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Hello naughty anon here!!! I loved the last reaction very good work girly. So can you do a got7 reaction to you being a idol and doing a sexy version of hard carry and being dressed in like a big shirt and jacket pls.

Heyyyy~ i’m happy you enjoyed :D Honestly, when I saw that many notes on my post i was just in disbelief because my blog is literally not that good lol But I appreciate every little bit of support I get, and that includes you, Naughty Anon :3
To answer your ask, here we go~ :D

JB: He would see you dancing all sensual with that outfit of yours (the cherry on top being the fact that you are wearing his black leather jacket), and he wouldn’t be able to tear his gaze off you. The sight of you like that is too much and he has to do something about it ASAP ;))))))

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MARK: He wouldn’t believe his eyes. He can’t help his signature shy giggle, but at the same time he would nibble slightly on his lower lip, making you understand that despite him being shy about it, he is enjoying watching you get those sexy moves.

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JACKSON: He is your #1 fan. He would initially freak out, especially after noticing you wearing one of his oversized shirts. He would be fanboying as you danced, but the more you get into it, so does he. When you finish, he would switch from Wang Puppy to Mr. Wild and Sexy because those hips of yours got him in some kind of mood ;))))

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JINYOUNG: I am debating because he may be very sweet and all, but he can also be a SAVAGE and he does not hide it! During the dance you would wink at him at make hearts to him, and he would just casually be like

YOUNGJAE: Flustered AF!!! He is all nervous chuckles and awkward looks even though he is lowkey enjoying it ;))) He tries to distract himself by petting Coco, the only thing to hold him down to sanity. But then Coco would decide to go to Mark like “Peace out, you’re on your own now boi”
Youngjae: *nosebleed*

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Meanwhile, Coco….

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She knows what’s good

BAMBAM: He would get comfortable and enjoy the show. He is all for some sexy dance and he is definitely not going to stop you. This boi is shameless OMFG He would be so into your own version of the song. At the end he would look at you sensually and be like “That was hot, (Y/N). But, I know what would be even hotter…*smirk*”
You: Oh, rly? *smirks back* what is it?
BB: Dab for me.
You: … =_=

YUGYEOM: You are dancing for him, your legs exposed and your body moving to the slow and sensual rhythm of the song. He loves what he is seeing and he can’t help wanting to dance with you and put his own hips to work. He gets up to come close to you, about to hip thrust–

*Jinyoung bursts through the door and dropkicks Yugyeom* NOT UNDER MY WATCH!!


I hope you enjoyed this one Naughty anon, and whoever happens to read this ^o^

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So this Jackson guy, he is from got7 right? Wow my friend told me all of got7's members are snobs and mean. Is it true?

snobs and mean…? 

Are we talking about the same GOT7 here???
That’s… no. God no. What kind of… Of course they’re not! 

Now, personally, i’m not into them as much as I am with BTS BUT lemme tell you what I do know about them. Also no offence but @ your friend BITCH WHERE

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First off, BamBam is such a small child, I swear. he didn’t even know that ‘lol’ stood for laughing out loud. Poor innocent kid. 

His real name is  Kunpimook Bhuwakul and I dare you to try and say that perfectly the first time. You can’t. Just accept it and move on like the rest of us *cry* He’s from Thailand and MY GOD you need to listen to his Thai rap cuz it’s BEAUTIFUL.

Last comeback, he suddenly transformed into a sex god. Like, no joke. He went from cute chubby cheeks and fluffy face to *boom* panty dropper just like that. Idk what they fed him, but good job.

He also openly ships himself with Jackson. No biggie. Like, A while ago, they had matching jackets that read “Jackbam” which is their ship name. NO BIGGIE.

He was also in commercials and ish even before arriving to Korea. But even after he became a trainee, he STILL did one or two commercials. And he has three siblings who are all well known dancers back home.

And he’s like the fashionista of the group. He’s not as outgoing as Jackson, BUT THE SASS IS STRONG IN THIS ONE

He thinks he’s the cutest and DAMN RIGHT YOU ARE SONNY. 

