Want You To Want Me

A/N:  Hey there!  I know we’re all still suffering from the #Brettonio breakup… but I haven’t given up on them… so here’s another make up… it’s also two prompts… Jealous Antonio with a slightly drunk Sylvie and prompt 10 from a couple weeks back:  “No, no. Not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you fucking dare. Dammit.”  This goes out to @chicago-stars and @magnificentkidstarfish.  Cheers!

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how’d you like me now?

alternatively; possibly the least serious mix i’ve ever done or  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

love me or hate me (lady sovereign) how’d you like me now? (the heavy) uptown funk (bruno mars) fuck you (lily allen) bonkers (dizzee rascal) like the dancefloor (a-trak & zinc ft natalie storm) i’m gonna do my thing (royal deluxe) sleazy (ke$ha) worth it (fifth harmony) hello (martin solveig et dragonette) get ready for it (take that) when i grow up (pussycat dolls) suit (boom bap pow) all i do is win (dj khaled) kick ass (mika) paper planes (m.i.a) woo hoo (ke$ha) from ritz to rubble (arctic monkeys)

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Oddrich 17 or 44

I might come back and add 44 also.

17. meeting at a party whilst drunk au

Ulrich woke up feeling extra groggy. Blacking out has never been a good thing for him. He stretched and rolled over only to be greeted by a mess of blonde and purple hair.

Great. He reclined back against his pillow and tried to recall as much as he could before he could no longer. 

Aelita threw the party and attending was mistake number one. Ever since her DJ career kicked off, her parties became even bigger. 

Flashes came through. Shots. Beer Bongs. A bet.

It dawned on him then. 

The bet.

He had already been drunk when he made the bet, but when the undeniably cute blonde boy from across the room challenged his nationality, he couldn’t resist.

“You aren’t holding your liquor well for someone who claims to be German.” the blonde teased.

“Pleeeeeeease,” Ulrich slurred. “I’m a German who can drink more beer than anyone else.”

“Wanna bet?” He smiled. “If I drink more beer than you, you have to take me home.”

“Ha! And if I drink more?”

“Then you prove your point. But you’ll be taking me home.” He winked.

Ulrich reddened. No way was he going to let someone beat him in a drinking game. Especially after the claim he just made.

The boys lined up as a crowd formed around them, egging them on.

Aelita had the honors of filling each glass to the line every time, but it didn’t take as long as Ulrich hoped.

He lost.

But when the blonde boy rolled over and flashed him a smile, Ulrich realized in a weird twist of events,

He won.  

in case yall forgot,i adopted mia and tia so theyre my characters now

mia knows more abt cars than dj and she can kick his ass in a race but they’re tuner baes

tia’s a lesbian, dontworry ill find her a good gf


Someone on Twitter asked where I would recommend starting if one is interested in getting into techno (or other dance music). Here is my attempt at an answer!

For starters, I’d recommend beginning with DJ mixes. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with singles (dance music’s dominant release format), and artist albums can be wildly uneven, aside from the occasional crossover smash (Disclosure’s first record or Daniel Avery’s “Drone Logic,” for example). Mixes give you a good idea of a particular DJ’s current taste as well as an overview of a certain subsection of the dance music. A good mix takes you on a journey- it’s a unique format that doesn’t get enough love in mainstream music circles. And if a particular track really grabs your attention, you can track down the artist and dive down that rabbithole to your heart’s delight.

So, where to start with mixes?

I have a few go-to labels/imprints that I feel put out consistently good mixes covering a wide variety of styles. Fabric and FABRICLIVE are my two favorites- I’ll go into some detail here.

Fabric tends to feature big-name DJs spinning techno and techno-affiliated stuff: if you’re into deeper, moody stuff or really driving, beat-oriented techno, you’ll find a lot to like. 


Fabric 83: Joris Voorn- Voorn mixes literally dozens of tracks, spliced into micro-loops and layered atop one another to create a seamless mix that verges on deep house without ever becoming treacly.

Fabric 80: Joseph Capriati- On the opposite end of the spectrum, Capriati’s Fabric mix is almost nonstop, punishing techno that remains accessible and never strays too far into the abstract.

Fabric 86: Eats Everything- this one’s more house-flavored, which is to say a little more melody and a little more swing than you’d get on a straight up techno mix. It covers a wide range of tracks and stitches them into a cohesive whole.

FABRICLIVE, on the other hand, trades in UK grime, drum ‘n bass, garage, electro, and all sorts of other stuff generally outside the purview of Fabric’s flagship series. Because of the huge variety of styles, you might absolutely adore one mix and yet loathe another. But it’s virtually certain that some of them will scratch your particular itches.


FABRICLIVE 66: Daniel Avery- the mix that put Avery on the map, a colossal selection of electro and electro-tinged techno. An absolute must-listen.

FABRICLIVE 75 Elijah & Skilliam- this mix from the heads of UK grime label Butters is a fantastic ride. If you’re unfamiliar with grime, it’s a fun introduction to some of that genre’s best artists.

FABRICLIVE 76: Calyx & Teebee- casual listeners probably don’t even know drum n bass is still a THING, but this mix is incredibly vital, relentless, and heavy. If you’re into dubstep, or even metal, you’ll probably find a lot to like here.

Aside from the Fabric stuff, I also recommend DJ-Kicks (tends to be more accessible, established artists), and electronic music site Resident Advisor’s RA Podcast. The RA podcast in particular is great because you get free, weekly high quality mixes from very different DJs. There’s also literally thousands of mixes available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and Boiler Room puts out fantastic live stuff on its Youtube channel.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t be intimidated by the scope of dance music or the variety and subtle differences between the genres. Experiment! Scroll through snippets of mixes on iTunes or Soundcloud and see what catches your fancy. There’s a ton of great shit out there if you’re willing to poke around a bit.

