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Was the killing of Max Lord what ruined modern Wonder Woman?

It solidified it, but I think Kingdom Come casting her as The Violent One - intended as a contrast to her traditional nature, but because it was the biggest story she was ever part of that became everyone’s take, same as how DKR being the biggest thing Superman’s ever been a part of hasn’t done him wonders - is the real root of the issue.


“You’re even prettier than you were before…” Bruce said, flashing you one of those smirks that used to make your knees go weak back when you lived in Gotham. “I didn’t think that was possible.”

“And you seem…” You countered for a brief moment, biting your lip and staring at him like this was your very first meeting; full of promise and the happy endings the two of you had been robbed of years ago. “Happier.”

“I’ve been trying other things…” Bruce shrugged, leaning back in his chair and nursing a glass of red wine before tipping his head and pinning you beneath a genuine stare. “And making up for lost time.”

“Does that mean you don’t stand girls up on dates anymore? Or make a bunch of promises you don’t keep…” You laughed as you bent forward, leaning your elbows against the small cafe table and staring at the window boxes across the street to distract yourself. Sure, he’d been a dick back when the two of you were starting out in Gotham but you later came to realize he had a pretty good reason, what with him being the Dark Knight.

“Any chance I could make it up to you tonight?”

Turning your gaze back on Bruce and lifting a brow, you asked, “How?”

“We could catch up…” He offered, this time giving you a broad grin. “Maybe take a walk under the Eiffel Tower.”

Maybe it was the wine or even the atmosphere around you as couples strolled down the street, holding hands and giggling like a pair of runaway lovers but before you could stop yourself, you blurted out a quick, “Sure.”

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*Imagine bumping into Bruce in Paris after years of being estranged*

Request: Can I please request an imagine of Bruce Wayne set after DKR where reader hasn’t seen Bruce in years, but comes across him in Paris around the time he sees Alfred? Thank ya!