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Jackson, this boy was a national gold medal champion for his country for fencing. A GOLD MEDALIST. He was ranked 11th in the entire 2010 Cadet World Championships. That’s AMAZING. And he gave that up to pursue music. 

His dad told him that if he wins a gold medal he’s allowed to go to Korea. And he did. That’s hard work and determination right there. Not to mention he had to learn an entire language. And he’s so adorable, he sometimes can’t talk properly because, as most bilinguals will agree, you just randomly forget words.

Speaking of languages, this dude right here speaks 6. That’s right, 6 languages. He knows Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French and English. Like DAMN.

Also, he has been in Korea for around 3 years now and hasn’t really had a chance to go home. He hadn’t seen his parents IN YEARS. And he was on this show called Roommate, and Mr JYP himself brought his parents to see him for Christmas and the second he saw his mom HE BROKE DOWN CRYING AND RAN INTO HER ARMS 


Now his mom, she (like 90% of this family) was a gymnast. But she got sick, you see. She shouldn’t be traveling and straining her body. So for the entire time she was in Korea, Jackson treated her like a queen. He took her everywhere and gave her massages and *sobs uncontrollably* 

Oh and, along with Mark, he does a lot of flips. just. Everywhere. he literally introduces himself with a flip. Just…you know, normal stuff.

And he’s really close to BTS but more specifically Namjoon (who ignores his calls hahahahaha)

Also he’s short. Pfff

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Same tho

This here is Youngjae. Who is, true to his name, young pff

He also plays the piano (Does EVERYONE HERE PLAY THE PIANO I SWEAR) and he is the main vocalist~

This kid will literally eat anything and everything unless it contains the dreadful cucumber. They say just the name sends shivers down his spine~

Also funny story: 2PM’s Nickhun said he thinks Youngjae has the best face, so they all nicknamed him Nich-in-bi which basically means Nichkhun’s Visual WHICH IS ADORABLE

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Then we have Yugyeom who is the smol child tho he doesn’t look like it! He’s tall as hell and he’s really mature and I swear, no ONE ever thinks he’s the maknae. EVER.

He likes playing the piano and he’s also, currently, attending school where he’s majoring in street dance. WHICH IS AWESOME. 

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Here we have Mark. 

Now Mark… is very shy. Don’t let his amazing stunts and on-stage presence fool you! One he’s down he looks like an overgrown puppy. 

Speaking of stage, he’s a dancer (and boy does he dance), vocalist and rapper. AND HIS VOICE DOE I swear, the first time I hear him I was so taken aback I did a double-take and all. You would no expect that voice to come out of that face, lemme tell you that. 

And we MUST talk about his dad, aka number one GOT7 trash, aka Papa Tuan. Now Papa Tuan is the most amazing person ever. He tweets about not just Mark, but GOT7 in general and he has NO RESTRICTIONS AND NO SHAME, this man is mY HERO. I love hIM!!! HE TROLLS ON EVERYONE BLESS HIM

He and Jackson were on ASC and they had their own corner called Markson (Like, yes, please do use the ship names, thanks) and they were such dorks! Exhibit 1:

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He is Chinese and speaks Korean, Mandarin and English fluently. like, this whole group is amazing, how are you not impressed yet.

He lived in Brazil for a while and knew Portuguese buuuut forgot it :’D

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JB here is the leader~ oooh~

He’s always been interested in film. Like, EVERYTHING about film. Acting, producing, scripting, all that fun stuff. Which is why he’s currently majoring in film. A while back, he even directed his own little thing~

He’s also part of a subunit, u might or might not have heard of it, called JJ Project (along with Jr.) 


He also can’t do aegyo FOR SHIT.

And he was so amazing, you see, that he won 1st when auditioning at JYP. Tho it was a tie with Jr.


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This very rude little sh*t is Jr. 

Why rude? Cuz he hot and he know it.

As I mentioned, he’s part of JJ Project along with JB. He also co-starred in Dream High 2 with him, as well as in the drama When A Man Loves.

