dj x steve


kate’s tv otps: 2/100

↳ dj tanner & steve hale

↳full house 1987-1995 & fuller house 2016-2017

↳ ❝ i’ve known it since high school and i’’m even more sure of it now. we’re soulmates. i couldn’t even imagine my life without you in it.  

5 OTPs Challenge!

I was tagged by my lovely friend @mythicalheartbeat to list 5 OTPs of mine that I love! Thanks, Laura!

Now, 5 OTPs of mine…. ;D

1. GoChi (Goku X Chichi from Dragon Ball)

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2. DaiKari (Davis/Daisuki Motomiya and Kari Kamiya from Digimon)

3. LuNami (Monkey D. Luffy X Nami from One Piece)

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4. Danny X Sam (Danny Fenton X Sam Manson from Danny Phantom)

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5. DJ X Steve (Dj Tanner/Fuller X Steve Hale from Full/Fuller House)

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how do people not ship them on fuller house?? i would get if you were team Matt at the beginning of the season but how can you not be team steve after Matt gave dj tennis rackets for her birthday?? he doesn’t know her at all!! steve could have taken all the credit for the nkotb tickets but he wanted DJ to be happy so he gave the tickets to Matt. Also after the prom episode ,, i don’t even have words.

How can anyone watch season 2 of Fuller House especially the episode about DJ’s birthday and still think Matt is the one for her. I mean the guy got her Tennis Rackets for her birthday. Meanwhile Steve spent his time looking for a childhood pillow that DJ loved and pulled some strings to get her NKOTB tickets. I mean come on he let the boyfriend take credit for the tickets because he wanted DJ to think that she’s with a wonderful guy that would do anything and everything for her.

  • I really liked DJ and Steve's date not being a date. Her date with Matt was only mentioned in the pervious episode and it was mentioned as good and great and stuff- but we didn't get to see it go down. It was only explained as a standard date. But Steve and DJ's date that turned into just hanging out with the family was so nice, it showed how natural Steve is in her life. It flashed back a lot to old moments when he was trying too hard, but showed he was able to progress forward in her new life too, playing with the kids and stuff.