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Was stalking through JR’s Instagram and found this picture. All I could think about was how this is literally all the guys I ship Stiles with, like it was a ‘Stiles’ Daddies night out’ or smth

Mario Kart Asks!!

1- First Mario Kart game?

2- Best Mario Kart game?

3- Do you play the handheld Kart games?

4- Is there one of the games that stands out as being really bad?

5- Who do you always race as?

6- Which game has the best tracks?

7- What is your all time favorite track?

8- Describe a silly moment that happened during a race.

9- Are you generally better or generally worse than your friends?

10- Do you ever play Time Trials?

11- Is it disappointing that there aren’t as many tournaments for Mario Kart as there are for other games?

12- Favorite character?

13- How old were you when you played a Kart game for the first time?

14- Preferred controller type/setup?

15- Do you like Battle mode?

16- Do you have a Mario Kart Rival?

17- Which game did you play the most?

18- What is your all time least favorite track?

19- What is the most underrated Mario Kart game?

20- What is the most overrated Mario Kart game?

21- Kart or bike?

22- Do you like playing with the steering wheel?

23- Do you miss DK Jr?

24- What is the best mode to race in?

25- Make up your own question.

ok because the question of Mario (and the rest of the cast’s) age has been going around again, i thought i would gather all of the information i have at his moment and make a post. Also thanks for @hype-kaminari-kun​ for the idea/ helping me out :D

First of all, here is all of the evidence for what Mario and crew’s canon age is (under the cut bc it gets long):

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Gravity falls

GOT7 (Mark, Youngjae, JR)  (K-POP)


The Flash, Arrow, TV shows


Halloween stuff

Tokyo ghoul

Video games in general, even dating sim games are cool

Adventure time

youtubers (danisnotonfire, amazingphil, cryaotic, etc) oh and please not that much phan it makes me cringe, a bit is fine but not a lot