dkng studio


Deutsch, New York got artists Olivia Knapp, Yeahhh! Studios and DKNG Studios to create three unique wooden works of art corresponding to Jägermeister’s three pillars—heritage, ingredients and process. Each piece was constructed in 56 separate parts that fit together like a puzzle—representing the 56 different ingredients (roots, fruits, herbs and spices) that go into Jägermeister. Via

ICYMI: we released another print in our Friends of the Gallery collection. It’s where we team up one of our favorite creative buyers with one of our favorite artists to create a piece inspired by a theme of their choosing. And in this case, the comedian and host of the How Did This Get Made podcast, Paul Scheer, picked Bad Boys II, and DKNG Studios knocked it out of the park. The piece is only $35 and is available now at Only 150 available through the gallery, so act fast!

Our most anticipated event of all-time, #ArtAwakens, a partnership between Disney, LucasFilm, Bad Robot and Gallery1988, opens THIS WEEKEND. An art exhibit years in the making, paintings and prints inspired by the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens will debut soon. A majority of the paintings and prints will be available exclusively on eBay, but 7 screenprints, each from a VERY limited edition, will be available IN GALLERY for purchase throughout the weekend. That’s the only way you can get them.

You’ve seen the colorful Matt Taylor screenprint already, here is the beautiful contribution from DKNG Studios.

We will be open at G1988 (West), 7308 Melrose Ave, Saturday Nov. 14th and Sunday Nov. 15th from 11 AM - 10 PM.