Fun fact: he has the same name as mister JYP himself, so they nicknamed him Jr. (as in junior) for it HOHOHOHO)

He’s really, REALLY into dance. It’s his passion! In fact, he’s so good at it, that he was the one who choreographed the dance routine for GOT7′s track Follow Me off of their first album. BY HIMSELF.

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Now… GOT7′s music might not be for everyone. 

We have different tastes after all. 

But NEVER EVER say that these adorkable boys are snobs and mean like PLEASE. I have never ONCE thought of either one of them as being anything but hard working kids. They try as hard as any other group out there to be the best they can and to make their fans happy. 

And even though I myself aren’t really that preoccupied with them, EVEN I KNOW HOW NICE THEY ARE. 

And on a special little note. You do not take someone’s words about people for truth until you have had the chance to meet those people by yourself. You do not make opinions on people based on what others think or say about them. Because that means you didn’t actually know those people, which means you make assumptions based on nothing but what you hear other people say. And that is wrong. Not just n Kpop, but in general life. 

*drops mike*

Dallas Jingle Ball Concert Report

We had side view seats in the 6th row, stage left at Jingle Ball! We were about fifteen feet from the stage, which was so great. First I’ll touch on Niall and Liam because I’ll feel bad if I leave them out too much. Liam was on point vocally and clearly was enjoying himself. I don’t have a lot else to say because I wasn’t watching him much. Niall. Oh Niall. So cute. Something happened when these glasses appeared. I already had an appreciation for his consistency and energy, and that was also evident tonight. But he’s like. So cute in those glasses and his Harry inspired outfits.

It was so cool to hear History, Love You Goodbye, Infinity, and AM live for (my) first time! The entire arena was lit during Louis’ solos. He thanked fans for the No Control Project before they sang it, and everyone was jumping and excited and happy. Liam called SOML and WMYB the “Golden Oldies,” which was cute.

Harry and Louis. I have read the reports about how they’re so aware of each other, always knowing where the other is onstage. It’s so evident up close. They were always sending glances at each other and it was so wonderful to see them so close.

There was a lot of Next To You. Gearing up for Don’t Stop December! They moved their mic stands around a lot and all got to take their turns playing to different parts of the  audience, but HL were next to each other for mic stand songs in all but one.

One time while rearranging, Louis had his arm up and Harry kinda made himself all small and ducked under him. Harry is such a little spoon!

They set their mic stands off to the side together when they went to the oldies, and when they grabbed them back Louis got both of them and handed Harry’s to him. They were so smiley!

After the first few songs Harry grabbed some medicine from a guy on the side of the stage and when he turned back around to take them Louis was watching and sent him a look like “you okay?” And he nodded sort of like “it’s all good.”

Louis did his heart symbol for Harry’s mic level like seven times.

Louis was so so wonderful. His vocals are so strong and it was amazing to hear him featured so much. One of the cues was off during a solo in SOML, so he was a bit late. BUT. A king is never late, everyone else is simply early. He had a sweater on at first but right when he got out he tugged it off and it was so sensual and wonderful??

Harry was gorgeous in his all black, and he was so energetic, dancing and spraying the audience with water. He jumped up on a speaker during No Control and he almost looked like he was going to fall and he jumped back down. And of course he went back up again later on in their set, because why not live dangerously?

All in all, it was so wonderful. So proud of them!!

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Your study guides are so cute ☺️ do you have any nice fonts to recommend? :)

Thanks bud! Oh my gosh there are so many…but my go to website is and I just generally look for any fonts that I think are particularly nice. For sets I recommend on a whole, those that begin with KG, MF, DJB and DK, they’re all so cute. 

Individually particular fonts that I like are:

  • A Gentle Touch
  • Luna
  • Always On My Heart
  • baby fox
  • Bacana
  • Lillybelle, Sweet Pea and MovusBrushPen are all fonts that look similar but are just sllllllightly different to suit the particular “feel” of whatever guide you’re making! 
  • Supernova
  • Cool Story regular

There’s loads more, have fun font-shopping my friend!