dj stutters


Jin laughed nervously. “No.”
“Seriously? You look like you’ll explode if you don’t get out there.”
“Idon’twanttoembarassmyself.” He mumbled.
“I’m sorry what?”
“I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of my coworkers. I can admit I suck at dancing.”
“Who cares! That shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Come on.” Namjoon hopped off the stage, dragging Jin to the dance floor.
“Who’s going to DJ though?” Jin stuttered.

Hoseok took his spot behind the setup before Namjoon even had to say anything. A new song started up and Namjoon began flailing his limbs in some sort of dance dedicated to seaweed. Jin couldn’t find any other reason behind it. He let out a high pitch giggle before covering his mouth.

“This is exactly what I wanted to avoid. Even I dance better than that!”
“I doubt it.” Namjoon smiled wide, intensifying his moves.
Jin began marching, throwing his arms out at sharp angles. “You need to have more control over your body.”
“It’s better to feel what’s in your heart.” Namjoon objected.

The song faded out into a much calmer one. One you would dance with a partner. Across the room, pairs of employees began pairing up. It was completely platonic (except for Youngjae and Ayeon. Everyone knew they had been hooking up.) but Jin couldn’t help feel nervous.  He felt a push from behind.

“Oppa,” It was Eunji and she was definitely a bit tipsy. “Why didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend?”
“I don’t. He’s not—“
Eunji just smiled, taking Namjoon’s large hand and putting it on Jin’s waist.
“Dance before the song is over.” She ordered.
Jin sighed to himself, placing a hand on Namjoon’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. She can be kinda…forceful.”
“It’s all right. I was gonna dance with you anyway.” He smiled, dimples large and deep.
“Yah! You’re too cheeky.” Jin’s face warmed.
“Hm?” Jin was looking down at his feet to make sure he didn’t trip.
“Do you really not remember what happened two years ago?” Namjoon’s voice sounded far away causing Jin to look up.
“No not really. I remember arriving but that’s it.”
“Do you want to remember?” Namjoon looked him dead in the eyes. Jin was sure he could read his mind.
“Then let’s start from the end and work our way back.” He murmured before closing his lips over Jin’s.