This is the mix I meant to post, hahah.

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This Hard Dance Nation Podcast is a monthly show hosted by DJ Venom featuring the best of darker Hard Dance and Hardcore from around the world. Each episode features the best of Hardstyle, Dubstyle, Rawstyle, Hard Techno and Hardcore. Special announcements and information will also given during the podcast. Feel free to give us feedback at or send us a demo at!

01: Dj Venom - August Megamix Intro [CD-R]

02: 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It (The Prophetz Hardstyle Remix) [Scantraxx]

03: Ed E.T & D.T.R. -Hard Bass Bitch [Ourstyle]

04: Cellrock - Summer is Calling [Theracords]

05: Bassfeeder - Disgusting Slob [DJs United]

06: Alphaverb - Crowd Analyzer (feat Intractable One) [AVIO]

07: Alpha Twins feat Ran D - The New Shit [A2 Records]

08: Blackburn - It’s You [Theracords]

09: Ed E. T & D.T.R. - Back Again [Ourstyle]

10: Tekneek - One of Those Dayz [Re-Styled]

11: Tranz-Liquants & Toxic - Automatic Supersonic [Bionic]

12: Dready 2/Razor DJ - Energy [ETX]

13: Dj Redman - Dirty Rabbits [SXR]

Released by: Hard Dance Nation 

Release date: Aug 21, 2012 

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