Dave Karofsky Appreciation Week, day 3: Favorite Friendship

Santana is meddlesome, manipulative, controlling – and possibly the best thing that ever happened to Dave.  She called him on his shit (looking at the kind of jeans Sam was wearing? Really?) and gave him an ultimatum: you are not going to be a bully anymore, you are going to fix this shit with Kurt, and I’m going to give you somebody to talk to who gets what you’re going through.  I had a lot of fun writing this scene with Santana in Gold Mine.  In my headcanon, she becomes the godmother to his kids someday.


Dave Karofsky Week, Day 1: Why I love him

This episode is when I fell in love with Dave.  And believe you me, I did not want to love or like him.  This is when I saw the person he really is; sarcastic sassypants, calculus nerd, dancer of cheesy tunes.  The person I believe he would have got more comfortable with showing, had Kurt not been elected Prom Queen.


Dave Karofsky Week, Day #1: Why I Love Dave/Favorite Scene in Canon

In 2x20 Prom Queen, Dave takes Kurt to class, as part of his Bullywhips duty. I watched Dave apologize to Kurt with a sense of astonishment.  This bully, whose character I abhorred, was not only making himself vulnerable, but he was clearly taking the duty of protector seriously.  I had a complete 180 about Dave Karofsky.  Even the prom debacle itself didn’t change my mind – because Dave had shown his true colors, just for a moment.  

Kurt Hummel Week= 4th-10th of February

Dave Karofsky Week= 18th-24th of February

Day 1- Why do I love him? // Favorite moment in canon.
Day 2- Deleted scene.
Day 3- Favorite friendship.
Day 4- Favorite romantic pairing. // Family.
Day 5- Alternative universe.
Day 6- Headcanons.
Day 7- Favorite scenario for his future.

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Dave Karofsky Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favorite Romantic Pairing

Well, duh.  =)

I first shipped Dave and Puck together in this really sweet AU story Knittycat and I wrote.  It was kind of an accident, because Dave ended up with Kurt and Sarah, but when I wrote this scene with Puck and Dave talking at Schoonover Park, wow, did they have chemistry.  I ended up writing an additional scene to explain how I thought Puck and Dave and Kurt became lovers, later.

So then I wondered, could I take that chemistry into a more canon story and make it work?  The fact that Puck was hot for Lauren and Mercedes told me he might really dig Dave’s body, even if Dave wasn’t feeling so good about it.  So I wrote the first scene to Gold Mine.  Wow, that was easy!  The rest of the story came so quickly after that, it was practically effortless – they just played off each other perfectly. 

Then I found Penthea’s Set Right What Once Went Wrong.  She captured Dave’s melancholy and determination exactly.  I had to ask her to write a story with me, and it had to be Puckofsky.  So we embarked on So Nothing’s Left Unturned, which would prove to be a nine month life-changing endeavor, and which spawned several sequels.  

What I learned about Dave/Puck in the writing of all of these stories was that they need each other.  Each of them bear the scars of their lives, but Puck and Dave are richer, more fulfilled people for opening up to one another – for trusting that they deserve to be loved, not despite their perceived flaws, but because of them.  

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve
And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground
Dig them up, let’s finish what we started
Dig them up, so nothing’s left unturned
When all of your flaws and all of my flaws are counted

- Bastille, “Flaws”