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Dani and Iddy


  • Name: Kala Ubasti Savin-Issett
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human
  • General Appearance: Unruly brown hair and her mother’s amber eyes; shares more features with her father; about 5′ 6″; varying mis-matched tomboy style with lots of flannel
  • Personality: Kala is one of the most level-headed people you will ever meet. She doesn’t talk much – not because she’s shy or reserved, but merely due to her introverted mental personality. Kala processesses information in her head before crafting an educated response. She’s methodical and quick-witted. And with strong mind comes a strong body. Like Dani, she’s a physical being. Her actions speak far louder than her words and it is in physical exercise that she finds the best stress relief. Kala has been a diligent Tae Kwon Do student since she was three years old. She is also fond of art and prefers to work directly with her hands whether using paint, charcoal, clay, or sometimes a wood medium for carving. She puts out more head than heart, but loves deeply and with unyielding devotion those who she deems important in her life. 
  • Special Talents: Crafty and artistic; speaks fluent French; fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do; is actually really attentive to astrology but hardly anyone is aware; can do palm readings
  • Who they like better: Iddy, by far. Dani is a great mother, but she’s too intense and too emotional for Kala to handle on a frequent basis. She has to measure the time she spends with her mother so as not to get overwhelmed. 
  • Who they take after more: Believe it or not, she still takes more after Dani. Tune down her mother’s emotional energy and you’d find the same cool and calm demeanor that Kala has embodied. Their physical beings are similarly aligned and Dani has used this reflection to pick out all of her daughter’s tells. 
  • Personal Headcanon: One of the rooms in the Savin-Issett household has been converted into an art studio for their daughter. The space is relatively plain for a studio, lacking in the colorful splashes and bright artwork that might adorn your average art space. Kala prefers to work with earthy tones, clay, and wood. Charcoal is her favorite medium, but she also makes her own art supplies from natural sources, often using mud, herbs, and rainwater to breathe reality into her work. Her portfolio is largely realist, consisting of recreations of what can be seen directly in nature or around the town of Soapberry Springs. 
  • Face Claim: Aiysha Hart
Stripper Tip For New Dancers

When it comes to being a dancers the only people you should really be on good terms with is…..

•The bartenders
•House mom
•VIP host

Why do I say this, well I’ll explain…..

•The bartenders - these are the girls that customers pretty much talk to first before they go to a dancer. They’re going to ask them which dancer is worth my money, who’s the cutest, who gives the best lap dances etc. when that bartender likes you she’s going to make sure the money is heading in your direction.

•The DJ- it doesn’t pay for you to be rude to the DJ. Remember he’s the one who pretty much has control of how many stage dances you do. So the more stage dance the more money. The less stage dance, well you get the point. Also he has control of your music too so the nicer you are to him I guarantee you he will play nothing but songs you like.

•The house mom - I hands down love my house mom at my club. House moms are the ones who has control of the dressing room. He/she will get you looking right makeup wise. Will tell you their opinion on the outfits you wear. When you treat your house mom right, they will treat you even better. Make sure you tip out your house mom every night. Trust when I say they keep track on who does and doesn’t.

•The VIP host - this one might not seem important but it is. You might ask why because all they do is collect money from the costumer and let y'all know how long you got in there. Well no. When your sweet to the VIP host he’s going to try and up sale you. For example…..if a costumer comes and say he wants to do a 1 song for $25 dance. He’s going to convince the costumer why he should get the 3 for $60 instead. And majority of the time it works. That’s more money going in your bag.

And last but not least……

•The Manager- the most important person in the club. The one that hires you. The one that runs the club on their shift to make sure your safe and everything is running smoothly . Yes please be nice to them. At my old club the manager there was such a sweet heart and he liked me (not in a crush/flirtatious way) so he always made sure that when a customer came in the club with lots of money I was the first he would tell. When your nice to them they’ll make sure any girl that fucks with you will get fired, they will take care of you. Promise.

So yeah, Fuck being friendly to the dancers. Your best bet is to honestly just stay to yourself. But when it comes down to those 5 types of people I just mentioned, always remain on their good side. If you got a problem with something they said or did talk it out because making enemies out of them is only going to effect your money.



This week at MoMA: Warm Up 2016 kicks off at MoMA PS1, Dadaglobe Reconstructed opens Sunday, & more.

[MoMA PS1 Warm Up, Saturday, August 15, 2015. Photo: Charles Roussel]

“ it’s complicated to make an artist out of thin air, and I think the first album was a little bit like that. Not to say that I wasn’t passionate about music. My dad was a DJ, my mom was obsessed with every type of music possible, and I was on Barney for two seasons, singing with a purple dinosaur.