dj's hat

I just keep thinking about some minor battle in New York. Nothing that’s really a threat, like a bunch of stubborn Doombots or something. Just enough for the Avengers to be called out.

And when things are pretty much mopped up and everyone’s cracking jokes despite Steve telling them to focus, please, they’re still a threat, pay attention people, Hulk tosses a Doombot against a building and just… Wanders off.

So Clint follows him, which isn’t hard, really, Hulk’s not raging or smashing, just wandering in the general direction of the tower. And he makes his way up, through the freight elevator or some back entrance to the garage, back into the building, Clint behind him cracking jokes the whole time.

Until Hulk gets to the pool and sits down.

And Clint’s like, “Uh, dude, what’re we doing here? Throw a guy a bone, what the hell are we doing?”

So Hulk pats the tile, and then scoots over and pats the water and stares at Clint. Clint stares back. Hulk sighs and gets up and opens up the closet where they keep the happy fun time pool toys and starts tossing all of them into the pool, balls and swim rings and giant inflatable dinosaurs and ride on sea serpents.

Clint just stands there, watching, until a beach ball slams into his face, and then he’s like, “Do… Do you want me to get DJ? Are you here for, like, is this a play date?”

Hulk sits down, a beach ball in his hands, staring at the door. Not mad and not scared and not quite ready to relinquish things to Bruce, not just yet, and Clint has to call Tony and explain that maybe swimming? Is a thing that is going to happen?

And five minutes later, DJ bounces in with his swim flippers on his hands instead of his feet, because he likes the clapping noise they make when he smashes them together, and so does Hulk, and by the time everyone else gets home, all of the toys are in the pool and Clint has taught Hulk and DJ how to play ‘Marco Polo’ and that was a horrible mistake.

And that’s how DJ and Hulk ended up being regular pool buddies.