dk spoilers


the Hollow Knight should have lived, even if the Ghost of Hallownest died, it would kind of feel fair considering that it’s been staring at a wall for centuries while the Radiance tried to burn a hole in it’s chest, and Ghost has been trying to save it since Hungry Knight.

I’m reading queen of shadows and I got to the part where Aedion finds out about the blood oath. I’m just so annoyed with this scene, I liked Rowan in Heir of fire but here he’s just a dick, i can’t stand him. Also, I didn’t like how Aelin lied to Aedion, and then made it seem as if it was his fault. Like why ? How ? And then she’s basically telling him to fuck off. This was his blood right and ok you can do what you want but don’t lie about it and the moment you’re caught up in your lie, you yell at him and bring up the whole i’m a queen and will kill you part. Just no.

Sorry I’m just so mad. Every guy in this book is worshipping her, every guy wants to protect her knowing that she can protect herself and them too combined. Every guy is basically having a pissing contest and the worst thing is that she’s amused by it ?

Also wtf is it with Rowan and Aelin ? When the hell did they suddenly become attracted to each other ? Does every boy/girl relationship has to end up with a romance ? Why does every single guy in Aelin’s life have romantic feelings for her ? SERIOUSLY ? Sam, Arobynn, Chaol, Dorian, Rowan, even Aedion who is basically her cousin has an ambiguous relationship with her, also that guy prostitute who organized Nehemia’s death had a thing with her. What the actual fuck ? You can’t tell me that that is believable. This is so annoying and makes me hate a character even though she is a really good one but for now she’s just meh. This book doesn’t even need romance yet it’s such a huge part, i just want idk more world building instead of this shitty romance between Aelin and every single person in the books.

So far the only thing I’m enjoying is Manon. I think she’s such an interesting character and I’m so happy we’re not having romance in the mix. She also has actual character growth. I’m also really looking forward to her relationship with Elide and Asterin. I really like it and I find it interesting. I hope I’m going to get to Dorian/Chaol scenes when they rescue him. I also hope to learn more about Dorian’s magic because so far after being Celeana’s love interest, then the guy who liked her from a distance then the guy who moved on from her by being with a random girl who ended up being beheaded (btw that was really bad, I’m so tired of random woman being used as plot devices, and killed off just to further a man’s plotline.) he basically had no relevant scenes, like i want to know more about him his magic what he’s doing with it, his relationship with his mom, his father, his brother.

Anyway if you can’t tell I’m really angry. Sorry to all the fans it’s just I’m reading it right now and it’s so cringe worthy and annoying.