The Desiderata Valley Kicky Bag League

Official Rules of the Desiderata Kicky Bag League (The DKBL):

1. Anyone can join the Desiderata Kicky Bag League, as long as they have a kicky bag to play with.

2. The game rules: Points are awarded ping-pong style. If you kick the ball to someone and they drop the pass, you get a point! (Half-points may be awarded for particularly impressive passes.) Bonus Rule: If you’re playing a two-player match and one player forfeits, the non-forfeiting player gets a league point.

2. Anyone can join, but only league stand-outs can participate in tournaments.

3. A league stand-out is any player who has the prerequisite number of points (TBD).

4. Tournaments can be played in either two-person elimination rounds or in big group rounds. In the latter case, the winner is whoever scores the most points before the round breaks up.

5. Elimination rounds are played to a set number of points. First to X points wins automatically and goes onto the next round.

6. Have fun, and be safe! A well aimed kicky bag can really sting.

P.S. Thanks to Enkisstories for the idea, let’s see how long I can keep track of this.