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@poison-liker i accidentally put my DK64 cartridge in upside down and after the chunky king part i heard this weird easter egg!!! this is normal right??

(also im dead now and a ghost plz share to help me return to this world and haunt every body)


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Tell Me Your Wish

Genie!DK | 13 Days of Sevenween

Word Count: 1,509

Genre: Fluff

“Excuse me.” You said as you weaved your way through the crowd of people gathered in front organic ice cream stand that had blown up overnight on social media, into the heart of the flea market no one knew about. The crisp fall air woke you up as you turned into a quieter corner of the market where your favorite stands were located.

“Y/N! You’re back!” the old lady from your favorite stall called as you approached her and the table covered in random trinkets in front of her. Everything on the table had been around for at least triple the time you’d been alive and there was the musty air of something you could never place a name on surrounding the stall.

You greeted the lady as you arrived in front of the stall and started scanning the table for new goods that the lady had brought into her stall in the past week since you’ve been there. You continued to talk with the lady as you looked through the content of her stall, but you eventually decided not to buy anything this week and to try again next week to find something you were confident you’d never regret buying.

“Ah, I thought you would like this and saved it for you because you’re my favorite regular.” The lady said as she pulled out a necklace from under the table. She handed you the necklace for you to examine and it wasn’t anything too special, just a gold ring on a very simple silver gold chain. You could see some sort of etching on the flat side of the ring, though you couldn’t make out what exactly it said.

Despite the simple nature of the necklace, the lady was right. You did like it and you liked it a lot. For some odd reason, the simple ring of metal on the chain was very alluring to you. Its dirty, golden sheen drawing you in with its air of mystery and possibility that you didn’t realize an old piece of metal could possess.

“How much?” You asked, as you reached for your wallet though you already knew you were going to buy it.

“Oh no darling, I’m giving it to you for free. Think of it like a loyalty reward for coming every week.” You tried to refuse, but the old lady kept denying the cash you tried in vain to place in her hand. “It has your name written all over it. I’m not taking any money for something that so obviously belongs to you. What else would I do with it?”

You sighed at her words, knowing that you could never win an argument with her and gave in, making a mental note to pay her extra the next time you bought something at the stand. She placed the necklace in your hand, and you thanked her profusely before heading off to the rest of the market and then back home.

Once you got home, you threw your jacket onto your bed and collapsed onto your mattress when the necklace fell out of your pocket.

You jumped off your bed and crawled over to the place where the necklace had dropped and sat  up victoriously with the thin chain in your hand. You gently blew the dust from under your bed off the ring before wiping it lightly with your shirt.

“There, all better.” You said as you stared at the ring in your hand. Suddenly, something you couldn’t believe happened. The ring started to glow. What the heck? I knew I should’ve slept last night.

You rubbed your eyes in confusion, but the glow only grew brighter. It was shining a bright yellow color and there was a sudden “POP!” and a cloud of some sort of bright yellow mist surrounded you.

You sneezed as the mist tickled your nose and when you looked up again, the mist had cleared but there was a new figure in the room.

“Whoo, when I went into that ring, I assumed you’d call me out faster.” You blinked in confusion at the male in front of you as he turned to look at you in equal confusion, though he did a better job of hiding it.

He was wearing something that made him look like a conductor of some sort of symphonic orchestra and had really nice hair. It was styled up really nicely and though you had no idea who the heck he was, you had to admit that he was good looking with a sharp nose and jawline.

“Earth to Jin? You ok?” He asked, which confused you even more.

“Jin?” You echoed.

“Why do you look so lost? And when did you move? This is a new apartment.”

“Uhh, I think you’ve got the wrong person.” You cautiously said. He squinted at you before the realization hit him and he started apologizing profusely and introduced himself to you.

Apparently, he was a genie who had once been a companion to this Jin person who looked a lot like you, just with slightly sharper eyes and a small mole on the underside of their chin. He introduced himself as DK and told you that he had been stuck inside of the ring for 150 years once you told him the year.

He told you about the genie life and living with magical powers, but his eyes lit up the most when he talked about Jin. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you missed the light in his eyes when he mentioned this Jin. Jin was obviously someone that had been very important to him.

