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Lunvr’s Art Collection Vol. 5 - Melanated

I finally got my lazy ass in game to take previews of this but here is the new artwork, I called it Melanated cause wow isn’t it so pretty and full of melanin, credit to the lovely 4everestherr on IG please support her! She has a commision, great artist! And Sims4Studio for the mesh. Hope y’all love this as much as I do, please tag me if you would like to show me pics of it in game! I would love to see what you do with them!!! Happy Simming, download under the cut!

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BUN RECOLORS - 150+ Followers Gift  (Miaou hair & Sunflower hair Bangs and No Bangs)

Thank you for 150+ followers!


No simworkshop download.. I’m a little too lazy to fill out all that stuff.



“We are pregnant!” T-Shirts


If you use them:

  • please credit/tag me in your posts (#carlinvauses)
  • don’t claim as your own
  • if there should be any problems, please message me and I’ll try my very best to help! ♥

Wistful Castle’s Jimmy Hair in softsimmer’s Dusk palette!

I’m in love with this palette, the colors look very natural and it’s always so hard to find a nice blonde BUT THIS PALETTE COVERS EVERY BLONDE YOU COULD EVER WANT.

I saw this male hair on my dashboard and thought it was cute and I wanted to try to recolor it, and here we go.

You need the mesh (download it here) for these to appear because they add swatches.

Download: sfs/onedrive *soon*

I got a request if I could share the pond leaves, and of course!
4 rc/pond deco
As for uploading the whole lot.
Hm, you know, if everyone was cool with including cc in buildings, I would share everything I build, but I’m far from a NoCC simmer and linking and finding all the stuff is just a bit -not fun- to me (I don’t mind simple wcifs tho!). It has nothing to do with me not wanting to give credit to all the awesome cc makers, it’s just me, wanting to spend my time on other things. :)
(Also, thanks for all the tips in my pond leaves wcif and birthday wishes! <3)


Lunvr’s Art Collection Vol.1

Hi!!! So I made some more paintings of some beautiful black women, I mean idk, I liked them so I put them in my game and decided to share them with my lovelies. Credits to the creator of the blank canvas, as well as to badassgenius (IG) for these great pieces. Download is under the cut! Tag me if you use em blah blah…whatever. Here ya go.

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Hey guys! Honestly I wasn’t going to releash this mesh because there are quite a few problems with it but I’m already at 1,100 followers so I gotta put something out! Hair is enabled for teen-elder, both male and female, and comes in the 18 ea colors! Please follow my TOU if you want to download this hair! Post inspired by @mangosim



Sim Request 1 - For @loniden

Requested: Lea Mejia, a snob. genius, and evil sim who aspires to be good at many things at once. Hope she fulfills your requirements!


hair / top / bottom (sad valentine) / cardigan / sandals / choker / buns / skin 1 / skin 2 / eyes / eyelashes / eyebrows / eyeliner / water liner / lipstick / lip cleft or scar or whatever you wanna call it 

I’m sorry if I forgot anything too heh

Private download]]

tag me in pictures too!

Also it’s the third time I’ve had to remake her