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A very late sasusaku valentines dj because why not (˵ ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o˵)~  ❤ 

I’ve been getting into a headcannon recently of AU’s where Sasuke has a crush on Sakura and she doesn’t know (or does she). This is kind of a small reference to the college AU I made a while back. 

Anyway making this short dj was really fun! It was interesting exploring tones and painfully doing the line art for each panel because I’m so used to painting… I’d love to practice and draw more comics in the future bc I have a lot of ideas. It just (breathes) takes a long time to draw it all (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)♡ 


ross and rachel

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requested Lip Gallagher imagine (this is a short one)

HI! Could you write about a character named Dana, DJ for short, who has the Rachel and Ross first kiss moment with Lip? 

*I’ve never watched friends before and it was a little hard to incorporate such a cute silly moment into a show like Shameless where I can imagine Lip’s south-side love interest fighting him to the floor before lightly jumping onto his back, but I did my best!*

in which Ian Gallagher’s best friend finds herself extremely drunk and confessing her feelings to Kev, who accidentally butt dials the focus of their conversation .

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“I thought you were gonna tell him… honestly how long are you gonna mope around this place. Stop being a pussy already,” Kev spoke seriously, making Dana roll her eyes at him. He was getting tired of watching her walk around the bar looking sad all the time. Dana flashed him a dirty look as she sat down on a stool and gratefully took the drinks that he was passing to her. “I’m sorry, I’m just tired,” she told him sadly. And it wasn’t a lie; Ian had disappeared and Mandy had decided that sharing her same feelings for Ian’s older brother meant that they couldn’t have a friendship, meaning she had absolutely no life at the moment and all the work and school was making her exhausted. And Mandy’s feelings were complete bullshit by the way. It had been no problem for her to demand that Dana put aside her feelings for Lip when she saw that Mandy liked him, but it was unfortunate that her friend couldn’t do the same for her now that they had come to a mutual breakup. Dana now knew that this was because despite having broken up, Lip and Mandy still thought they’d try a long distance friends with benefits thing. “And, I said I ‘almost’ told him; I didn’t really.” “Why not?” “Because I saw him plowing Mandy while I was walking past her house, Kev. What was I supposed to do? Call him up like, ‘Hi Lip, it’s me. Um, I just wanted to let you know that I know I told you that I was really happy for you and Mandy, when you told me you guys were gonna attempt a relationship, but … I’m out on the sidewalk staring up at her window watching you fuck her and I’m like 125% sure that I lied to you.’” Dana pretended to make the call, pressing her phone against her ear for added affect.  Kev passed her a couple shots as she stared at the counter top, annoyed with herself. “I mean, what’s the worse that could happen right? I mean, even if he rejected you, at least you’d get over him.”

After knocking back the shots, Kev realized the mistake he made as she stood up stumbling, forgetting that she had been drinking all night with Vee at the club before coming into the bar to help out. “I am over him! Fuck Lip Gallagher, Kev!” she yelled as she began ranting, letting Kev come around the counter and help her sit down again before pulling out his cellphone to call V to pick up the drunk teen, only to pause when he saw that he had butt dialed Lip, hanging up quickly.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Dana chanted as she practically threw herself off of the train and damn near ran onto Lip’s campus. She was positive that she looked like a hot mess, still in her comfy clothes, her hair thrown into a messy ponytail. She ran to the dorm building and grabbed a guy her age by his backpack, pulling him to a stop. “Do you know Lip Gallagher?” The boy’s eyebrows furrowed as he stared down at the pretty girl. His roommate really wasn’t that cool so he was confused at how he got so many gorgeous women, including his own girl. “Yeah he’s my roommate,” he answered, making Dana relieved that she was in the right place. “What room?”

