Nago sketches part 1. I’ll add more and reblog it later. Need to sleep now.

Finally! Just done some Nago sketches.

For info, Nago referenced from as coming from Benin. A lot inspired from Angelique Kidjo. Nago is a commoner but managed to rise in her tribes as the rank of nobility. Even during ritual (wearing rituals skull mask) she’s show to be a great dancer and her wisdom seems to be a trendsetter. For a traditionnal society as her tribe, needless to say that a lot people see that as a black dot.

Djeneba sketches

Compare to Nago, Djeneba is a sub-saharian african cultural influence. It’s totally different from the african forest/jungle culture.

Djeneba is a malinké, (Mali) from Africa, one of the old place where the Empire of Mali ruled once before. After that tragic accident with her dad, she still lost on her thought and try to live with her two origins roots. Between the celtics and her malinké race.

She’s not the best at archery but her  dad told her how to do it proprelly. There wasn’t much to do in the temple during her childhood, so she had a lot of time to spend practicing. Without forget reading all the books in her dad library.

Djeneba still fight to get answers and know the end of the story. Slowly, she’ll learn how to live with so much unanswered question. When she has nothing to do, Djeneba play/listen music with her flute, dance and sleep as the feline she is.

Sometimes she enjoy talking with her companions Gol about the past of ancient civilisation.


Result of the stream. A sketch. I added mama Nago just at the end outside of the stream.

In order: Talessya, Nago, Djeneba. Everyone hanging in the street of an alternative Dakar street market, in Sénégal.(Alternative Djandora world) Nago chat with Talessya about the prices of rices and spices going up.

I’ll make a final version wallpaper for my patreon: