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HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY TO THIS BOY, KIK MINGYU! ! ! Aka Memegyu, ½ of Meanie, Model Mingyu, and basically a large adorable puppy💞 Carats are proud of all of your accomplishments! ! (It’s his bday over there so I posted :))


Seventeen ♥

good morning seventeen; vocal unit

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mornings are filled with cuddles, whines and the occasional kiss

jeonghan: “Hannie..” you whispered in his ear, nudging him. “It’s time to wake up..” You heard the smallest groan come from your boyfriend, whose face was currently stuffed in the pillow. “Come back to bed,” he mumbled, and flipped over on his back. 

Already having had enough, you scoffed and climbed on top, straddling him. Jeonghan’s eyes peered open, and he smiled. “Ooh, I like this,” he yawned and placed his hands on your hips. “buuut it’ll have to wait for later,” he finished and shoved you over, switching to now lying on his side. “Yoon Jeonghan, I swear..” you mumbled, scooting some of his messy bedhead away from his eyes. He draped the covers over you, and pulled you closer. “Five more minutes couldn’t hurt..” He muttered and pecked your lips lightly. “Good morning.”

joshua: Stretching, he groaned. “Morning!” He yelled cheerfully. You chuckled, looking up from the TV. “It’s 11 am, you dork.” Joshua plopped down on the couch next to you. “Still morning, right? You certainly woke up early, hm?” You shook your head. “Woke up an hour ago, but I figured I should let you sleep, so I slept in the guest room instead.” He whined. “Don’t do that, I’d rather have you next to me.”

You rolled your eyes. “Besides, where are you goin’?” Joshua asked, rubbing his eyes. “You’re all dressed up. Can I come with?” Turning off the TV, you propped one of your legs onto his. “Who else would I be going with? Go get changed and we’ll go out for breakfast right now.” He eagerly jumped off the couch, and you laughed at his sudden enthusiasm.

woozi: You sighed as you saw a small figure turn back and forth on the living room couch. Jihoon slept peacefully on the couch, still in his outdoor clothes, no less. His laptop sat open on the coffee table in front of him, most likely dead from not having been charged. You ruffled his hair lightly and went to go get a blanket to put over him.

Upon returning, he sat upright on the couch, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, most likely. He turned to look at you, and gave a small smile when he saw your figure standing. “Good morning,” he responded, yawning in between. Approaching him, you removed the jacket he wore and helped him remove his shoes. “Did you want to continue sleeping here or did you want the bed?” He licked his lips. “Bed, please,” he sleepily muttered, and replied with a small “thank you, I love you” when his head hit the pillow.

dokyeom: The only moments your boyfriend was ever quiet was in the mornings, when he slept safely and soundly in the comfort of his bed. Sunlight peeked in through the curtains. He whined as some of the sunlight hit his eyes and woke him up. He blinked a few times before covering his eyes with his hand and getting up to go close the curtains.

Thankfully enough, you were still sound asleep on the bed as he closed the shutters, and when Seokmin slipped back into bed, your cold hand caused him to yelp as it touched his bare thigh, making you giggle. He scratched the back of his head and chuckled as you blinked your eyes open. “Good morning, Seok.”

seungkwan: Sleep, or ‘beauty rest’ as he playfully described it, wasn’t something Seungkwan ever thought he’d skip out on, but spending an hour staring at his beautiful partner wasn’t something he minded doing. You might even be more good looking than he was, he thought.

Seungkwan wasn’t a master at cooking, but he eventually found the motivation to get up and make you two pieces of decent looking toast and eggs, even if the eggs might have been a little over salted. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? Walking back into your shared bedroom, he grinned at your awake figure. “Morning, beautiful,” he happily cheered. “Time for breakfast!”


so much i miss you



Seventeen videos with English subs!

List of Seventeen’s English subbed videos from TV Shows, interviews etc from 2016! | *2015 List*

  • Videos are in order of date with oldest at the top
  • Some videos require you to turn on annotations/cc

150106 - The Show: Backstage
160111 - Pre-Debut Film #1 (Mingyu & Wonwoo)
160112 - Seventeen V App: Correspondent D
160112 - Two Yoo Project: Sugar Man - Cut
160114 - Seoul Music Awards: Rookie Award
160114 - Seventeen V App: Thank You
160115 - Seventeen V App: Correspondent H
160116 - Seventeen V App: Seungkwan’s Birthday
160117 - Seventeen V App: Correspondent J
160118 - Pre-Debut Film #2 (Woozi & Hoshi)
160119 - Pre-Debut Film #3 (S.Coups)
160120 - Seveneen’s One Fine Day - Teaser 1, 2, 3, 4
160121 - Golden Disk Awards: Rookie Award
160125 - Pre-Debut Film #4 (Vernon & Seungkwan)
160126 - Pre-Debut Film #5 (DK & Dino)
160201 - My Kiss
160202 - Pre-Debut Film #6 (Joshua & Jeonghan)
160202 - Pre-Debut Film #7 (The8 & Jun)
160203 - Seventeen V App: DK, Mingyu & Seungkwan Graduated
160205 - Hoshi & Seungkwan’s Andromeda
160211 - Seventeen V App: Dino’s Birthday
160212 - Making of ‘Chocolate’
160215 - 160411 Seventeen’s One Fine Day: Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Special
160217 - Gaon K-Pop Awards: World Rookie Award
160218 - Seventeen V App: DK & Vernon’s Birthday
160315 - Yinyuetai Interview
160321 Seventeen V App: Correspondent SVT
160328 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day Jeonghan’
160329 - Seventeen V App: ‘Once A Day Jun’
160330 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day Woozi’
160331 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day S.Coups’
160401 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day Dino’
160402 - Seventeen V App: 'Seventeen’s Outing’
160402 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day Joshua’
160403 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day Vernon’
160404 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day The8’
160405 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day Seungkwan’
160406 - Seventeen V App: Mingyu’s Birthday 
160407 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day Hoshi’
160408 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day DK’
160409 - Seventeen V App: 'Once A Day Wonwoo’
160425 - 'Pretty U’ MV Making 
160426 - Japanese Official Site Opening 
160427 - Show Champion in Ulsan
160503 - Show Champion Behind 
160503 - The Show - Interview
160505 - MCountdown - Chart Through Time
160510 - The Show - Interview
160510 - Show Champion Behind
160511 - Show Champion - Fan Attack
160512 - MCountdown - Dance Together + Coming of Age
160513 - 'Pretty U’ MV Commentary
160517 - Show Champion Behind - 1, 2
160519 - MCountdown - Special Mission

*List will be updated as more subs are released.
Last updated April 17.