djinn's doodles

“That’s when he sees his eyes: they burn like fire. The man is an ifrit, or a jinn: someone who was born of fire, as opposed to of mud, like men. He says that people don’t know who he is here, that they think he can grant wishes, but if he could grant wishes, he wouldn’t be a taxi driver. “

- Neil Gaiman: American Gods


So, I tried to imagine what would happen if Sonic successfully used all 7 of the World Rings to go through a super transformation.

I call it Golden Djinn Sonic.
He becomes a bit more aggressive, because the initial transformation would consume a lot of energy, requires a lot of focus, and be somewhat painful, but he’d still be able to think clearly enough to know what the right thing to do is. … Like pretty much every form of Sonic (excluding Fleetway).
I imagined his voice sounding like the voice clips from SSBB when he goes super. It’s all echoey and a bit loud.


Maybe he could summon scimitars or something and just quickly slash the crap out of everything.

I used elements from Alf Layla Wa Layla, Darkspine Sonic, and a statue thing I found of a god called Vasudhara (I needed to figure out how the 6 arms would work).
I love the slightly evil vibe I’m getting from this. ;v;

ignore my ugly handwriting but i just wanted to say that i love alibaba saluja with all my heart and i would die for him

also just started transitioning from FireAlpaca to Paint Tool SAI! it’s kinda weird but i’m getting used to it!!

reposts are welcome only on instagram and with credit!! thanks :)