the day when the deadkid rose to life: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFRED CHRISTOPHER!

you’re out of the “-teen” bracket aLready.
you get to party aLL you want, drink aLL booze you couLd chug down, smoke how many sticks you can inhaLe and what eLse there is.

just be there for me tomorrow, okay?

we’ve seen each other through years…
and yeah, you’ve taught me that there are stuff worth forgetting. :)

i love you soooo much. our friendship is worth keeping.

words just aren’t enough so here’s where i’LL end,
thanks for giving me another reason to live..

no one comes in between, ever. ♥

forever your sister/friend/lover,

darn. i sound like your girLfriend, don’t i?
haha. whatever.  iLy.

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