And that’s how Ron found himself hurriedly leading the girl to his room, unlocking the door for her and watching her sprint inside, tearing his roommate’s side apart. “Who the fuck is this?” Amanda asked from her seated position on Ron’s bed. “Why are you touching Lip’s stuff, get out.” Dana rolled her eyes as she pulled out Lip’s desk drawer searching for his cellphone. “Hey could you tell your girlfriend to shut the fuck up? Thanks, I appreciate it.” Dana asked Ron, pointing at Amanda who scoffed. “You must be one of Lip’s friends from home,” Ron pieced together with a laugh, after seeing how she spoke to his cheating girlfriend. “Yeah I’m DJ,” Dana introduced herself before digging into Lip’s duffel bag. “You’re DJ?” Ron asked, in shock that Lip hadn’t been exaggerating about the girl’s good looks but also not sure how to feel knowing that he’d let the girl his friend would never shut up about, into their room to search through his stuff. “What about DJ?” Lip asked with a laugh as he entered his room, stopping when he saw his brother’s best friend crouched over his stuff that she was steadily tossing onto the floor. “Dana?” he asked, dropping his backpack onto his mess of a bed, and stepping toward the girl who stopped and put her arms out to keep him away before she had an aneurysm. “Did Kev call you last night?” she asked hurriedly, watching a confused expression appear on his face as he pulled out his phone from his back pocket. Honestly if Kev was telling the truth and had recorded her drunken confession, she was going to murder him. “No I don’t think so,” he replied making her sigh in relief, “Okay awesome, he probably called someone else, he butt dialed someone while I was drunk off my ass and recorded our conversation.” Dana stood up straight and watched as Lip looked through his phone before putting it to his ear, “Actually he did, he left a message.” Amanda and Ron’s eyes widened as they watch Dana panic. “No. No, Lip, hang up the phone!” “You sound wasted,” Lip laughed before a serious expression took over and Dana stepped up onto Lip’s desk chair, than stepped onto his bed where she kicked his bag onto the floor as she launched herself onto his back in an attempt to snatch away the phone, making him stumble forward. “Gimme the phone, gimme the phone, gimme the phone!” She shouted as he grabbed her leg to keep her from falling off of him, but kept the phone firmly to his ear until the message was over and she was ripping the cell phone from his hand and throwing it across the room; neither moving from their position.

“You’re over me?” Lip asked and Dana shut her eyes tight in embarrassment, sliding off of his back and covering her face with her hands as she paced around the small room, ignoring their audience. “You’re over me?” Lip asked again, still in shock at her confession, “When were you … under me?” Dana groaned as she climbed onto Lip’s bed and pulled his covers over her head, wishing she could disappear inside of them and never be seen again. “Dana. Dana, do you,” Lip paused as he tried to untangle her from his blankets, “I mean did you… what, what’s happening.” He tugged away the blankets and forced her to look up at him, minus her dramatics. “It’s just that, you now I may or may not have been like completely in love with you and never told you because I love Mandy and I love you and you know, admitting it was kind of a lose/lose right..?” Dana admitted looking up at Lip’s distracted gaze. “You, love me?,” he asked slowly making Dana hop on the defensive side. “Yeah, well, you loved me first!” “Did Kev tell you that? I’m gonna fucking kill him. When did he tell you that?” Dana ran her hand over her face and sat up against the wall of his bed, staring straight ahead at Amanda who was sitting on Ron’s bed, “When you told him you fucked your roommate’s girlfriend.” “Right, Amanda, fuck,” Lip groaned as he realized that Amanda and Ron were still in the room, “I need to sit down.” He then crawled onto his bed and sat next to Dana, both their backs to the wall. “So….” He took a breath trying to find the right words, “So now you’re over me?” Dana shrugged, not wanting to answer that question first and have to face rejection. “Are you over me?” she asked, answering his question with a question.

“Really Lip? Isn’t this your brother’s friend who stood back a year? The one who has to call you and wake us all up at 3am because she can’t even do a few simple calculus equations why herself? You’re in college now, this is where you stop chasing idiots and date girls that are intelligent and going somewhere” Amanda asked, breaking the silence. Dana let out a fake laugh and quickly stood up, looking at her best friend’s older brother. “I didn’t realize you said such nice things about me to your friend’s Lip, I’ll just leave you to… continue fucking your roommates girl” she mumbled before saving herself some embarrassment and walking out of the room, leaving Lip stunned. “You’re a bitch Amanda,” Ron said flatly, finally getting some confidence, “Can you get the fuck out?” He then escorted the girl out of the room, leaving his roommate to think.

