“Ya all Want some BASS!” by likeable (devientart)

i think i held this for too long now. this is a very special picture for me, this is a redraw of the first picture i ever uploaded on Tumblr.

this photo was made on July, 29, 20‎13! almost 1 and a half years ago!!!

this was supposed to mark my 1000th follower mark, but i got something a bit more special in mind :)

thank you to all the awesome people for sticking with me for this long. i hope to make more content in the future!

Cosplay update! Cupcakes Pinkie dress cutiemark are going! So far I have Rainbow Dash, Vinyl (DJ Pon3) Derpy Rarity And My oc Razor. Here are the patches so far, once I cut out all the cutiemark we will sew them onto the dress with a better hem line (That’s why the white line is there, It is to fold then sew for better hemming) And now I am making Twilights cutiemark

Finished! ..I really didn’t have much left to do from last night til now.

So yeah. Here’s these two rocking out together. IN NEONS. CAUSE NEONS ARE AWESOME

Also, small file is small because that’s what I do. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

If someone particularly wants a bigger version of this I suppose you can note me and send me a single dollar and I can send you a copy. Or.. something.

Otherwise, this’ll likely be a print for PonyCon AU 2015 AND ALSO available in next years calendar I’ll be doing. So woo.

Bigger version >