proof that I’m not that great at DJing.

Ambient | Techno | Industrial | Drone | Grey Area

  1. Camerxn - VX-Athena [intro]
  2. Cloistral - Ծագում
  3. Ventress - Untitled 2 [AVN002]
  4. SØS Gunver Ryberg, Camerxn - Terra-Cytherean
  5. >> Ntogn - Hatchlings, hatching
  6. Mønic - Lust Product
  7. Fis - Drain Torch
  8. ıšdavıkaı - Det restes inga gravar i våra namn
  9. Cloistral - Ոչ մի սպասում
  10. Camerxn - Aurora Athenalis
  11. Drottning Omma - Untitled 3 [Iris av is]
  12. Camerxn - TRM-Interplanetary
  13. Lundin Oil - They Need Tragedy
  14. >> Fjäder - Bifrost
  15. Lundin Oil - Assisting Genocide
  16. Meer - The feelings you thought you’d forgotten
  17. Varg - Vitberget
  18. Camerxn - Warrior’s Meditation
  19. Nastika - Daeva
  20. SØS Gunver Ryberg, Camerxn - Kirkwood Gaps
  21. Kondaktor - Signal #1 (ANFS Remix)
  22. Ancestral Voices - Eiyani
  23. Camerxn - Star Strangle
  24. Morenceli - Exalted
  25. Lundin Oil - Failed State
  26. Sam KDC Ft. Petra Zhivkova & Gloria Petkova - Survive / Exist
  27. Offworldcolonies + Inget - Tilting Morals
  28. Morenceli - Caligula Statue
  29. >> Ane Østergaard - Borrowed
  30. Oake - Paysage dépaysé
  31. >> SØS Gunver Ryberg - 1170 Siva (Bare Bones)

Double arrow (>>) tracks do not fully segue from the previous song.

live recording with 3 decks
audio file: AAC
duration: 1:10:18
bit rate: 256 kbps (variable)
sample rate: 44.1 kHz
channels: stereo

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啓蟄 keichitsu <free download>

Outside-The Weeknd. Don`t Know How-PND. Need a Girl-Torey Lanez. Teenage Fever-Drake. Wait For Me-Sy Ari Da Kid. Rich White Girls-Mansionz. Stay The Night-B. Bravo. Got Me-Roy Woods. Don`t Run-PND. Just Another Interlude-Bryson Tiller. Too Deep-DVSN  

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Remix song

I don`t wanna do this anymore-XXXTENTACION. Tehlme-HEIR. Butterfly Effect-Travis Scott. Love Galore-SZA ft. Travis Scott. LOVE-Kendrick Lamar. They Say-Chance The Rapper ft. Kaytranada. Little Ones-Kwaye. 13-Allan Rayman. Passit-Wiz Khalifa. Honey-Bryson Tiller. Frank Joint-KRS. Magolia (Edit)-nobu

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“It would be so nice to just have a whiskey now,” says Nina Kraviz, while discussing her DJ-Kicks compilation. Listen to it in Spotify here. Listen to her on Soundcloud here. Via !K7 Records.

Mystery Mashup
Enlightened Robot

Hey guys, I have a new mashup project I’m working on, and I’ll put in more details about it under the cut, but before any of that, I want to try out an experiment.

I wanna see how many people can guess which pop songs I used to make this section of my mashup. I’ll put up a few hints.

  • Most of these samples come from mainstream pop songs, with the exception of two of the samples. Most of them should be recognizable to some extent.
    • One of these non-pop songs is actually from a youtube video, specifically by a reviewer on That Guy with the Glasses. As of this post, this is one of his most recent re-uploads.
    • The other sound effect comes from a popular animated sitcom.
  • The bassline should be fairly easy… its the bridge to an indie hit about youth.
  • The guitar comes from a pop song whose music video was once controversial, despite it all being made in good fun. More recently, this artist’s actions have become legitamately controversial.
  • One of the drum loops used was also sampled by Neil Ciceirega on Mouth Silence.
  • The other drum loop comes from a hip hop song that sampled a Daft Punk song. The Daft Punk song is not directly sampled here.
  • The piano song is used in a lot of commercials, though most people might recognize it for its use in some commercials for the iPad.

The answers are below the cut. If enough people respond to this, I’ll make an update post talking about the results.

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