Cornerstone Multimedia Presents “Mad Bread Cypher” sponsored by Mad Bread, Grind Time Now and The Locker Room. Hosted and DJ’d by DJ Shorty Wop featuring Rudder, Rell Rock, Street Money, Raw Pierre and Zu Life.

Started From Scratch
When I was little I used to watch my older cousin dj. I was fascinated by records and always loved music. To me, spinnin vinyl is like touching sound and djing is a way to create something new..Scratching to a beat, blending songs to make a different sound..It still fascinates me to this day and that’s what fuels my passion💗Every time I perform I share that love and hope I can inspire others to do what truly makes YOU happy!!!💋💋💋#theyaskmewhatidoandwhatidoitfor #thatsrealtho #djshortywop #thatsmystory

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