So… super babe DJ So Super Sam has been named one of Vision Street Wear’s ambassadors in the brand’s relaunch and we couldn’t be happier for her! Check this behind the scenes video and stay tuned for more…

My #wcw goes out to every female dj/producer. To me, being a producer is just as sexy as being a volleyball player(seriously, almost any girl that plays volleyball can be Mrs. kirk.) but since i’m so obsessed with music, of course they ge tmy love. Female singers are cool, the rappers are cooler, but to be a producer is the coolest. You have to have such a love for music. So much knowledge of almost all genre of music. Extensive technical knowledge producing is as deep as music gets. It’s impressive to like Beethoven and Metallica. But it’s coolerbto be able to mix a beethoven and metallic sample, put a beat to it and have a good MC spit over it and it NOT sound like total garbage. Good music taste is the second most attractive thing to me(under sense of humor) so just showing love to the women behind great songs! #tokimonsta #djsosupersam #sydthakid #sylviarobinson #pamthefunkstress #crystalcaines

DJs Astronautica, SoSuperSam & Kittens on TFR 4.2.14
3 awesome Huh What and Where DJs bless our turntables. Get inspired by not only their beauty and talents behind the tables, but for creating memorable events and experiences for everyone that goes to one of their events. Special guest host Marlee, Roslynn’s 11 year old niece on Spring Break.

Astronautica DJ Mix
1st 2 songs off of her new EP “Waikiki”

Astronautica Interview
Astronautica discusses making her new EP Waikiki, how it’s different than her previous release, touring with Baths, what her upcoming plans are post graduation and more.

DJ Reneli Mix

SoSuperSam DJ Mix
SoSuperSam Interview
Sam talks about her early days being inspired by the Beat Junkies, performing as a dancer/singer early on, her monthly “143” R&B slow jam night in Highland Park, getting a mixtape from Prince, new “SoSuperSam” sweaters and more.

DJ Kittens Mix
Kittens interview
Lauren discusses her weekly “Mass Appeal” party finally giving a welcoming place for female producers, DJs and like minded individuals. She breaks down how/why she started DJing, playing for thousands with Kid Cudi at festivals, what her next plans are and more.

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Third Floor Radio Wednesdays on SKEE 247
Hosted by @roslynn & @renelithekidd

It's the freaking' weekend, Baby I'm about to have me some fun.

So far this weekend I have met two of the most gorgeous people I will ever see. Sunday better kill it, because I can seriously die and I would not mind one bit.