Aye seventeen get it! (dancing to the song: French Montana - Moses ft. Chris Brown and Migos 🎧).

the signs' as tour!seventeen things
  • aries:dino dancing to 'Mr. Chu'
  • taurus:when joshua lifted jeonghan during "baby you are my angel~"
  • cancer:seventeen needing rest
  • leo:JEONGCHEOL IS ALIVE. (aka any jeongcheol moment)
  • virgo:the vocal unit singing 'Um Oh Ah Yea'
  • libra:jihoon + other members doing the running man dance
  • scorpio:vocal unit singing one direction's 'one thing'
  • capricorn:when wonwoo & mingyu put their foreheads together for like five seconds
  • aquarius:hansol slapping seungkwan's butt
  • pisces:seventeen just chilling in sydney
Boyfriend Series - SEVENTEEN: DK

- DK lowkey fucks me up because he is like the cutest little shit ever

- Like he’d be basically a lovesick puppy

- Constaly wants to cuddle you

- Is always holding your hand

- Kisses your hair and your cheek the most

- Never not smiling around you

- Comes to you when he’s had a bad day

- Always wants to talk about your day that way you have someone to just rant to

- Imagine trying to be mad at him, like it won’t last because he’ll do something to dorky to get you to laugh

- Gets really worried when he thinks he’s fucked up and upset you

- Calls you to tell you goodnight or good morning just to hear your voice

- Sings for you constantly

- Goes horribly out of tune to get you to laugh

- Sits in silence and stares at you

- Gets you whatever you need without (too much) hesitation

- Always concious of how what he does will effect you

- Has millions of photos of you on his phone

- Has a picture of you two sleeping that one of the other members took as his wallpaper

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Pt.2 of three of my SEVENTEEN revenge for Lionheart-eonni… hehe… I hope you liked it - Admin Sunshine

Seungkwan as Your Boyfriend

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  • Get ready for some rap battles in the middle of the night
  • Cheats at games
  • “seungkWAN NO”
  • He holds the umbrella when it rains
  • If you don’t have one he’ll pull you inside his raincoat
  • Teases you with little pecks instead of giving a full kiss
  • But sometimes you kiss him out of nowhere and he gets all red and shy because SHE??? JUST?? KISSED ME?!?!?
  • Every kiss from him feels like your first kiss, in a good way
  • When it’s summer, he takes you on dates late at night at the beach
  • “I don’t say this enough, but you’re wonderful.”
  • “Aww Seungkwan, you’re so sweet”
  • “…almost as wonderful as me.”
  • On cold nights he is super cuddly and curls up next to you with his head on your chest
  • But on hot nights he kicks you out of bed in his sleep
  • “Hello I’m Y/N and I have the best boyfriend in the world he is so handsome and hot and-“
  • He is really playful, but sometimes both of you need some time to calm down, so he just makes some tea and you both watch some romantic comedies
  • And at these times he usually talks about how important you are, how lovely and amazing you are to him because he feels like he doesn’t say this enough
  • Also sometimes he needs reassurance from his girlfriend that he is doing well, he is doing something good in this world and you just hug his waist and kiss his forehead saying “I love you”
  • Uses the phrase “Damn do you have a mirror in your pants, because I can see myself in them” to get some
  • It works
  • Sleeps with a hand on your boobs


My requests are OPEN ALWAYS and you can request smut, fluff, or angst for BTS, EXO, Got7, and Seventeen here, I literally write anything but I have rules and reminders, they’re not that much of a big deal really. So request anything you want! xx

Seventeen as things announced on the CaratBirthdays Admin Chat: Part 2
  • S.coups:My name isnt met for puns
  • Jeonghan:court you have too many bfs + a gf, get your priorities straight
  • Joshua:weebs reading weebtoons
  • Jun:We were all fake nice when we first joined
  • Hoshi:at least you don't stay up till 8 laughing at stupid memes
  • Wonwoo:I try so hard with my memes just to go underappreciated
  • Woozi:violence is the answer
  • Mingyu:I like my men like I like my meat, quishy and with meat -steffo, 2016
  • The8:not just skin, slicing their /soft/ skin
  • Seungkwan:eat my entire ass
  • Vernon:k
  • Dino:skool isnt kool my dude.
Seventeen in Hogwarts

Original Request: Seventeen in Hogwarts^^

A/N: I really hope this is okay, I spent a lot of time thinking what house each would be lol

All 13 members are here, I just put 11 of them after the Keep Reading because it’s really long….1287 words….

Seungcheol: As the leader of Seventeen, obviously he belongs in Gryffindor. He is the type of person who would sacrifice his life to protect his friends and fight the evil itself. When he sees you he would fall in love with your charm and proud ego. And in order to impress you with his wizarding skills (idk what to call it), he would fight different students from Slytherin, only to find out you’re also in Slytherin. Oops.

Jeonghan: He’s “quiet”, like a mother figure, but also can be quite the devil…but I think the Sorting Hat would still put him in Hufflepuff (what a potato). I feel like he wouldn’t go all crazy for someone yet, but he would meet you in Potions class, scared and worried. But you were a top student and you offered to teach him, earning his trust and winning his heart. He would treat you to some candy at Hogsmeade and fantasize walking with you in a sunny meadow…something like that.

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the seventeen fan meet ended and I was keeping my friends up2date even though they didn’t ask but, boy, can I just say I love seventeen to the moon and back because damn they deserve everything ✨💕


Woozi + DK aesthetic

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