I finally broke down and joined tumblr because I want to squee about Gob and Tony Wonder in Arrested Development and I don’t know where else to go.  So please bear with me as I try to figure out how things work around here.

I am very very new to AD. I haven’t even seen most of Seasons 1-3 yet, but my husband is a fan and I agreed to watch Season 4 with him and I totally fell in love with Blunder.  So now I’m working my way through the earlier seasons.

I have lots of thoughts and feelings, but I have no idea if this will post properly, nor if anyone will even see it.  I think Tumblr said something about it taking time before your posts show up in tag searches?

So, if you see this, hello! 

OMG Tumblr is driving me crazy. Please help.

Let’s suppose that daisiestdaisy posts some meta the #blunder tag. I click on the notes and see that, say, biohazardgirl has reblogged her post and added some further discussion. So I click on that note and that takes me to biohazardgirl’s post in her own journal. So now what do I do if I want to reblog and respond to biohazardgirl?

In other words, how do I “like” or “reblog” a post that I read in someone’s individual blog?