Rizzle Kicks – Masterpost

Studio Albums;

Minor Breaches of Discipline (2009)
A mixtape from when Rizzle Kicks was Jordan alone.

I Said Who Says
When I’m Bigger
Ain’t No Other Kicks
I’m 17
Football Boots
Buff Girlfriend
I’m Silly
Get With The Time
Those Days
My Hometown
Young And Hot
Fuck Loadsa Dubstep

Stereotypical (2011)

When I Was A Youngster
Round Up
Down With The Trumpets
Demolition Man
Prophet (Better Watch It)
Mama Do The Hump
Miss Cigarette
Traveler’s Chant
Stop With The Chatter
Learn My Lesson
Even On A Rainy Day
Perfect Day (Deluxe Edition)
Garden (Deluxe Edition)

Left Over Presents E.P
Take Me
Just How We Do It
Coach Potato
Wicked Games (The Weekend Cover)

Roaring 20’s (2013)

This Means War
Lost Generation
The Reason I Live
Skip To The Good Bit
Don’t Bring Me Don
Everything Will Be Better In The Morning (Interlude)
Me Around You
Wind Up
Jam Yourself
Put Your Two’s Up
I Love You More Than You Think
That’s Classic
Happy That You’re Here (Deluxe Edition)
Biscuits (Deluxe Edition)
Fine With Me (Deluxe Edition)
Keep It Up (Deluxe Edition)

Mainly remixes with a few exceptions.

When I Was A Youngster

Epic Dreamers Remix – Rizzle Kicks Ft Pharaoh Monch, Hinesy, Professor Green, Ed Sheeran, Foreign Beggers & Charlie 2na


Heart Skips A Beat – Olly Murs Ft Rizzle Kicks
The Walk – Mayer Hawthorne Ft Rizzle Kicks
Work – Mikill Pane Ft Rizzle Kicks
I Wanna Rock (Rockin’ All Stars Mix) – Maxsta Ft Tinchy Stryder, Rizzle Kicks & Lady Leshurr
Back Around – Eliza Jo Ft Rizzle Kicks
Check – Mikill Pane Ft Gnarly Ventura (aka Jordan)
Skyhighatrist – DJ Fresh Ft Rizzle Kicks

YouTube Only;

How Charming!
Party People Play This (Remix)
Mix Up Your Mind (This used to be on youtube but now I can’t find anything other than dodgy looking download links!)
Burning Stuff/Fly Me To The Moon (Cover)
Heart Skips A Beat (Ant Whiting Remix)
Freestyle w/Ed Sheeran
Jordan Freestyle
Even On A Rainy Day (Alternative Bars)/When I Was A Youngster
Nasty (Nas Cover)
For Lovers (Pete Dohrty & Wolfman Cover)
Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles Cover)
Earl Grey
Night & Day (Will link this ASAP)
Anadin (Will link asap but is also on ‘demons never die’ soundtrack on spotify)


Price Tag  (Jessie J (Rizzle Kicks Vs Rural Remix))
You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (Ed Sheeran)
Call It What You Want (Foster the People)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Queen)
Santa Clause Is Coming To Town
On A Mission (Katy B)
What A Day For A Daydream(Lovin’ Spoonful)
Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey)


#meanie on a roadtrip
  • mingyu drives first so he can rest later. drives hella fast that you have to constantly reminds him the that he’s going 20 above the speed limit.
  • wonwoo is sitting on the passenger seat, managing the road trip playlist.
  • you’re at the back because wonwoo called shot gun first (stupid wonwoo)
  • you and mingyu complain about his choice of songs because they literally fluctuate in the genres.
  • one song would be fetty wap then the next would be kwill like wonwoo please can’t you keep up a theme.
  • you eventually take over the roll of dj master and kick wonwoo out from the passenger seat.
  • mingyu gets tired of driving and forces you to drive.
  • he kicks out wonwoo from the backseat and makes him sit back up front again.
  • mingyu sleeps in the back most of the time and whenever he wakes up he always asks how long it will take to get there.
  • wonwoo accidentally reads the map upside down and almost made you guys get lost.
  • thanks to your handy dandy smart phone, you manage to get to the high way you needed to get to.
  • meanie alwaYS COMPLAINS HOW CRAMPED THEY FEEL and asks to stop at every. single. rest. stop. just so they can stretch their tall bodies like -_-
  • they groan whenever you say no.
  • both race to the bathroom when you finally stop at a rest station then takes an awful amount of time ordering and eating food.
  • mingyu always complains how sore he feels from sitting down for so long.
  • wonwoo spaces out because he’s captivated by the scenery.
  • like when you ask wonwoo if you need to take the next exit, you won’t get an immediate answer until you’ve yelled his name three times.
  • wonwoo ends up falling asleep in the passenger seat and you’re like wtf you can’t sleep on the driver that’s like basic road trip rules.
  • so you kick him out again and make mingyu sit in the front.
  • it’s not much better because mingyu is always on his phone playing a game or taking selfies.
  • sometimes he’ll find an ad on the road about a restaurant and always suggests to take the next exit so you guys can eat and you’re like “mingyu no we just ate 15 minutes ago.”
  • he pokes you while you’re driving just because he likes seeing how annoyed you’d get.
  • you make wonwoo drive because his lazy ass hasn’t done anything and so he does and you get the backseat to yourself.
  • mingyu gets fed up and kicks wonwoo out of being the driver and drives again, trying to catch up on the time wonwoo withered away.
  • constantly bicker about the stupidest thing like how jihan is real and jeongcheol is dying and you’re like “wtf are two talking about”
  • always has to mediate because they can get too loud.
  • you get to your destination two hours later than planned and meanie pretty much runs away from your wrath because they can never keep up with plans.

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