dj willow

anonymous asked:

I have a feeling you've been asked this a lot, and I do apologize, but what kind of music are you into? what're some of your fave bands? :-)

it varies from week to week honestly! i’ll name some of my recent fav stuff

  • childish gambino’s entire discography
  • xxyyxx’s entire discography 
  • clams casino’s entire discography 
  • azealia banks’ new album 
  • break from toronto - partynextdoor
  • welcome to the party - partynextdoor
  • chum - earl sweatshirt
  • fantasy - DyE
  • bobby bitch chopped and screwed - dj srks 
  • 5 - willow smith feat. jaden smith 
  • top bunk - gauntlet hair
  • easy easy - king krule
  • without you - spooky black