🌱Flo 🌱 from the legendary breeder #DjShort ! This is a sativa dominant hybrid, meaning that is has…: Dispensaries 🌱Flo 🌱 from the legendary breeder #DjShort ! This is a sativa dominant hybrid, meaning that is has…

Plant the Land x DJ Short (Interview)

Plant the Land x DJ Short (Interview)

PTL: It’s nice to sit down with you DJ; we’re grateful and truly honored.  

As we begin 2015, the cannabis culture continues to explode, developing an increasing amount of entrepreneurs as each year passes. Among the many new companies, we’ve noticed a lot of seed banks taking root. Do you think these new, (primarily) F1 seed “producers” are desirable & necessary to help deepen cannabis’ gene pool or would you rather see seed breeders releasing F3’s/F4’s/IBL’s/BX’s etc..  

DJ: Regarding ‘new seed banks’–to each their own. Do I find them 'desirable and necessary’? No. What our cultural market needs most now is standards and standardization, pedigree, integrity. DNA testing will eventually sort much of this out. There is at least one, possibly other, cannabis genome project(s) going on now. Check out

PTL: Being primarily from the Pacific Northwest and a proponent of legalization, what do you think of the creation and execution of Washington State’s I-502 and Oregon’s Measure 91?

DJ: The course and impact of legalization remain to be seen, especially in Oregon. Hopes are high for things to at least be better than they were. Remember: “What price freedom? Constant vigilance.” That’s our job. My main question is still: “Why all the fuss over the safest substance known to human beings?” Why are we debating any concerns or regulations outside of common product/consumer safety, correct labelling (esp. re. dosages), truth in advertising, etc.?

PTL: We’re assuming there’s limited time and space in DJ Short’s garden for outsiders, but if you were to give another cannabis seed breeder a chance in your garden, which company(s) would it be and why?

DJ: Old Timers! “Time to come out of the woods and play!” Then it’s best to let the Old Timers decide which youngsters they want/need to teach/work with. This model has worked well in our culture for some time.

PTL: The famed Blueberry, Flo, Vanniluna, F13, etc.. are all blends of the finest cannabis genetics and surely keepers in any garden. However, if a reader was interested in hunting for the best of the original Blueberry, how many packs would you recommend they run and what are her favorite cultivation techniques?

DJ: One pack. Keep clones of the best females, obviously, of which there should be at least two in a ten-pack of seeds. Make a small separate space to keep a male or two–two-foot t-5 in a two-foot space works great, flower the males isolated from the bud-room and collect the pollen. Carefully pollinate a few lower branches of your flowering females with a little paint brush or a q-tip, (all fans off during the pollination in the flower room, mist stray pollen off the area, etc.) and, Voila! up to a few hundred f-6 seeds to play with (in four to six weeks). The more males and females used, the more diversity to be witnessed in that f-6 generation. Plus, go light on the nutrients! My plants are very nute-sensitive especially during sprout/seedling stage.

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