” Hux teased.

Kylo clenched his fists and took a deep breath, “You know who I’m talking about, General.” He growled through the helmet. Hux gave himself the opportunity to wind the Knight of Ren up more, smirking he placed his datapad on his work station and looked up at the ‘bucket brain’, “You’re going to have to be more specific, Ren.”

“Y/N, Where is she I know she’s here and she’s not in the interrogation room” Kylo whisper shouted, Hux just shrugged and walked past him, “Try on the 304th floor, that really fancy room, try there.”

You jolted awake by the sound of your quarters’ doors opening, shivers ran down your spine as you reached for the DL-44 under your pillow slowly, Your eyes squinted in the dark as you got up out of the bed and held the blaster in defence position in case of attack.

You heard the heavy clad of footsteps and breathing getting closer to the bedroom area, quickly hiding around the side of the closet and straightening your back against it and the wall, clutching the blaster to your chest you checked the safety was on.

The footsteps seemed to get louder and then stopped, your heart was beating rapidly as you peered around the closet to see someone dressed all in black. Of course they’re in black, it’s the pfassking First Order, forty seven percent on average wear black around here.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” you heard the voice of Kylo sighing, coming from around the closet you avoided his eyes. “Well I was hiding behind because I thought you were someone coming in to kill me…” you murmured, still clutching the DL-44 that Hux had given you when he had shown you to your quarters.

“I mean what are you doing here? What about Agustin, you need to be escorted back,” He rambled taking your hands and leading you to sit on the bed beside him. “Your mother is looking after him, calm down… I wanted to talk to you about something else, it’s complicated and I can’t say it without it sounding like a child in this place,”

“Well let’s talk”

You woke up with the feel of hot breath on your neck and strong arms wrapped around your torso, you smiled to yourself and sunk into Kylo’s body waiting for him to wake up so you could convince him to come home, even just for a while.

A dad and a partner has his duties.


testosterone: 44 ng/dL
estradiol: 15.3 ng/dL

testosterone of cis women pre-menopause:

8-60 ng/dL

estradiol of cis women pre-menopause:

Mid-follicular phase: 2.7-12.3 ng/dL
Periovulatory: 9.6-43.6 ng/dL
Mid-luteal phase: 4.9-29.4 ng/dL