Not-So-Wrong Number

Prompt: Text Messages [Hidashi]

Hiro wanted to throw his phone across the room.

He’d been nice once upon a time. When some poor chap had texted him ‘hey! we met at the bar ytd, remember me?’ he’d told him gently that sorry bud, I think you’ve been given the wrong number. He’d spent all of the previous night at the lab, and was certainly nowhere near a bar no matter how much he wished he had been (he might have done some lonely consolatory drinking while working on his college project, but that was besides the matter).

But this was getting ridiculous.

It had happened every now and then. Once every two weeks. Maybe once a month, even. But for the last month these texts became increasingly frequent, and really, if he had a dollar for every ‘hey girl hey ;)’ text that he had received in just the past two weeks alone, he’d be buying his own cruise ship and sailing off to Bora Bora where no one could text him again. Honestly, if he could get his hands on this absolute twat of a human who kept using his number as her decoy, he would shove the recent texts of ‘WTF BRO’ and ‘I GOT FUCKING TRICKED BRO’ and ‘this isn’t even the first time bro’ down her throat. It sure as hell wasn’t his responsibility to console broken-hearted bros, when he had his own problems in the form of a pigheaded code that refused to work properly.

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