Lip entered his house and silently made his way upstairs, pulling open Fiona’s door and sitting down on her bed next her. She looked over at him in confusion, as he wasn’t supposed to be home for a while, “Hey what are you doing here?” She smiled wide at him, but the expression slowly left her face when she took in his distress. “Dana showed up at my school yesterday morning to steal my phone before I could hear a voicemail Kev left me,” Lip explained, further confusing Fiona who took the cellphone that he handed her and played the voicemail on speaker. The beginning was a little hard to understand as she was slurring so much, but the end was loud and clear. “Fuck Lip Gallagher, Kev! Honestly I’m so happy for him, leaving home and going to school and fucking girls who aren’t me. He can go have a great time having a wonderful life while I sit at home failing out of school and being a slut. I’m completely over him-” the message cut off and Fiona stared at her brother with wide eyes. “She actually admitted it? What did you do? Are you here to see her? Are you guys together?” She asked in excitement that quickly disappeared when she heard her brother’s answer. “I didn’t do anything. I’ve been sleeping with my roommate’s girlfriend and she basically called Dana an idiot for always needing my help all the time and I didn’t defend her so she left.” Fiona angrily looked at Lip for a minute before reaching out and landing a hard smack to the side of his head. “Dana’s not stupid. Lip, Ian and Mandy were her best friends and she lost both of them. We don’t know where Ian is, and Mandy won’t talk to her because she knows that Dana likes you and it pisses her off. She has no one at home and no one at school. When she doesn’t want to be alone, she comes here and she stays up all night struggling to get her work done because she’s trying to be better for herself. But you know all of this, and you still let them shit on her. And that’s a dick move. So you better go and fix this, because she’s a part of this family and that’s not about to change because being at college made you think that even for a split second that you were better than her.”

Lip took a drag of his cigarette and nodded at her words. “You really think she’s over me?” “I’m sure that if you keep sitting here instead of chasing after her, she will be.” And with that Fiona was shoving him off of her bed and he found himself heading over to the Alibi where she was cleaning tables to prepare to open while Kev was getting the bar ready. When Lip entered, he glanced over at Kev who did his best to look as though he wasn’t there, but obviously was still listening in.

“I didn’t fuck Amanda after you left.” Lip blurted out, making Kev’s eyes widen at the confession, while Dana furiously scrubbed at a table top, ignoring him. “Wow that’s interesting,” Dana replied mockingly before Lip stepped in front of her. “No. No it’s not interesting, actually. It’s the complete fucking opposite of the word ‘interesting’…. You had NO right to tell me or anyone that you had feelings for me.” “Oh fuck, you’re right. Fuck me for having emotions,” Dana answered as she grabbed her rag and walked away from him, slamming it down onto the counter, Lip following. “Yeah that’s right, Dana, fuck you and your emotions. I finally had a good thing going. I’m at school and I’m fucking girls who aren’t always trying to push their feelings on me like Karen and Mandy and you. And now you’re ruining it!” “Fuck you Lip! I was doing great before I found out that you liked me!” “You think a waitressing job and flunking out of high school is a great job?” Dana pulled her hand back and slapped Lip hard across the face, making Kev’s jaw drop as he tried to stay quiet and not draw attention to himself. “Do you think that this is easy for me? Going to school and then coming home and working all night and then struggling over my homework? Do you think it’s easy for me to come home to an empty house that I’m paying for all by myself, because I don’t know where my mom is again? Do you think it’s easy knowing that the only person who had to do nothing but smile at me to brighten up my day, got that same feeling from 2 other girls who aren’t me?” “Well then you should have said something before I hooked up with them!” “I could say the same for you, Gallagher. Ian hinted all this to me a long time ago and I didn’t see you asking me out.”

“There was never a good time to tell you.” “Right because it’s only been years and I only stayed at your house almost every night,” Dana laughed angrily, backing away when he stepped closer. “It’s not like I didn’t try DJ. Things always got in the way. Like big ass football players that wanted to throw me out of windows or pregnancy scares,” Lip listed off, knowing she’d be pissed but not caring. “What’s your fucking point.” “My point, is that I don’t need this right now. Okay? It’s too late. I’m away at school with non-committal relationships and I’m happy.” “So you have no problem just putting away your feelings or whatever the fuck you felt for me?” “I’ve been doing it for years, I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it.” “Get the fuck out Lip.” Dana ordered and Lip licked his lips and nodded before stubbornly exiting the bar, slamming the door so hard behind him that it swung right back open. Dana walked to the door and slammed it shut herself. “Wow, that was intense,” Kev announced making her roll her eyes at him. She dusted herself off and made her way to the bar and sat down on a stool as Kev stood in front of her, sliding a shot into her hand, which made her laugh a bit as a few tears slipped out. “Don’t be upset, this is Lip. You know how he gets. He’ll apologize after he’s cooled off,” Kev told her as he returned to cleaning glasses, freezing again when he saw the front door open and Lip strut back in.

Dana rolled her eyes and stood up to walk to the back but Lip quickly approached her and pinned her up against the bar, holding her face in his hands as he pulled her into a kiss. “Oh my god it’s happening,” Kev yelled, ruining the moment as Lip and Dana turned to see his shit eating grin. “Now when people ask about your origin story you can let them know that the Alibi Room is the place where dreams come true,” he told them and they rolled their eyes at him.


