the signs and their seventeen soulmate
  • aries:seungcheol ; you smell the scents that he smells and vice versa
  • taurus:wonwoo ; you can hear each other's thoughts
  • gemini:vernon ; you can only see each other's favorite color until you meet (everything else is black and white)
  • cancer:minghao ; you have matching symbols engraved somewhere on your body
  • leo:dino ; you dream of each other every night until you meet
  • virgo:joshua ; there's a countdown on your wrist to when you'll meet
  • libra:jeonghan ; you have the initials of each other's name engraved onto your ankle
  • scorpio:woozi ; you share each other's pain
  • sagittarius:hoshi ; your left eye is the natural color of his eyes (and same with his left eye)
  • capricorn:seungkwan ; you have the first words to each other engraved onto your wrist
  • aquarius:mingyu ; whatever you draw on yourself gets drawn on him too (and vice versa)
  • pisces:seokmin ; each time one of you laugh the other does/feels the need to laugh too
seventeen as senior quotes

seungcheol- ‘why can’t a heterosexual guy tell another heterosexual guy that he thinks his booty is fly?’

jeonghan- ‘hannah montana says nobody’s perfect yet here i am’

joshua- ‘pass the aux cord fam’

jun- ‘it’s not enough that i succeed- others should fail.’

hoshi- ‘bruh, we just graduated to go to school again. whoa’

wonwoo- ‘why would i want a quote under my picture’

woozi- ‘i’ll remember you all in therapy’

seokmin- ‘i made it this far? swag’

mingyu- ‘don’t follow your dreams. follow my twitter @ its_mingyu_bitches’

minghao- ‘i didn’t choose the thug life, my mom picked it out for me’

seungkwan- ‘the only reason i went to school all this time is to distract myself from the fact that i’ll never be beyonce’

hansol- ‘i cheated on all my exams. peace out’

chan- ‘so i can write anything here and it’ll be in the yearbook?’


Seventeen - 아주 NICE Performance Compilation (ft. the members and their special outfits)

inspired by @vernonchewy‘s amazing Pretty U Compilation !!!

Seventeen at your wedding reception
  • p:you're bestfriends with each of the thirteen boys so you invited them all at your wedding
  • scoups:he'd totally give a speech or two he is also totally best buds with your groom and he may have drink a little bit and just dad dance all night long
  • jeonghan:you don't know why but he's the one who got the flowers when you threw it
  • jisoo:he'd totally know the guy preciding your wedding and would also likely lowkey give you the most expensive gift
  • jun:the guy you all warned your bridesmaids against. he's THE bachelor who never fails charming all the ladies, even your grandma
  • hoshi:he may or may not offered you for the third time to choreograph the cotillion or something. the life of the party. he's the guy who wouldn't be too tired to dance with all your aunts and even with your uncles.
  • wonwoo:he's the groom tbh
  • woozi:arranges all the bands that would play at your wedding and probably the one who sang for your first dance
  • seokmin:the one to entertain the little ones in the ceremony tbh so he's surrounded by kids by reception (he knows a magic trick or two)
  • mingyu:he's the bestman of course. all your bridesmaid are stealing glances at him but he's too focused on his food tbh
  • minghao:would be the first one to tease you tbh but would then whisper you are beautiful and he'd give the best toast
  • seungkwan:composed a song with woozi to sing at your wedding that left you in tears
  • hansol:he's the one who'd roast your groom tbh but would shower you with compliments in his speech
  • chan:the first one to approach you before the program starts to shower you with compliments on how beautiful you look and would never stop congratulating you
Seventeen reaction: You saying ‘I love you’ for the first time

This is yet another thing that I spent ages writing out and it all deleted, so I’m sorry if its terrible! It’s my first Seventeen reaction, though, so I’m very happy (they are my boys), so thank you to anon for the request!


Honestly he would turn into a huge ball of fluff the moment the words left your lips. He’d be so happy and flattered, he’d probably blush like hell, covering his mouth with his hand or holding it to his heart to show how happy he feels. “Jagi, I love you too. So much.”

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This boy would smile so much honestly, you’d make him feel all giddy and happy as he giggled. He would give you the warmest smile you have ever seen like so genuine like he couldn’t help it. He would pull you into a hug, smiling into your hair as he told you sweetly how much he loved you, too.

