It’s good for you. It is good for your bones. Get it in ya. I found out recently that chocolate milk is great for recoverey after a workout. So I started going to the gym and working out like a tough guy just so that I could drink a big glass of chocolate milk afterwards. Some people are all like “Yo man, dig it, humans are like the only animals that drink the milk of another animal, it’s like totally wrong dude.” To which I respond, “Fuck you hippy fool! We are also the only animal that can get to the moon, kill each other by the millions and make hip hop music so get the dillz!”

“Go ta hell, I hate your guts, step left and get punched in the face, you’re weak your flow is butt, you can’t comprahend flavors I drop”

If I was Milk I might have said that instead. “I don’t care less, Milk gets his!” Or that. 

This lyrics are from Go To Hell by Milk. 

Milk is of course from Audio 2. Yes the Top Billin guys. What! They have other songs, really? Well, yeah some. However, this EP that Milk released the Never Dated EP is fresh full fat material. The shit is ill! Truss me. Some wack fools will be all like “Erm, well I don’t really like the lyrical patterns and his content is kinna weak, those beats are not that original either” to which milk might say, “Drop dead if you didn’t understand, Milk’s thick and it’s all good”. One of the things I like so much about that track in particular is that he can’t even be fucked to rhyme any of his lyrics. 

People need to get off his log.   He did another song with some white kid called SPAM.  That is not just the shit you get in your fassymail inbox. It is also the national diet of most of the north of England and probably Scotland too. 

Why am I posting this EP? Coz it’s dope and some of you might have missed it. Also, some of the shit I hear these days is so weak I feel that people need a bit of Milk to man the fuck up and stop listening to that wack shit. 

“Everybody knows that Milk’s no killer but you might catch a headbut like Reggie Miller”


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