“Okay, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like, a soft brush against your lips.. or was it like, uh, you know, ‘I gotta have you now’ kinda thing?” V asked from her seat next to Fiona on the couch as Dana sat on the coffee table facing them. “Well, it started off real intense, you know, and then just as we were like, sinking into it, Kev starting talking and completely fucked it up.” V groaned and shook her head in annoyance. “Okay well how was he holding you? Were his hands on your back?” she continued. “Well he started off with his hands cupping my face, and then one slid into my hair and the other onto my waist so he could push me against the bar.” “Oh my god!” Fiona swooned at how romantic the situation was, as she and V fell back against the couch.

“So like when you kissed her, was their tongue?” Carl asked as he sat in Kev’s house with him and Lip, eating pizza. “Yeah.” Lip answered casually. “Cool,” his younger brother replied as the three of them continued to eat.


Highlight Live 2017

Can You Feel It (Opening VCR+Group) (Group) (Member Focus) (DJ Focus) (DJ Focus) (JH Focus) (Can You Feel It+Please Don’t Be Sad+We Up+Highlight YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) (DW Focus)

Please Don’t Be Sad (Member Focus) (DJ Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) Focus)

We Up (Group) (Group) (DJ Focus) (JH Focus) (YS Focus)

Highlight (Group) (Group) (Group) (DJ Focus) (DJ Focus) (JH Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) (DW Focus)

Drive (Group) (Group) (Group) (Drive+Suite Room Group) (Drive+Suite Room+When I Group) (Member Focus) (Member Focus) (DJ Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS focus) (GK Focus)

Suite Room (Group) (Group) (Member Focus) (DJ Focus) (DJ Focus) (DJ Focus) (YS Focus) (JH Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) (Suite Room+When I GK Focus)

When I (group) (group) (Group) (Member Focus) (Member Focus) (DJ Focus) (DJ Focus) (JH focus) (JH Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS & GK Focus) (GK Focus)

Dance With You (Group) (Group) (Dance With You+Gotta Go To Work Group) (Member Focus) (DJ Focus) (JH Focus)

Gotta Go To Work (Member Focus) (Group) (Group) (Group) (GK Focus)

Calling You (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (DJ Focus) (DJ Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (Calling You+YeY YS Focus) (GK Focus) Focus) (GK Focus)

YeY (Group) (Group) (JH Focus)

Stay (Group) (Group) (Group) (Member Focus) (Member Focus) (DJ Focus) (DJ Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) (DW Focus)

Its Still Beautiful (Group) (It’s Still Beautiful+ORD+Ribbon+12:30 Group) (Member Focus) (It’s Still Beautiful Member Focus+On Rainy Days YS Focus) (YS Focus) (It’s Still Beautiful+On Rainy Days YS Focus) (GK Focus)

On Rainy Days (Group) (Group) (Group) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus)

Ribbon (Group) (Group) (Group) (JH+YS Focus)–2cKnM (YS Focus)

12:30 (Group) (Group) (Group) (JH & GK Focus) (YS Focus)

Sleep Tight (group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (Member Focus) (DJ & YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS & GK Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus)

Midnight (Group) (DJ Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (JH Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus) (DW Focus)

Shadow (Group) (Group) (Group) (DJ Focus) (DJ Focus) (YS Focus)

Fiction (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (YS Focus)

Shock (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (Group) (DJ Focus) (YS Focus) (GK Focus)

Good luck (Group) (Group) (Group) (JH Focus) (GK Focus)

It’s a beautiful Night (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (DW Focus Short)

Encore (Encore+Freeze Group) (YS Focus) (Good Night+Encore+Freeze YS Focus) (Encore+Freeze YS Focus) (Encore+Freeze YS Focus) (Encore+Freeze YS Focus) (Encore+Freeze GK Focus) (Encore+Freeze GK Focus)

Freeze (Group) (DJ, JH, GK Short Focus) (JH, GK, & some of Group) (DJ short - hit by the ball) (JH Focus) (JH short - Dancing) (YS Short - close up)

Pls Don’t Be Sad Ending (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (YS Focus) (GK Focus) (GK Focus)

VCR (Sleep Tight) (Sleep Tight) (Calling You) (Calling You)

Random (Group Random Dance) (YS Focus) (YS) (Slogan said, “Mom said not to play with you” YS) (GK) (GK &a Lucky fan 😭) (Bday Celebration for DW) (Fans Singing Goodnight)

Talks (Talk+Awesome Dance Group Focus) (group) (Group) (Group) (Group+JH Jjang Dance) (Group+JJang Dance+DW Bday) (YS) (GK)