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He would look up at you in surprise and begin staring at you. Like literally staring, you would have no idea what to do. Afterwards, when he realised he had been looking for longer than he should have, he would begin to chuckle at himself. Part of it would be how embarrassed he was to have lost it in the moment and part of it would be how giddy he had turned at your words. “Sorry, Jagi, it’s just… I love you, too.”

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You’d surprise him a little, causing him to stare at you for a few moments before this gorgeous half-smile would grow on his lips like he is feeling all the pride in the world. He just feels so proud of you and of the fact that you are his he would feel so overwhelmed with happiness. He would reach forward and cup for your cheek, giving you a peck on the lips, telling you that he loved you just as much.

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No matter where you guys were, like it could be a really quiet public place or somewhere really calm like a library it doesn’t matter, Hoshi would squeal. So much that you would probably have to shush him in embarrassment, not that he would care. The boy would jump up and down in excitement as he grinned like an idiot. He would wrap his arms around you and spin you around while still jumping. “I love you too, Jagi!”

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Another one that would just turn into a marshmallow honestly he would be so blushy and stutter so much it would be adorable. He would desperately try and find his words as he gaped at you, but the only think coming from his mouth would be random noises. He would get embarrassed really quickly and get really flustered. When he knew he couldn’t find the words, though, he would just straight-up hug you, grinning like a fool into your hair as he embraced you.

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He would be so taken back by the sudden confession, he would just stare at you for a moment as he processed what you said. Personally, I see Woozi as the type to get really flustered when it comes to romance so I can picture him just smiling and not being able to say anything just having this huge grin that he would desperately be trying to hide.

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He would give you the biggest smile you have ever seen. Now, we all know DK has the best smile in the industry anyway, but seriously, it would be so big you wouldn’t even be able to see his eyes anymore. And it would be so genuine, too, like he wouldn’t be able to suppress it at all. He would pull you into the tightest and most comfortable embrace ever, practically feeling all the love he felt just from the way he held you.

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He would be so surprised in the moment he would look at down at his shoes shyly, clearing his throat and trying to regain his composure. But THEN omg he would look at up with you so full of love and a little lust this shit seriously and just bite his lip at you trying to look really cute but sexy at the same time you know that look that Mingyu can pull off so well? Yeah that one. It would kill you. “You mean that, Jagi?” He’d say sweetly.

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Minghao would be so touched he wouldn’t be able to suppress his cute little smile. He would have to look away for a moment out of shyness, like Mingyu, but then he would look back at you, probably brushing a strand of hair behind your ear as he looked at you in adoration. “I love you too, Baobei.”  His voice would be so sweet it would be so adorable.

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You would probably really surprise Seungkwan, making him trip over his words or choke on his drink whatever he is doing. He would get really flustered after staring at you for a moment, looking away so you couldn’t see his face as he calmed himself out of his blush, regaining a straight face as he looked back at you. “Of course you do. Why wouldn’t you?” He would shrug and smirk and probably throw an arm over your shoulders, but inside he would be DYING.

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Yet another awkward bean that would suddenly become a stuttering, blushing mess as soon as you spoke. “Wait… what?” He’d do a double-take at you and stare for a moment as he processed it. “Jagi… I—” He would be lost for words, it would make you really nervous, his tone making it seem like he was preparing to turn you down. All of that nervousness left you when he pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead, though, whispering that he loved you just as much.

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This adorable child would be straight into your arms to be honest. He would grin and probably have a little bit of a squeal but he would embrace you so quickly you wouldn’t even know where he went when he wasn’t in front of you anymore. He’d giggle and swing you a little as he hugged you. “I love you more, Jagi!”

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Hansol is me trying to deal with my life …💀

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Seventeen reaction to you calling them a name (e.g. stupid)

Of course! Thank you for submitting one in~


S. Coups: very playful “Well I guess I’ll just have to go if you’re gonna be sassy”

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Jeonghan: snappy “whaaat? I’ll have you know I’m the smartest man you’ll ever meet.”

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Joshua: “Hey, don’t call me stupid….stupid”

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Jun: “Rude…but I’m stupid for you”

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Hoshi: “What? What did I do wrong? I was just messing with you???”

