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if this night is not is not forever, at least we are together

Otayuri Week Day 1: First Times/Confessions

Words: 2.8K 

Featuring: DJ Otabek, Artist Yuri, Photographer Phichit and a whole host of drunken antics. 

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It starts with a doodle in the margin of his art history notes that, when he looks at it from the right angle, looks like Otabek. Then there’s the midnight scrawls in his journals when he pours his heart out onto the page in smudgy ink, and when he rereads them the next day, it’s clear in his mind that the rambles that fill page after page are only about one person. Slowly, bits of Otabek start creeping into his art, snippets of things he’s written in journals, half remembered conversations immortalised in paint, some of the writing covered in angry strokes of red acrylic or made barely legible by the ink running down the page. He’s under his skin, and Yuri doesn’t really know why, or how to make it stop, how to make it go away, or anything that could possibly make the situation any better.

And whilst that might well be the start, it’s not technically the beginning.

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april 8th dallon is what i live for👌 (did i tell you all i toured fueled by ramen???)

Mind Tricks

For Otayuri Week 2017, Day 1: First Times/Confessions. In fact, it’s a multitude of first times: First time wearing proper makeup, first time sneaking into a club, first time drinking with others, first time realising your best friend is fucking hot, first time witnessing said hot best friend exceeding the levels of cool thought possible by man

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Since the first moment Yuri can remember laying eyes on him, he’s thought that Otabek Altin is the textbook definition of cool. Behind most of Yuri’s pointed insults and prickly first woods lies genuine interest—unless it comes to JJ fucking Leroy, of course, but that’s a different story. But any guy who can arrive from the airport in a leather jacket and a scarf, exhausted from travel, and still manage to look like the hottest shit on the block? Yeah, he’s cool. 

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happy #DallonDay ! he is such a beautiful ball of sunshine ☀️

So I heard it’s Otayuri week and ngl I ship them kind of hard so here’s my contribution. Granted, I don’t think any video I upload can actual follow the Days (except maybe Day 5??? idk) But hey, even if it doesn’t follow the week doesn’t mean I can’t do something for it, right?

Also I’m kind of obsessed with the fact that Otabek is a DJ which is why I chose this song. :-)

Otayuri Week Day 1: First Times

Title: Full Circle

A/N: Omg this is lateeeeeee. Sorry;;;; Posted on AO3 too.

The first time Yuri noticed something had changed, it was somewhere in a noisy bar at Almaty.

It was a month after GPF and, as reward for yet again winning gold, Yakov had allowed him some time off. After a short visit to his beloved grandfather, Yuri decided to spend the remaining two weeks off he had left at Otabek’s side in Almaty, most especially since the older man had informed him he had acquired a small (and his first major) DJ-ing stint at his uncle’s newly opened bar.

And that’s how Yuri found himself snuggled at a bar corner, nursing an empty beer glass, and gazing at Otabek’s form manning the DJ booth in the middle of the stage, fascinated at the small smile playing on the other’s lips and the way the different strobe lights highlight parts of the Kazakh man.

That should have been the first clue. As though Yuri couldn’t exactly pinpoint when it started, but he was pretty sure it was only recently that he started to find anything the dark haired man do fascinating.

But of course, he never really realized all these things.

Until now.

“Looks good up there, doesn’t he? Our boy,” he had been too focused he hadn’t even noticed Otabek’s uncle skidding beside him with two glasses of beer in hand – jumping lightly in his place as the other released a delighted laugh.

He gave the middle aged man a sheepish smile and accepted the glass that was handed to him. “As frustrating as it is, I have yet to find your nephew not looking good at something.” The reply elicited another delighted laugh from the man beside him.

“Cheers to that then!” the jolly man exclaimed, raising his glass towards Otabek’s direction. Yuri mimicked the action and it was then that Otabek’s gaze landed on him.

And that was when it all made sense, as Yuri felt his heart start beating along to the fast track Otabek currently had on, his world titling slightly out of line as those lips slowly curve into a soft smile, twinkling eyes doing the same.

And he knows his newly skewed perception had nothing to do with the alcohol currently running through his veins.

Yuri could do nothing more than return the smile, hands gripping his glass tight, finding himself feeling trapped for reasons he had an idea of but have yet to comprehend. And he certainly won’t do so now, not when he’s not even sure if he’s ready for whatever it is he’s starting to feel for his best friend.

Not when, after Otabek’s set had ended and the man was back to his side talking animatedly (or as close to animate Otabek could be) to his uncle, arms haphazardly resting on Yuri’s hips, Yuri realized his world had yet stopped tilting.

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[041016] Onew on Melon Radio

O: SHINee’s 5th album is ‘1of1′, the title track is also ‘1of1′. The members participated in parts of the making too, like writing lyrics together and trying to create catchy melodies, We want to repay you for the amount, you waited.

Onew said his favourite song in the 1of1 album is ‘투명우산’ (Invisible Umbrella)

He said he attempted writing lyrics for 'Lipstick’ but it didn’t go through.

O: Jonghyun wrote lyrics for 'Don’t stop’ and Minho and Key did rap making for it too.”

Onew is introducing all the new songs in the album and summing them up in one sentence.

Onew is doing a phone call with a SHINee member. He has called Taemin and he is introducing himself.

O: What are you doing right now?
T: I’m preparing for a schedule.
O: Oh I’m not distracting you, am I?
T: You are kind of.

Taemin has recommended “투명우산” (Invisible Umbrella) in the album. He said the song brings out each member’s individuality. Taemin said thank you to fans, he wants to show them a great album and he’s excited to meet them.

One of the segments in the radio is a music drama and it’s about 'Jinki’ taking care of his brothers (members) & earning money.

O: “So Amazing” has a refreshing sound. It gives a feeling of a vacation for only us, with only our memories. I was thinking how I can express us doing something together, I thought of our concerts which has our memories in it. A song full of emotions that allows us to jump together and do everything together.

Onew described “Feel Good” as a song that’s like magic, being able to heal your mood in an instant.

O: “Don’t Let Me Go” is the 4th track and it’s my favourite song in the album. It is a good song to listen to on a rainy day. It doesn’t have to be on a rainy day, just like the lyrics in it, it’s a song that you and gives you strength. I would like to dedicate this to SHINee World.

At the start, a fan wrote in to ask him to make up a “goodbye greeting” and Jinki said “Go back carefully~”, then changed it to “Sleep well, I love you”.

Ending greeting : “I’ll look for you at this time next week too. Thank you so so much for today and shall we try the goodbye greeting we did just now? Everyone, thank you so much, I love you~”

Onew’s Melon Radio episode 2 is happening next week, same time.  

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