dj smudge

Fic: You or Someone Like You, Pt. 16


“How do you keep getting in here?” Tony asked, not really surprised anymore.

DJ considered that. “Sneaky,” he said at last.

“Sneaky you might be, but I suspect it has more to do with your ability to shamelessly manipulate my AI doorman,” Tony said, casting an eye up towards the ceiling. “Jay. Seriously. It’s two am.”

“It’s three am,” Jarvis corrected him.

“Well, that’s even more of a reason why he should not be in the workshop.”

"I was instructed to make certain that he could not access any areas where he might be in danger,” Jarvis said, his tone arch. “You are currently present, thus, the area I allowed him to access poses no danger to him.”

“You’re a softy that likes the kid,” Tony translated. “And hates me.” He pointed at the nearest stool. “Pull up a seat, you can hand me tools.”

DJ boosted himself onto the stool with a hop and a few kicks, settling himself down within easy reach of the toolbox. “Finished?”

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