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Wonwoo: “Its so cute when you try to insult me”

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Woozi: “Would a stupid person be able to produce and write award winning songs including Adore U, which is a funky pop song that has fun and fresh lyrics that match Seventeen’s age on t-”

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DK: “This is the only thing we can agree on”

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Mingyu: “Maybe what they say is true… you can never be both smart and extremely handsome at the same time. But you’re smart at least…so we’re a perfect match”

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The8: playful back “I compliment you almost every time I see you and this is how you repay me? Guess two can play at this game y/n”

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Seungkwan: sassy Boo is extremely sassy “Darling, the door is over there”

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Vernon: “You’re stupider, y/n”
You: pretends to not notice
Vernon: “So stop actin’ like you didn’t hear me, or?”

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Dino: jokingly as well “Don’t make me kick you in the butt y/n”

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A Bangtan Boys Huddle #SEVENTEENisMovingIN??

A/N (GAHHH I was legitimately asked by everyone and their mother to bring BTS into this crazy mix, and I have finally decided to heed the requests and let BTS and Seventeen be roommates. I hope you enjoy the utter pettiness and shade of this Kpop crack. WARNING I’m not responsible for any side effects of the consumption of this post. Ask your doctor before reading.)

Rapmon:  Okay guys now I know this isn’t our usual style to have meetings like this but I there’s some news that you all need to know. 

 Jungkook: Text it to me *leaves room* 


Jin: What is it? For there to be a meeting it must be pretty big. 


 Rapmon: No we’re not getting a dog that would be stupid. We’re literally never home. Gah I’m just trying to tell you that Seventeen is moving in with us for a few days because they had flooding at their dorms. *Door bell rings* 

 Rapmon: I think it’s them now. *opens door*

 S.Coups: *Seventeen trails in* Hello everyone! 

 Seungkwan: *enters* This place is even smaller than the Exo dorms. Why can’t our company just pay for a hotel?? 

 DK: *enters* Um I think I left a bag in Chen’s room. Does anyone have any extra underwear I can borrow? 

 Suga: You’ve gotta be kidding me.

 Taehyung: So let me get this straight. We are definitely not getting a puppy?

 Rapmon: Tae. Shut up… Hey Seventeen! Welcome to our dorms, we don’t have much space, but we’re all willing to make room for you all. 

Suga: I’m not.

 S.Coups: It’s cool, we know that we’re kind of a bother right now and we appreciate you agreeing to take us.

 Jimin: Lol but we didn’t. 

 J-Hope: Yeah we just found out about it as soon as you came.

 S.Coups: Rapmon you told me that your whole team knew about it.

 Rapmon: Do you honestly think that anyone in their right mind would agree for 17 people to move into their dorms if they knew about it first?? 

 Hoshi: Actually we’re 13 members in 3 units and together we are One. That’s where the name comes from.


 Suga: Did anyone ask?

 Woozi: *whispers* Father.

 Jungkook: Hey I’m just coming to get my headpho…..Woah why is Seventeen here?

 Rapmon: Check your texts from me. 

 Jungkook: You actually think I have your number saved? Lol that’s funny.

 The8: Sorry to interrupt but where are we going to stay? This place is really tiny.

 Rapmon: We’ll make room, don’t worry about it.

 Jin: Woahhh woah wait a minute who’s suppose to be doing the cooking for 17 more people?

 Hoshi: Actually we have 13 membe– 

 Suga & Woozi: SHUT UP! 

 Suga: Son? 

 Rapmon: Anyway I’ll assign rooms so that this will be a smooth transition. So J-hope you’ll room with DK and Hoshi. 

 J-Hope: I only have one bed so you’ll have to both share the floor.

 DK: Can we go back to the Exo dorms?

 Hoshi: Nahh I’ll take a cold floor over D.O. and Woozi trying to murder me everyday. 

 Woozi: We almost got him too. 

 Rapmon: Jimin I’m going to pair you wi– 

 Jimin: Jungkook?! 

 Jungkook: Oh God no. 

 Rapmon: Um no you’re taking Joshua and Jun.

Jun: Did you pair us just because we have J names?


Rapmon: Maybe.

Suga: Are any of you from Daegu?

Seungkwan: No but I’m from Jeju and I would love to share ro–

Suga: Pass.

S.Coups: I’m from Daegu

Rapmon: Okay S.Coups and Vernon with Suga….Where’s Vernon?

Mingyu: He’s still in the car. He took leaving Chanyeol kinda hard.

Taehyung: Understandable.

Rapmon: Fine whatever. Tae, You have Mingyu and Wonwoo.

Taehyung: Do you guys like dogs?


Mingyu: Um we really could just stay in the living room or something.

