djharts  asked:

You have a problem with the things dex says, i get it sure, most of the things he says are jokes but why would you have a problem with those jokes, and consider him problematic, but not have a problem with aron's asian jokes and you don't consider him problematic?

the things dex says are much more offensive to people everywhere, considering a large percentage of the fandom are also females and some ( a lot got offended)

And the thing about Aron i guess it was just two minor jokes and even then he’s somewhat asian ( apparently i have no source)

and people weren’t that offended by it i guess bc they find it somewhat funny 

he hasn’t said enough or even offended enough people to be considered problematic 

hes not the only one even aleks made an asian joke when they were at dennys tho 

djharts  asked:

Any games you would recommend for ps4? I currently have stuff like Battlefield, GTA, Cod, DAI, FC4. Any other suggestions? Best buy has a lot of great titles pre-owned for 15 dollars or so.

i would recommend the evil within,the last of us,mortal kombat x,the witcher 3,infamous:second son and bloodborne. :)