A Taste of Lush (ATOL) on Clubscape is a radio segment hosted by X'Ho. This was also my first time getting interviewed and then jammed with a musician on national radio. It was a lot of fun to be accompanied by Hafez Masterpiece who blended his vocals & effects to my set while I dropped tunes. For those who miss the show, the set will be posted up on Mixcloud once I get hold of the recording.

Another good piece of news to share is my bi-monthly Lush Mix line-up for the station. This is another great avenue to push for the post dubstep or future garage side of things to the listeners out there.

+ UPDATE: Photo Album | Video | Archived Show Pt 1 - 4

Celebrating Jamaica 53 Independence Day for the first time, here in Singapore at the last @singapuradubclub // Blessed to have recently returned from a trip to #Jamaica with the sister @jeanreiki (who was given the new name “Crime$cene” by my bredren @ninja05) We went from ghetto to hillside, beachside to cliffside. Before arriving there were many warnings about JA being too dangerous to travel to (from people that have never been there). As I sat out in the countryside with #DJReiki I said…you think those people know the peace, beauty and freedom that is #Jamrock? She laughed. The picture painted in their imagination was very different from the beauty of reality. A few bad seeds do not dictate the actions of the majority of people. #Jamaica thank you for the fire you have inspired, I take this into the heart of Babylon and sing for every pink sunset in #Negril, every sweet fruit I’ve tasted in #StElizabeth, every mad party and cipher in #Kingston and every beautiful smile of the friends I’ve met. From island to island, we say MORE LIFE! ❤️💛💚🇸🇬🌎 #potatohead #singapore #singjay #emcee #eventsSG #rooftopsg #jamaica53 #femaledj #selecta #reggae #dub #dancehall #onelove #irievibrations #irie #bigup photo @ungkuIbrahim

Saturday, September 14th
10pm onwards
The Vault, 237 South Bridge Rd 05876

With Special Guest:
Ming (Bassis) - Ming Yuen

Jerls - Jerls Su
DJ Reiki - DJ Reiki
Suki Quasimodo - Pamm Suki

RSVP for guestlist x a set of urbanears*

Always evolving, DATDATDAT joins forces with Secret Service and camps its bass bins at a fresh new location for one night of music in mutation: House, Garage, Juke and Bass.

Watch residents JERLS, DJ REIKI and SUKI QUASIMODO as they warm up the room with boom while Singapore’s finest selector, MING, brings in a set of infectious energetic future rhythms.

No Excuses ✖ No Asking About Set Times ✖ 
No MCs ✖ No Crying ✖ No Problem



SG x HK ♦ Suki Quasimodo x DJ Reiki ♦ Aug 2013 

August 2013 - representatives of Singapore collectives DATDATDAT and FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp - Suki Quasimodo & DJ Reiki, brought their mind, body and tunes across the seas to the sci-fi city, Hong Kong. 

Over 2 nights of mess and mayhem brought Volt and Bassment to a colourful halt. Playing for underground collectives - Sessions HK and Thisismusic HK, both femme DJs showed true spirit and love for the Bass heads and House connoisseurs.

This is a document of the adventures they took over the long weekend, through eating parades and discovering offshore island beaches.


{suki quasimodo}

Shared my story as a bass head in the second edition of the CLEF.SG magazine. As always, it’s good to see publication delivering content on local music-makers, creative individuals and events. From tracing the rise of Singapore Bass music movement to featuring regional bands /performers, this is another issue that does not disappoint!

This coming sunday, I’ll join an all-female DJ lineup in the webcast of Panoptkn #7. Hosted by resident Zeratone, the music sessions are currently based in Singapore and will stream every Sunday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

+UPDATE : Photo Album 1 | Photo Album 2

+TRACKLIST : Future Garage, Bass, Dubstep

  1. Sepalcure - Me
  2. Little Dragon - Crystalfilm (Close Remix)
  3. Pariah - Orpheus
  4. Albert - Start of Something New
  5. Sbtrkt - Wildfire (Drake Remix)
  6. Phaeleh - Soulfunk
  7. Dr Sin - Chasing Shadows
  8. Macabre Unit - Sunshine (Feat. Don Goliath)
  9. Joker Feat. Jessie Ware - The Vision (Breathe In)
  10. Crookers - Hummus (Maribou State Remix)
  11. Close - Never (Scuba Mix)
  12. Bingo Players - Get up (Diplo Remix)
  13. The Black Ghosts - Some Way Through This (Plastician & Skream Remix)
  14. Chase & Status - Saxon
  15. Herbalist Aka Numa Crew - Herbalist
  16. Cessa - Flow

Gong!!!! The Avid parcel has arrived. Here’s the goodies that I received today…really pleased to be the local endorser for the pro-audio company. Do watch out for my next few posts where I’ll be sharing my learning process in using their products.

The only regrets this time round, is that the furry one (my deceased kitty) is no longer around to share my excitement. She used to wonder if it’s her food whenever a parcel arrives. Well, that’s life; here today, gone tomorrow!

