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A preview of this kenhina doujin💞💞💞

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Just Us...and Them

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: You’re a college student looking for fun. Sam’s a hunter needing stress relief. The two of you find both in a club.

Tags: smut, grinding/dancing, drunk sex, semi-public sex

Words: 2223

A/N: smut because why not

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I’m alive! I’m sorry I haven’t posted many here lately, I just have been more active in Twitter- ^^;;
And this is the sneak peek of my doujinshi project! (Yes of course it consisted of MikaYuu hehehe)
I hope I can finish this soon!
(I’m sorry this will not be free, but this is a super serious project, so of course the quality will be much higher than my usual doodles :’) )

This doujinshi project will also be the reason why I won’t post too many for a while; but yes I’m still alive! :’D