agoodwincollections: Hunting the#pokemongo with @realzakbagans &@djinfernolv 🤓😂

AKA Bagans is busted.

((Billy says something “innappropriate”))

{Chelsi} what? Hey stop talk about it. U know little kids maybe have twitter.

{Billy} Little kids need better parents then.

{Chelsi} I know that’s please stop talk about it.

{Billy} Why you speak funny so

{Chelsi} can I ask something?

{Billy} Based the sentence structure of your past 3 tweets… Probably not.

{Chelsi} if you see zak tell I said hi. 😊

{Billy} No.

{Chelsi} why?

{Billy} I dunno Chelsi, Lets start with why should I? Whats in it for me? Is it my job to convey messages to him?

{Chelsi} plesae tell him said hi. That’s all I’m going to said.

{Billy} You should attend school today and learn how to speak.

{Chelsi} no i dont have school I’m out of school it summer

{Billy} You should consider summer school.

{Chelsi} hey im sorry i buge u tell your fans leaves me alone.

{Chelsi (again)} tell your fans leaves me alone i will call cops on them

{Billy} Sounds pretty serious.

{Chelsi} are u said thats to me? i do notting

{Billy} smh.

((yes, this is exactly what they said. All spelling and punctuation is what they used.))