UNKLE & Futura 2000

One of the things that I love the most about music is how it finds you, as an insecure 17 year old boy taking trips up into London I was regularly making my way over to Rough Trade and Black Market Records and whilst crate digging amongst the trendy helter skelter bomber jacket wearing DJs filling up the aisles I felt myself very much trying to look cool.

On one of my trips up to the city my mate Ben came with me, Ben always had the latest gear and I’m sure he won’t mind me saying knew what looking suave meant. He told me about a clothing brand called Maharishi and he wanted to get over and see their new store, we made our way over before I made my pilgrimage to Talbot Road. Walking into the shop I had never seen anything like it, it was black marble walled, glass partitioned and full of Japanese armour. As we walked around Ben peeled off knowing what he was looking for I started to get drawn into looking at the graphics on the clothes. They were bright coloured, looked like they had been drawn without the pen leaving the page and were full of weird cone shaped characters and geometric shapes.

That’s when I discovered Futura 2000 for the first time. 

After my experience with high end Japanese fashion we made our way over to Rough Trade and it was then that a cd case caught my eye from the stand in the corner of the shop. It had the same weird cone headed characters on them that I had just seen in Maharishi, the album was Psyence Fiction by UNKLE. Intrigued by what I had just seen in the fashion world, I had to hear what the album sounded like. 

I’m now one of the biggest UNKLE fans going, 5 albums deep into that relationship and all because of a pair of trousers. 

- Paul


DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World