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💐: A headcanon about a character that most people ignore

DJ Hot Chimp’s most prized possession is a ring that once belonged to her mother. She traveled great distances when she was a kid with her mother and grandmother, but doesn’t talk about it much. She’s pretty quiet on the subject of her family, and most people don’t want to pry.

👻: A headcanon I made to fill a plot hole in canon

There are way more adults in the Zones than what you see in the comics. The Four are adults in their 30s. Not everyone in the Zones is a teenager–quite a few people were raised in the desert or left the city as adults.

💋: A “guilty pleasure” headcanon that I have 

Like Oscar Isaac (i.e., his faceclaim), Tommy has a really sweet, soothing voice…which he hates, because it makes it harder to sound threatening. It always surprises people, because they expect him to have a deep voice. (They also expect him to be a big scary dude because of his reputation, but he’s anything but.)

🍃: A headcanon that I created now on the spot

Kobra’s smile is legendary. He seems so stoic that people don’t expect him to smile much. But when he does smile, he looks so genuinely happy and delighted that other Killjoys can’t help but smile, too.

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My Cool Street Boy DJ Otabek Headcanons:

- Otabek will introduce Yuri to all the cool stuff.
- Otabek will definitely show Yuri his mixed, and yuri will always say “woah, this is amazing”.
- Yuri will ask Otabek to teach him how ride a motorcycle and how to make a good remix.
- Otabek will introduce Yuri to his mischievous friends. They like Yuri and Yuri likes them (not as much as he likes Otabek tho).
- Otabek will take Yuri to a night club where he is DJ-ing, but Yuri hasn’t reach legal age to enter the club, so Otabek just says “he is my friend” then Yuri is allowed to enter the club.
- Yuri is so proud of his cool best friend.

If you find On Love: Agape Remix, it must be DJ Otabek’s.
And you should inform me because I am so in love with him. I will give him something beautiful, he deserves something beautiful. He deserves Yuri Plisetsky!