It’s still trans day of visibility here so why not? 
Before anyone asks, gender-fluidity DOES count in the transgender spectrum!

I’m a Mexican gender-fluid folk that also identifies as non-binary/agender
I still mostly identify as a guy (demi-boy? does it count?), then non-binary, then as both boy and girl as the same time, then as a girl. (So he/him and they/them pronouns are equally preferred and she/her as last choice)

I’ve been through some rough stuff in my life, and still am going through many
But y’know, I like trying to keep my chin up. And if it’s not for me, it’s for my buddies and for the people I love.
Many people find me intimidating at first, but seriously, don’t! I’m actually an amazingly huge goof even if people don’t believe it. I like talkin’ to people and learning ‘bout them. 
If ya ever need a helpin’ hand just come look for me, I’ll try helping you out with everything I can.

The Power of Twitter

I’m sorry if this section is boring -_- I needed to do more background stuff~ This is part 9 and you can read the other parts here! As usual, let me know what you think, and also please read the other parts first or else nothing will make sense.

That next week went by incredibly quickly. It was schedule after schedule, meeting after meeting, and Jonghyun hated it. Meanwhile, Jinki was constantly reminding Jonghyun that he needed to begin moving as soon as possible. However, it was difficult when Jinki still hadn’t told him where he was going to live. Jonghyun didn’t have the motivation to move at the end of every day. He would pack one box and then wake up an hour later to Roo licking his face.

On thursday, Jonghyun finally met up with his sister. Since the airport fiasco, Jonghyun had lost the ability to go out in public. One person would recognise him, and then a group would soon form whether they knew him or not. The last thing he needed was to be flooded by “fans,” if he could call them that, when he was with his sister. Another thing about being recognisable, was that Jinki took it upon himself to replace his entire wardrobe. It was all tight pants and designer shirts from now on. There were very few outfits Jonghyun was allowed to keep, but Jinki assured him these would keep him looking fashionable as he transitioned into an idol.

Jonghyun sat at a table in a nice restaurant, fixing his clothes, waiting for his sister. He tapped his foot nervously. There was the flash of a camera, and he immediately looked toward the source. A girl held up her phone while she sat with her family. Before Jonghyun could address her, she went back to talking to her family. Jonghyun hated being unable to have any time to himself. Since he was thrust into the public eye, it was impossible to hide. He checked his twitter and saw he was tagged in a picture taken at the restaurant. He groaned.

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