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peter pan modern au: the crocodile & the pirates

a huntress and her dangerous prey

“there are a lot of ‘em,” slightly says, of the kidnappers. “at least,” — he pauses, thinking — “ten.”

smee, alf, starkey, cookson, bill…” nibs reels off, keeping count on his fingers.

curly cuts in: “cecco, mullins, chay — and…”

hook,” say all three, their voices harmonising ominously. 

“try to keep on their good side, if you can,” slightly advises wendy. “’specially smee. he’s the worst.” his hand drifts to his shoulder, fingers probing at an injury hidden beneath his t-shirt.

instinctively wendy looks up at the house. a shadow flickers in one of the windows: the elusive hook?

“he rarely leaves his room, these days,” pan says, following wendy’s gaze. “it’s crocodile - he thinks she’s tracked him down at long last.”

“what do you think?”

“i think that if a woman chopped my hand off, i’d still be wary, ten years later.”

seventeen as greek gods

a/n- i had to use some titan gods and a few goddesses  just because it was hard to find greek gods for every group that were unique. i still hope you like it! 

s.coups- crius; god of constellations

seungcheol is a very bright and strong person. not only that, but he is smart. constellations are beautifully intricate designs, and are said to “crown the heavens”. therefore, i believe leader coups fits as the titan god of constellations

jeonghan- aphrodite; goddess of love, desire, and beauty

even though jeonghan is a male, i believe he fits aphrodite well. she was very alluring and beautiful, which are two very good words to describe our little angel. plus, it was said she brings joy and happiness to the world, just like jeonghan does. 

joshua- hymenaios; god of song/weddings

joshua is a very sweet young man, and hymenaios describes him well. i feel as if he’s mature, so being a god of weddings is perfect for him. i can see him as a little wedding planner with a clipboard and pen behind his ear and a big smile as the bride and groom kiss. not only that, but hymenaios is also a god of song! and joshua is a part of the vocal unit. this god fits him well! 

jun- hades; god of death and riches

idk why, but hades popped out to me for jun. hades was not as mean as put out to be- he actually tried to keep a balance! which is why i think jun is a good hades. he has to help minghao every once in a while because of him being chinese, and also because jun is his hyung. but hey, he also is the god of riches, so…

hoshi- helios; god of the sun

is there a better god for hoshi? he is literal sunshine. he’s happy and positive and very joyful. he creates a mood sometimes for the group, or at least for his little unit. he leads with eagerness and is always smiling! helios is the perfect god for our naega hosh.

wonwoo- erebus; god of darkness

wonwoo is perfect for the role as erebus. wonwoo is not only referred to as “emo” but he’s also a reserved person. that side of him is in the dark, so to say. he’s a bit more quiet sometimes, but he’s still a beautiful being. 

woozi- zelus; god of emulation, zeal, and dedication

it’s no doubt that woozi is zelus. emulation means effort, and the desire to excel others. woozi composes music for his group, and im sure he hopes his music is the best in the business. he’s also very dedicated, because he stuck with seventeen very long, even when he didn’t know if they’d debut. he is a very dedicated and determined person. 

dk- pan- god of the wild and rustic music

pan is perfect for seokmin. he’s very vibrant and lively, which is very similar to the great wild outdoors. pan was considered very gentle, but also very loud. those are perfect adjectives for little dk! 

mingyu- tyche; goddess of fortune, luck, and fate

idk why, but tyche seem to strike me as mingyu. mingyu is in a rising boy group, so it makes sense that his goal is to prosper and have fortune come to him and the members. plus it was fate that he ended up with wonwoo

the8- caerus; god of opportunity and favorable moments

minghao is like a puppy. he’s a bit shy and new, but he’s also full of energy. he has so many new opportunities now that he’s in seventeen and displaying his talents. 

seungkwan- pheme; goddess of fame and gossip

need i say more? seungkwan embraces the idol life and is very exuberant. he takes any chance to sing or MC events without hesitation, so he obviously loves the spotlight. it’s not a bad thing at all! little diva boo would make the perfect pheme. 

vernon- poseidon; god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. 

poseidon was moody. vernon is the same way a bit. vernon is a teenage kid that is growing up in the spotlight, and im sure he gets a little moody. when poseidon is in a good mood, he was said to be very helpful and friendly, which is definitely what vernon is! 

dino- hebe; goddess of youth

dino is still a small little baby. he is the youngest member of seventeen (and the youngest member i write for) so he is the epitome of youth! he is loud and hyper and excited! dino is an extremely youthful human being, and fits the role of hebe perfectly! 

seventeen members as exo songs

• s.coups: can’t bring me down
• jeonghan: heart attack
• joshua: she’s dreaming
• jun: playboy
• hoshi: call me baby
• woozi: growl
• wonwoo: first love
• dk: 365
• mingyu: peter pan
• the8: overdose
• seungkwan: angel/into your world
• vernon: transformer
• dino: lucky one