[snk] untitled, erwin/levi

Rating: R
Notes: can’t seem to keep with anything long enough to finish so I tried writing awful pwp to get back into the swing. Unedited eruri boot porn, many thanks to you two you know who you are. Boot smooching/licking, d/s overtones, negligible bondage, mild dumb husband banter

ETA now on [AO3]

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[SnK] A Mess to Clean

Rating: R
Pairing: Erwin/Levi
Summary: Distraction griefsex gets a little rough after a particularly bad mission. (Thanks Tanya for the beta!) 

Levi says in his ear, “Were you making yourself dirty for me, Erwin?” and Erwin considers admitting it when Levi adds in a low promising voice, “You did kind of a shit job.”


[AC fanfic] α Aql

tanyart and I are trading off writing woes for a while. Here’s some Altair/Malik sort-of cuddle fic!

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3-Sentence | Assassin's Creed, Altair/Malik, secret smiles

Malik smiles when he thinks he is alone, an elusive and gentle little grin without a hint of malice as he reads correspondences behind the counter—but he is not alone this time, and Altair watches in secret, trapped by what he almost accidentally stumbled on in the gloom of the Bureau’s inner chamber.

Something unsettled and raw opens inside him to watch Malik like this, so near a quiet happiness that Altair would not have thought possible for him; in the end Altair almost cannot turn away from it, this moment that will never be intended for him, that he was never meant to see.

Altair lowers his eyes and leaves without a sound, suddenly unwilling to be the one who breaks Malik’s peace again.


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ladyhoneydarlinglove  asked:

altmal, porn stars, GO.

The real downside to having video cameras around the apartment is that occasionally Altair is not naked, having sex, or, in fact, in front of the camera at all.

“At dawn, the boyfriend once again emerges from his lair, mane tousled, to being scavenging for food,” Altair intones solemnly, angling the lens around the newspaper for a close-up

“Stop that,” Malik says around the cereal spoon in his mouth.

fic post #6

(I want to do that 2013 fic meme but here are some old fics from last year I never got around to being held accountable for hahaha)

Assassin’s Creed

quad shots cafe | G, AC3 Templars run a coffee shop, Connor is a health inspector, and Charles is possibly the muffin man. 

school of business fraud | T, Johnson/Hickey, University teacher/student. They’re perfectly awful for each other. 

Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

Flush | T, Erwin/Levi, Strip poker; Levi cheats and Erwin loves it.