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Some Sketch pages i did a while ago. I’ve posted Wonwoo’s sketch page to deviantart(hence why it is edited LOLL) but i didnt upload them here so i decided to upload all the one’s ive done last year. 

I’ll be posting a lot more of my realism and traditional art since im busy with studios, digital art will be hard to do atm.

I have a thing for Wonwoo’s sweater paws OTL or sweater paws in general OTL

Hope you guys dont mind my random kpop sketches of Seventeen and some other groups in a anim-ish style, or realism! ; v ; <3


Seventeen As Your Boyfriend

in case you couldn’t tell by the blog name, this one’s for my more masculine/gender neutral peeps! Fighting~

Coups:  Aesthetic couple, but unintentionally.  Neon lights playing on your ripped jeans while the sun goes down behind the bus stop.  You bought him mascara and he sometimes wears it without telling you but YOU CAN ALWAYS TELL.  Stealing each other’s clothes.

Vernon: rap battles, oh my god terrible rap battles.  And u know u did badly but he never makes fun of you and he kisses you after. Not huge on skinship, but the touches you do share are very meaningful.  “Hyung, take a picture of this banana with sequins glued to it” “HYUNG DO IT FOR THE ~A E S T H E T I C~”

Wonwoo: A very tall bean that always teases you for being shorter than him.  He’ll randomly start leaning on you and it’s like “ah, hyung stop I’m gonna fa- Wonwoo Stop im fallingJEO NWONWOO”

Mingyu: Less of a boyfriend and more of a meme friend but with dates.  Going to see bad movies together.  Casual ass grabbing, like boi get ur hands off me we’re in p u b l i c.  Cooking for each other.

Hoshi: he’d be like “no homo” and then do something really freaking gay.  He’d have really silly moments and you two can sort of just be weird together and it’s endearing.  Dancing with all the lights off. “HOSHI FIGHTING!!!”

Jun: Everyone’s like “Jun is so greasy lol” and like, that is true.  He’s like

╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚ 

all the time.  But you’d also be on the same page a lot, enough to finish each other’s sentences. Also, CALLING HIM JERRY.

The8: The Literal Cuddle Monster. Can’t do anything unless he’s got at least a hand on you.  Shy at first but after a while giving hugs and kisses would be almost routine. Occasionally says something suggestive and your head just whips around and he just :)?

Dino: Your best friend, now with 100% more romance! Going on fun dates, hanging out with friends and doing stuff like that.  Hand holding champion!  Texting each other pictures of random shit and saying “that’s you” or “that’s us”

Woozi: that little nose bump kiss thing would be like, your thing.  A little more reticent with his feelings, but you understand what he’s trying to say.  Having in depth discussions about things youre both interested in, or teaching each other stuff.

DK: Really cute, traditional type dates; getting ice cream, going to a museum, stuff like that.  Getting matching pairs of glasses. Daring each other to do dumb things for the vine.  You guys have a secret bird call to signal to each other.

Seungkwan: Bantersaurus rex. Would always do rude things jokingly (ie, pretending to hold the door open for you and then closing it right before you enter) but at the end of the day he’s a dumb gay nerd and he loves you.  Being extra af together, but sometimes he’ll just sit back and look at you with literal heart eyes.  And then he’ll get embarrassed and say something like “Youre so lucky to have me”

Joshua: Not as touchy as you might think, but he says some sappy ass shit to your face.  Buys you gifts a lot like “Hey you mentioned you needed a new notebook, so I got u one” and ur like r u my sugar daddy and he just shrugs. WEEB OUT WEEB NIGHTS watching all of fullmetal alchemist in one sitting together

Jeonghan: ironically-unironically calling jh noona bc let’s face it, yjh is noona material.  Going shopping together on the weekends and taking couple selfies.  Makeup is gender neutral and by god his contour is so good you let him do your makeup for you.