Wonwoo: Yeah I have a bed with my name on it reserved at the local hospital.

Rapmon: I don’t really care what you people do okay?? just let me finish these room assignments.

Jungkook: I don’t want any roommates. I just bought 12 new white t-shirts and my closet space is gone.

Rapmon: You have Dino and Seungkwan.

Seungkwan: Hey it’ll be fun, I like to meet new people and do fun thin—

Jungkook: Say one more word to me you rookie scum and I’ll make you sleep next to the toilet.

Woozi: Please let me stay with Jungkook too!

Rapmon: Sure. Now Jin you’ll take Jeonghan and I’ll take The8.

J-Hope: I have some issues with this.

Jimin:  Me too! Why do you both get to have one roommate while the rest of us have two?

Jungkook: and three!

Rapmon: It’s simple, do you wanna know why?

Jimin: Yeah!




Dino: *whispers to Seungkwan*  I think he may be a little stricter than Suho.

Seungkwan: Duhh you think??

Rapmon: Now that that’s done, you can go do whatever you want. I’m going into the studio and work on some songs on the computer. *leaves*

Joshua: Is he really going to work on songs?

J-hope: If you count watching dirty videos and infecting the computer as “working on songs” then sure that’s exactly what he’s doing.

S.Coups: Um good meeting guys, thanks again for letttin-

Suga: Just cut it Egg Scoops, Rapmon already left and I don’t want to pretend to care about you kids anymore.


Woozi: *tears up* I knew that I would find you again one day. Can I have a hug?

Suga: No.

Woozi: That’s what I always dreamt you would say! I think that this may be exactly where need to be.

Jungkook: If anyone needs me I’ll be in my room changing the locks and my telephone number. Bye.

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Vocal team kinks in detail please omg

I did hip hop team so I should stop being a fucknut and do vocal (and performance) team already since there’s multiple requests for both right yes 


Hair Pulling: okay not bc Jeonghan has long hair or his bob and whatnot but bc I legit see him as one who would have a thing for hair pulling, but more often pulling your hair than you pulling his. Especially when receiving blowjobs and if you do doggy style he gon get that shit

Biting: I think Jeonghan would like biting as well as being bitten. Not so hard where either of you are like bleeding or something because god damn but like more than just a little nibble but not too painful do you understand me probably not

Being Deep Throated: I see Jeonghan as a hisser and also someone who goes “ah” in bed and SO this would be right up his alley just like he would be right in your mouth I hate myself

Face Fucking: okay this is kind’ve a big dick move because it’s similar to the one above but I mean Jeonghan bites his lip a lot and I could see him doing so a lot if you were to allow to fuck your face and so I meAN


is already done here whoops 


Biting: long story short I have a weird thing for Jihoon’s teeth like I really love his teeth they’re v cute and his little canines IDK ALRIGHT I JUST FEEL LIKE HE WOULD ENJOY BITING WITH THOSE TEETH ST O P JUDGING ME

Domination: okay so Jihoon is always saying how he’s not cute and stuff and I’m pretty sure  he can beat someone’s ass if needed despite his small stature anD he hates being taken lightly because of his height so I feel like he’d have a thing for domination as sort’ve a reminder not to underestimate him. Especially on a day when you tease him all day about being cute and small and whatnot that night he’s gonna top you so fast and be like “aw look how cute” in the same teasing voice you used on him when he sees that look of shock your face from it being unexpected I made this too long yikes

Rough Sex: also related to the last one, Jihoon would also enjoy giving it to you rough in that situation for the same reasoNnSs and if you like it rough then I mean added bonus woo

Finger Fucking: Jihoon also has really nice hands mmk and he can play piano play guitar play the motherfucking drums like boi what them hands do, that and I could also see him with a smirk on his lips as he watches how unravelled he can make you with just his fingers squeaks


FInger Fucking: do I even need to explain bc I don’t think I need too LOOK AT THOSE HANDS SON JUST IMAGINE HOW’D THEY FEEL IN YOU what

Submission: I see Seokmin as one who is like 50/50 when it comes to being a dom or a sub and so I feel like he’d appreciate you dominating him sometimes you know slamming him on the bed teasing him riding him into the sunset you knOW

Being Ridden: I should stop being a lazy fuck connecting two kinks together buT another kink related to the last one like just imagine you doing so and just him biting his lip and only letting go of it to moan before biting it again and the look in his eyes and his hands on your waist and woWee

