BuriedMIX2 - Flying Lotus (Burial DJ Kicks ‘08)

     I’m new to the DJ-Kicks series, so bear with me if I’m off base at all. I am, however, reasonably familiar with DJ Koze. His 2013 album Amygdala was one of my favorite electronic releases of that year. Know why?– it’s so damn playful. If Kozella has an immediately distinguishing characteristic as a disc jockey, it’d probably be that; his mixes are always ripe with the dulcet and the chipper. This 50th entry into Kicks does nothing but reaffirm that, because it covers all bases of Koze’s usual tonal palette. There’s plenty cuts here of hip hop, vocal house, and bizarro electronic from a myriad of artists to go around the club. I’d go as far to say that this thing even makes for quality at-home, headphone listening.


Zenith: “Come Get It (Tekstrumental)”     




This is the exclusive track I produced with Alexander Berg from the mighty swedish duo Genius of Time. He’s one of the most talented people I ever met and was a pleasure working in Berlin with him. Really looking forward to do some more tracks with him.

Gold Panda - An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through The Clouds

Off of the upcoming DJ-Kicks, this song exemplifies why I love Gold Panda. The dude knows his electronic samples; he knows how to flesh them out into something completely different; and his last, most important talent is his ability to make you dance. I expect more big things from Gold Panda in the next couple years. The dude knows how to evolve, even if he did start his musical career a bit later in his life.