The trusty IKEA Expedit has always been a solid base for a DJ stand. Custom stands were always so expensive to have built and you usually had to settle for the best old table you could find. 

then the Expedit turned up and was not only the perfect depth and width but also came with the perfect space to house your records. 

After using this trust expedit for a few years I saw some good additions to take it to a new level. All nice and affordable addition from IKEA - Wheels. some Capita legs to house a second tear shelf which work out perfectly for speakers and laptop stand. The addition in height works just right too. 

PLus, as always making it yourself is a lot more fun than paying someone else a small fortune. 

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I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE RN, does it remind anyone else of tron???? haha

music situation at the hottest pokemon go spot in town

1. older guy who already hangs out at the beach and plays his electric guitar and sings but now he’s doing a thing where he’ll change words of popular songs to “pokemon” e.g. “shine on you crazy pokemon”, “we are the pokemon, pokemon of the world”
2. younger guy with full DJ set up standing on the grass playing dubstep remixes of pokemon 8 bit? whatever old game music, vapers standing around–vapers EVERYWHERE


I want to get rid of this dj hero case/stand. I don’t play it and I don’t even have my 360 anymore. But it’s currently holding my weed stuffs. Gah, I miss it. Helped me relaxed during stressful times. Except when I fucking played Dead Space… Never again. On another note, I need to clean my grinder and get a new glass stem for my MFLB.

Also, anyone want a glass pipe? Never been used, lol. I probably just give it to my brother or cousin. I always used my MFLB or PAX vape.

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Send a 📝 and I’ll introduce you to one of my OCs!

Name: Jessico Xen Vivico

Fandom: Fandomless (mains Ratchet and Clank)

Species: Skyyri (a vulpine-esque, mystic subspecies to the Viccaro race; Skyyri are considered vampiric and at times, cannibalistic)

Age: 21

Role: Celebrity DJ

Moral standing: Chaotic Neutral

Abilites: Levitation, vocal manipulation, mind control.

Basics: Jesso was born to a madwoman named Hecate, his father an unnamed and claimed to be abusive and evil man who had taken advantage of his mother’s poor mental health. Jesso lived alone with his mother as a result, jumping through hoops to keep her happy and as close to sane as managable. His gifts made themselves known at a young age and Hecate took advantage, building her son a career as a DJ and helping him weave his mind control into his music.