Teasing: listen here Seokmin would love teasing you you understand me he would love that shit. He would enjoy you occasionally teasing him as well but you see he would tease you when you guys aren’t alone foR EXAMPLE if you guys were out eating at a restaurant he’d squeeze and rub your thigh under the table and when you smack his hand for him to stop he just flashes you his 11/10 smile boiii if you don’t


Occasional Sub: I don’t see Seungkwan as a complete sub but rather a 60% sub and 40% dom or some shit but listeNnNn I see him as an occasional sub because once you make a move and just start dominating him when you were cuddling on the couch he’d be too flustered to do anything about it aw

Teasing: Like Seokmin, Seungkwan would enjoy teasing you as well in the same way. Would low key enjoy being teased as well although every time you do he’d throw one of his little fits

Leaving Marks: also doesn’t know if this really counts as a kink but fuck it it’s 2AM I’m tired and this is my post SO I feel like Seungkwan would enjoy leaving marks in areas that would be easily visible so whenever someone asks you about it he’d have this look on his face like that’s right bitch that was me

Begging: this is one that could go both ways when either one of you crack from the relentless teasing, him enjoying listening to you beg and on the occasion enjoying begging for you hey hey hey


it is 2:24am but I forced myself to stop being a bitch ass and said I won’t go to bed until I finish this post anD AFTER MUCH WORK AND EFFORT it’s finally done and shitty as ever I hope you guys somehow manage to enjoy this even though I was half dead for most of it so if there’s typos pls forgive but !! if you read this til the end congrats you survived and sorry it’s hella long rip me 

~pimp Sara 

Seventeen’s Reaction: “When You Take too Long Getting Ready”

S.Coups/Seungcheol: “Babe, you said you’d be ready in 10 minutes.” He’d say, plopping himself on the couch. 

Originally posted by candyapplejimin

Jeonghan: “Agh, seriously, this girl… Making me wait outside for her in the heat.” 

Originally posted by gyuwoo

Joshua/Jisoo: He was waiting patiently in the living room, playing with his guitar. You listened as he played while getting ready. 

Y/N: “Wrong note, Josh.” 

Him: “Yah! Don’t you think I know that? Why don’t you hurry up instead of making comments?” 

Originally posted by vernon---baby

Jun/Junhui: “Ba-”

Y/N: “Wen Junhui, I swear, if you tell me to hurry up one more time, I swear to God I will-” 

Him: “Alright, alright!” He says, throwing his hands in the air. 

Originally posted by jeonlyu

Hoshi/Soonyoung: “10 minutes she said. It’s been 45 minutes.” He mutters. He passes by your door every 5 minutes to give you a face, wanting you to hurry up. 

Originally posted by seokmin---s

Wonwoo: He didn’t say anything, since he was getting ready with you. 

Y/N: “You know, we probably missed our reservation for that restaurant.” 

Him: “Wanna get some burgers and catch a movie instead?” 

Y/N: “Sure, why not?” 

Originally posted by wonwuuu

Woozi/Jihoon: You told him you were going to be out in a few minutes, so he just waited for you in the car. Realizing at least 20 minutes passed, he started to get a bit impatient. 

Him: “Must this happen every time?” 

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

DK/Seokmin: He got hungry while waiting, so he cooked himself something. He tried to offer you some food until you said:

Y/N: “Wait, Seokmin- We’re supposed to be eating somewhere.” 

Him: “Yeah, but by the time you get ready, I’d probably be dead. Cause of death? HUNGER.”

Originally posted by wonnhao

Mingyu: “Baeeee,” He says, clearly impatient. “Please hurry upppppp.”

Originally posted by hanwooz

The8/Minghao: You usually would hear him either watching TV or listening to some music while he waited for you. You called out for him to help you find your shoes, but all you heard was silence. You walked out the room to find him sitting in a corner. 

Him: “Any day now, Y/N.”

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Seungkwan: You kept asking him to choose between the red or black shirt. After trying on the two multiple times, you decided to wear a blue one instead. Because of that, he got frustrated. 

Him: “Oh my god, if you weren’t going to listen to me, why did you bother asking?” He huffs, storming out the room. 

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

Vernon/Hansol: “Um, hun- I love you and all, but.. do you think you can hurry it up a little?” 

Originally posted by americanhyung

Dino/Chan: He knew better than to tell you to hurry up while you were getting dressed. He sat in the living room, with a small pout on his face. 

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