If you are thinking of ushering the year 2012 with bass music in all its myriad forms, there could be no better place to be than Home Club. Kicking off the night at 9 p.m. and running till next day 4 a.m., there will be 6 DJs, 1 MC, visuals and more to set the ‘Doomsday theory’ with a bang! More details of Dubpocalypse NYE Special here.

+UPDATE : Photo Album

If the only breakbeat you ever come across is still Fat Boy Slim and Crystal Method, it’s not your fault, blame it on the hype of mass media & the lack of social media back then. Now, there’s nothing to stop anyone from digging deeper to find out if there are more. Many years later, I still owe much to Yukun for egging me on to do up this promo mixset and helping out with the distribution of the CD to the hungry ears out there (*I suck at marketing myself). Personally, it was ground-breaking stage of my life; I had never been to any breakbeat party before, let alone afford any vacation to club overseas. Coupled with an active imagination of a non-existent dancefloor, the mixset was conceived in wax, 2nd hand turntables and a crappy Gemini mixer in my bedroom. 

Of how these vinyls ended up with me, it was a mystery to those chin-strokers who had this mental image of me heading down to a proper DJ record store or HMV to source for these goodies. The truth is I started out not even knowing how or where to go about ordering vinyls from overseas. They were mostly vinyls stashed in unwanted boxes at this strange store up on the Army Market at Beach Road. I still remembered the concerned face of the owner, Andy who kept asking me, “You collect this?”

Hence if you are a vinyl head or looking up for these tracks in this set, good luck and have fun clicking for the digital copies! 


Fixation Playlist (15.05.2010)

Always good to see talented belles getting behind the mixing board and taking control of their own sounds! Check French Missill & Swedish La Fleur. On the homefront, the boys from Clash The Disko Kids scored a remix for a German label.

As for those who missed out on today’s show, check the ARCHIVE this coming Tuesday!


01. Robyn - None Of Them [Scoop]
02. Dirty Super Car - Get A Grip (The Loops of Fury Remix) [Scoop]
03. Missill - Chuppa, Citizen Records [Scoop]
04. Tiga - Overtime (Brodinski Remix) [Scoop]
05. La Fluer - Et La Fleur [Scoop]
06. AutoKratz - Skin Machine [Free Download]
07. Karton - We Bleed (Future Funk Squad Remix) [Scoop]
08. Sexual Earthquake in Kobe - Off Shore The World (TamBour Battant Remix) [Free Download]
09. S-File - Midnight Traffic (Clash The Disko Kids Remix) [Scoop]
10. Ellie Goulding- Starry Eyed (Pyramid Refix) [Free Download]
11. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Breakage’s Tight Rope Remix) [Free Download]
12. Hakazou - Hickup [Free Download]
13. MIA - Bucky Don Gun (Jinx in the dub Remix) [Free Download]

(Promo Mixset courtesy of Justin Jh )

Spun with Justin Jh at the Soundscapes Birthday Bash last Saturday, so here’s his mixset specially crafted for my show. Big up!

Bloopers: Bad French pronounciation
Genres: breakbeats, dub, electro, tech house

Taking Ground Mixset
  • Taking Ground Mixset
  • DJ Reiki

WARNING: Hazardous Material, Listen At Your Own Risk

The mixset that I have done up for my first RBMA application this year. I didn’t get in, but it’s still worth sharing. Not exactly the kind of music that will make everyone feel like cloud nine and hug their friends. Like an urban crow with an episodic-like memory, this is a set that explores the mindscape of warfare!


Palme Asia marks its return in 2011 as the most comprehensive event in S.E. Asia for professional audio and lighting, AV, system integration, music software & IT and entertainment technology. 

Gonna be dropping tunes for the JBL Sound booth (M22, Hall A) between 4 to 6.30pm on the 13 & 14 July.  Some premonition of myself being unable to resist the temptation of buying the latest gadget. More details of the dangerous event here.

Stella Music is the work of Keishi (now based in London) who gathered global and local jocks to share their sounds in the form of podcast. I was invited to work on a set, hence this was born. Once again, I was still collecting and playing vinyls at breakbeat parties, but was more clued in to the local dance music trends as compared to the Equlibrium 001, Dawn of Breaks days. Breakinasia was a decent music site that I was running, inspired by the style of Drum n Bass Arena and after my first bagpack trip to London, Club Fabric and other parts of Europe.  It then became a blog, now defunct with remnant of its past existence here. I had gotten some vinyl and CD promos from labels through the site but most of them were crap while others were more of the other members’ style preference. 

Personally, I had begun to dabble in throwing CD samples to differentiate my mixeset from others, hence the intro and outro to get the listeners into the ‘car-ride’ mood. In this podcast, none of them are “I’m playing promos” or “I’m playing what A-list DJ is playing” stuff (which is still such a backside scratching thing  to do and responsible for dumbing down the overall quality of mixsets). In terms of track selection, I still go for timeless tunes and they are all acquired from Juno Records. For a mixset, the quality of the sound and flow of the music has to be somewhat consistent. The only exception where I would put together labels, artists or friends’ music together within an hour is hosting an internet radioshow.