“So what happened after that?” You asked as he told you about the last time he’d been out of the ring.

“I don’t know.” He said, the bright smile that had been on his face the entire time he’d been talking starting to dim for the first time. “One day Jin sent me back into the ring and I haven’t been out since then. I don’t know what happened to Jin. I’m assuming that they’re not alive anymore, but I guess I’m tired of this happening. One of the problems of being immortal I guess.”

You didn’t know what to say when the smile faded from his face. You hadn’t known him for more than few minutes now, but he’d been the epitome of sunshine and happiness up until now and you wanted to put the smile back on his face.

“We could try and find out what happened to Jin if you want. I can try to help. I work at the library and I could try to go through some databases.” You offered DK. His eyes lit up at your words.

“Really?” You nodded and he came and enveloped you in a hug. “Thank you so much.”

Your face flushed as you hadn’t been been in a man’s embrace for a while, despite DK not really being human. You didn’t know what exactly he’d been through, but you were glad that you could help.

For the next few weeks, you and DK spent a lot of time together. When you weren’t looking through the databases for information on Jin, you two were in your apartment just fooling around. When you weren’t doing that, you were exploring the market where you’d gotten the ring DK had been in for years.

You found yourself getting more and more attached to DK as the days passed. Spending so much time together with him, you couldn’t help but start to develop feelings for the supernatural being. However, you tried to suppress the feelings because you knew it’d never work. 

He was a genie you were a human. Even if something happened, you’d just die and he’d be left on his own. Besides, you were pretty certain that he had feelings for Jin that still lingered from the last century.

You hoped to have DK’s feelings reciprocate yours. Sometimes those sparkly eyes that met yours would hold a bit of longing, you didn’t know if it was for you or Jin. You didn’t want to know, it was a bit silly for you to have feelings for a magical creature. 

You and DK laid on the grass at your local park. 

“You know, you haven’t made a wish yet.” DK smiled as he looked over at you. He excitedly sat up, looking at you with eager eyes.

You smiled softly, you knew what you wanted to wish for but just shook your head with a sheepish smile gracing your face. DK grabbed your hands gently, he made a pouty face, begging you to make one.

“I don’t know… I really don’t.” Your cheeks grew red with the lie you’ve just told.

He squeezed your hands, rubbing circles into them with his thumb. “I know what I would wish for you if I was you.”

“What?” You looked at him with intense curiosity. 

DK took a deep breath, he was smiling from ear to ear. “I would wish to be human.” 

“To stay with you.” 

Written by Admin Sea

Selfie tagggg!!!!

I gotz tagged by @haoscary to do a selfie and I did one except in the form of a rough sketch bc I love bending rules and forcing u all to look @ me art. I guess I don’t rlly look like me but it’s supposed to be me so 😬 lets pretend (if u look closely I even did my acne and my eczema)

Anyway I tag @edwardcheollen @spookytaeminho @dattebayoxx @souppa @vanillavernsol @svthoshi @spoookyjun @seokminsoneandonly @seokmins-thighs @heoni @spookyzeungkwan @channie and @jisoosmeoli


Seventeen Reaction to Finding Out Their Girlfriend is Bisexual!

As requested by a lovely anon ♡


I honestly think that all of the boys would be okay with this. I think that initially all of them would be a little shocked, but not in a negative way. They would all love you the same way and would never look at you any differently for being bisexual. After all, you are with them, and so they probably wouldn’t think too much of it. I think the only thing that would change after you telling them that you are bisexual, is they may start to notice when other girls are looking at you too, rather than just men. But overall, I think all of the boys would be 100% accepting! Since I didn’t do individual reactions, I’ll post some cute gifs of all of the members! ♡



ok first of all you guys, it was so hard to choose who pick for this bias thing. He is my second bias in Seventeen ( Seungkwan is my first actually) but I have been falling for him omg! No joke like ahhhhh. He is not going to beat my baby daddy, Jenissi, but he alright i guess lol ♡

tagging: @junqtie-pie and yeah… i dont know that many other people lmao