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The iconic home from ‘Full House’ was bought by the show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, 30 years after the first episode was filmed. When it came on the market, he knew he had to buy it and keep it in the family. He also wanted to 'preserve it for the fans’, so he re-painted the door red, used it to film new episodes for the debut of 'Fuller House’, and plans to keep it as a rental. Source

Looks can be Deceiving (Lucio x Reader)

(I think this one is one of my personal favorites of Lucio, thanks Anon!!! ^_^ Mod Firefly)

“This is Lucy Daily with today’s hottest news in the world of music. Globally Popular, (Y/N) was last seen leaving the local nightclub after what appears to be a fight had broke out. The (Y/A) was last seen last night leaving this music establishment about 20 minutes after a fight broke out. Some witnesses said that Punk Rock Musician, known for their duets with world renowned DJ and artist as well as husband, Lucio, had been involved in the fight that left one man arrested for public intoxication. A witness said that the musician had pushed a man away from a young woman after a few heated words were exchanged. The musician’s manager has not commented at this time. This is Lucy Daily, signing off.” The news reporter said but Lucio knew the truth.

They were at the club only to see him because it had been about 2 weeks since you last saw him in person. Between the concerts, recordings and trying to save the world, you both had been pretty busy and he decided to surprise them by performing at the hottest club in Dorado as a ‘Happy-3-year-anniversary’ to them when the fight started.

They were there and helping him with the music when one of the waitresses was being catcalled by some drunk idiots. Lucio knew that she could handle herself but his beloved, they were worried. He only turned his back for a moment when he heard the yelling from the drunk. The turned to see the man yelling at them to back off and go back to being a groupie, upsetting the DJ quite abit. It wasn’t until the intoxicated man pushed them that the fight started. Someone had broke up the fight, probably (Y/N) bodyguard, that the commotion was caught on by the public.

After the commotion had died down and the man was arrested, they returned to check on the woman and offered her a place on their team. To say the woman was shocked by the generous offer was an understatement. Lucio knew that (Y/N) was known for their tough look and their loud music but what people don’t see is all the good they do. They volunteer once a week at a local shelter to help pass out food and blankets to those who are homeless. Once a month, they donate quite a lot of their own money to buy books and school supplies for those that have barely anything to their name.

Lately, they have donated part of their proceeds from their own album to give back to those who were hurt during the Omnic Crisis and even donates majority of their time with planning on opening a shelter for wayward children who lost families during the Crisis. But the public knows only of how they look, not the good things that they do.

“Hey Mr. DJ, I am home!” Is shouted from the front door of their shared apartment on the Overwatch Base in Dorado and it caused him to smile. “Hey Bonita, how was the plans for the new Shelter?” He smiles as they collapse into his arms with a smile on their face. “Going great but we seem to have a problem with the sound system and we are having a problem locating some music equipment, think maybe you know someone who can help me get it going?” They say with a joking smile as he nods and hold them.

“Lucio, I am sorry that I caused a commotion at the show last night. I was just so upset that he tried to grab her like that.” They say as he holds their face in his hands. “You did what you thought was right and you brought her to a safe place. I know you want to protect everyone but you keep forgetting that you are not in this alone, you have Overwatch and I to help you.” He smiles as they hold him closer and he kisses the top of their head.

“I will issue a public apology later, for now, I just want to relax with my Master of Music.” He smiles as his nickname and holds them closer, happy that for once, everything that the news wanted to portray them as was not as close to true as the one he holds in his arms. That was more important than anything else in the world.

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