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Inktober day 20- Willow Rosenberg

Willow is one of my favorite geeky and witchy characters. I liked Willow from the very beginning of the series because she reminded me of myself. Kind of shy and not very good with people and also very attached to technology. When she fell in love with a woman, I felt an even stronger connection. It isn’t just because of Willow’s blossoming sexuality though. It was really because of the confidence she gained by being true to herself in both her love life and in her new experiences with witchcraft. Confidence is hard to acquire but it is not impossible to gain.

anonymous asked:

I have a feeling you've been asked this a lot, and I do apologize, but what kind of music are you into? what're some of your fave bands? :-)

it varies from week to week honestly! i’ll name some of my recent fav stuff

  • childish gambino’s entire discography
  • xxyyxx’s entire discography 
  • clams casino’s entire discography 
  • azealia banks’ new album 
  • break from toronto - partynextdoor
  • welcome to the party - partynextdoor
  • chum - earl sweatshirt
  • fantasy - DyE
  • bobby bitch chopped and screwed - dj srks 
  • 5 - willow smith feat. jaden smith 
  • top bunk - gauntlet hair
  • easy easy - king krule
  • without you - spooky black