What you don’t know about: The Pacey/Joey/Dawson Triangle.
Kevin Williamson:
“And then I kept thinking, one thing I’ve learned in my life is that my soulmate isn’t necessarily my romantic love. Joey chooses Pacey because her childish love for Dawson has given way to her grown-up love for Pacey.


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“We’re really young and we’re gonna screw up a lot! We’re going to keep changing our minds and…sometimes even our hearts. And through all of that, the only real thing we can offer each other is forgiveness. Don’t let yourself get so angry that you stop loving because one day you wake up from that anger and the person you love will be gone.”

The Papyrus of Djer-Djet Hotepsekhemenedji Nefer VII

Also known as Papyrus DD17c in the British Museum, the Papyrus of Djer-Djet Hotepsekhemenedji Nefer VII is just over 4000 years old but was not considered significant until recently, when an intern at the museum noticed that it resembles the circuit diagram for a transistor.

Transistors are critical electronic “switches” that form the basis of most modern technology, including computers and phones. The hieroglyphics around the center read, “base,” “collector,” and “emitter” in Ancient Egyptian, further suggesting that the ancients may have had an understanding of basic computing.

According to Egyptologist Robert Hawa, “This is surprising but not entirely unexpected. We knew that the ancients had used something like a battery to electroplate gold onto ritual objects, but this is quite a bit more advanced than we had previously assumed. I’m hesitant to say that this was a transistor diagram yet, but the evidence is building.”

With the recognition of the diagram, other papyri from the same expedition are currently under heavy analysis. According to Hawa, three other significant illustrations have been identified: One resembles the circuit diagram for a cathode ray tube, one resembles a keyboard, and the third is hieroglyphs only but seems to read, “Change thy provider to Timit-Warnotep Cable for $35 off your first month.”

If true, this would be the most significant archaeological find since the Carburetor of Nejed-Nefer Hedjkheperresetepenre, or the Antibiotic Pills of Khepermaatre-setpenptah Ramesses XII.