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teru meeting fishmob: "what the fu-"

this images name in my drive is Im Sorry and I do think its very accurate

Chapter 21 and the red apples

The apples are too young and sour, and too crisp if Sangwoo’s cut is anything to judge by. They’re imagery from Sangwoo’s youth and his parents’ deaths. He drove with Bum wearing his mother’s clothes, and it looks like he’s going to bury Jieun in them. He may be reenacting his parents’ deaths in order to move on with Bum. As he said in chapter 19, the whole plan was so that he and Bum can truly be together. Getting to that point is a psychological journey for both of them. For Bum, it was learning to murder and experiencing a reenactment of Sangwoo’s past. For Sangwoo, it’s letting go of his mother and his sour youth.

There’s a lot of stuff on the whole “the idea of an FP is abusive” lately and I just wanted to give my way of thinking about it.

I think of an FP like a crush, in a way.

You can’t help if you have a crush. It’s not bad to have a crush, it’s not inherently creepy. If your crush likes you back, perfect! That’s awesome.

However, if your crush doesn’t like you back, that sucks, but you aren’t entitled to their affection, they don’t owe you anything just because you have a crush on them. Sure, seeing them date someone else hurts, and it’s okay to vent about that to others! But making them feel shitty about that isn’t okay; they don’t owe you anything.

You also shouldn’t use the fact you have a crush on them to take hold power over them. Things like “but you’re my crush, you have to reply immediately to me” for example aren’t okay. They didn’t ask to be your crush. You shouldn’t use them being your crush to control others either, you shouldn’t say things like “stop texting them, they’re my crush”; you don’t own them. And also, if they don’t consent to you referring to them as your crush- don’t do it. 

But also, as you have a crush on them, they hold power over you. They could more easily get you to do things for them because of your feelings- and that’s not okay either. 

If your crush likes you back, or just wants to be close friends, that’s awesome! If you communicate well and recognise each person as their own individual, awesome! Crushes can be nice, when they text you it feels amazing if they like you back, even better! As long as you know that they’re their own person- and they know not to use your feelings to their advantage, there is nothing wrong with having a crush, just like there’s nothing wrong with having an FP.

you ever think about how super powers may be real? Not like flight or teleportation or super speed, but little powers that we don’t really notice

Like the ability to always guess something correctly, or for some reason animals aren’t as prone to being skittish around you. Or maybe you didn’t study for that test, but as soon as you sit down to take it, you know how to solve every problem

Idk. Sometimes i think about that

am i the only one that doesn’t like this trend of making dalish elves completely oblivious to the chantry?
its like they want them to look like “savages” that don’t know anything about the world outside their culture, when im pretty sure dalish would be hyperaware of the chantry?
shit like not knowing what a divine is when sent an exalted march to wipe them out, or not knowing who andraste is when she is literally the only human figure they respect since they allied with her to free themselves
i understand the dalish being confused by human culture, thats totes okay n pretty normal i believe, but it rubs me the wrong way when you talk about them going all “whats an andraste it sounds like a nasty ass disease” or “what is a divine”
like they’re stupid or something

Me: I’m having so much fun in Vancouver and I’m going to meet up with people and the public transit is cool!

Also me: I’m terrified of doing something Wrong on this bus/in general and I think I’m going to die and never be able to come to Vancouver again ever without ppl knowing that I am The Worst

Also me as well: Stop worrying it’s fine

Me but nauseated: I think I’m going to combust

Explanation of Acrush fan names
  • All fans of Acrush are called Juicers (榨汁机 zhà zhī jī), presumably because of the “crush” in the group’s name.
  • An Jun Xi calls her fans Bacteria (细菌 xì jūn), because it sounds like her name reversed. She uses this very often. 
  • Min Jun Qian calls her fans Puff Pastries (千层饼 qiān céng bǐng), because it shares the character 千 with her name. She has only used this once. 
  • Peng Xi Chen calls her fans Castles (城堡 chéng bǎo), because it sounds similar to 辰宝 chén bǎo, which means Chen Babies. She uses this very often. She also briefly considered Oranges (橙子 chéng zi) before settling on this one. 
  • Lin Fan’s fans have come up with their own name, Ice Cream (冰淇淋 bīng qí lín), because of the lín sound shared with her name. She has not used this herself, but has liked a weibo post where fans use this name.  
  • Lu Ke Ran does not have her own fan name yet, but she uses Juicers more often than the other members. 

This post will be updated if more information comes out!

Trans cr; Cindi @ acrush-trans
Take out with full credit

Today 17,000 students had to earn their way into the Forum to rock with me, Selena Gomez, Alessia Cara, DJ Khaled, Lilly Singh, Emeli Sande, Demi Lovato and so many more by taking action on one local and one global cause they are passionate about…..
Can’t tell me The future ain’t bright 🌟🌟🌟😘😘🙏🏽🙏🏽