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Clay Jensen, everybody 👏🏼
  • Clay: So, uhm, look, I'm not really sure how this is done, uh, I don't wanna be too formal, although it is the winter formal, I don't know if people actually ask people this, like, in the world, but, uhm, I was just saying... I wonder if you wanna dance?
  • Hannah: *decodes Clays babbling after ages* I would love to dance.
  • Clay: Awesome, ok, cool *throws jacket away* *starts madly jumping around*

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i just had an epiphany... the reason dj Khaled mentions keys so much is cause he's palestinian??? tf i just realized that

don’t forget he also backs a one state solution called “wethebest-istan”! he’s a true advocate 

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i've just found your blog and seen your post about being protective of pettigrew. can you explain/direct me to some posts where you explain?

the reason I protect Peter is not because I think his betrayal was alright, the reason I protect him is because people forget he was their friend, he was a Marauder and I get extremely angry when I see fan art and fanfic completely obliterating Peter.

wormy - my first rant about peter

this is a post about how to explain his betrayal, I can’t but still it’s about Peter.

another one (I feel like Dj Khaled)

the main reason of why I feel protective is this post.

another one with lots of swearing, I was very angry.

my last peter rant

and one from @wolf-in-the-stars because it is WONDERFUL.

hope it explains because when I try to explain I go HAM. So I found some of my posts about this issue.

Overwatch university AU

Okay so I started thinking about this in the shower earlier and now I can’t stop.  What the hell is this fandom doing to me.

Fareeha Amari - Political science major, pre-law, junior.  Spends most of her spare time on volunteer activities and ROTC.  Also That One Dorm RA almost everyone’s afraid of (but as she’s unfailingly fair, only the people who cause trouble need to be).  Beloved by pretty much every student who’s ever been creeped on or bullied, because even if it doesn’t happen in her building, she somehow puts a stop to it.  

Jack Morrison - History major, sophomore.  Plays baseball and is in the ROTC.  Somehow ends up on all the school’s promo materials.  Subject of an untold number of crushes from across the student body; there’s a new rumor about whom he’s supposedly dating/dated almost every week.  

Amélie Lacroix - Music major, senior.  Has been in the dance troupe since freshman year and is somewhat legendary amongst the student body by this point as a ballerina and sharpshooter (as she also founded the gun club…).  Singer and co-lead of a metal band, “Bleeding Edge,” with Gabriel.  

Gabriel Reyes - Music major, senior.  Guitarist and co-lead of Bleeding Edge with Amélie.  Constantly in trouble with the administration, prime suspect for at least three moderately destructive pranks that were played on the baseball team over the last two years.  (Occasionally he orchestrates pranks on other sports teams, lest anyone think he’s playing favorites, but they are far less elaborate.)

Satya Vaswani - Physics major, junior.  Does lighting design and sometimes builds sets for the drama club.  President of the Indian Student Association.  

Angela Ziegler - Biomedical engineering major, pre-med, senior.  Volunteers in the Student Health and Wellness Center.  Somehow has time to also do theater tech (props and stage direction) for the drama club, as well as undergrad research.  Her BME classmates suspect she’s discovered a way to completely forego sleep.

Lena Oxton - Kinesiology major, freshman.  On the soccer team.  Defeated the school’s reigning table tennis champion in her first semester, and has a playful rivalry with Hana Song in the bi-monthly Super Smash Bros tournaments.  

Lúcio Correia dos Santos - Psychology and economics double major, sophomore.  On the hockey team, and sought-after as a DJ for any reasonably-sized party on campus.  Writes for the university’s newspaper and has already been instrumental in mobilizing the student body to push for necessary administrative changes.  

Hana Song - Computer science major, freshman.  Already well-known for entering literally every video game tournament that is ever held on campus, and winning more of them than not.  

Jesse McCree - Business major, senior.  Film major, junior.  Is said to have been close friends with Gabriel Reyes in previous years, but the two had a falling-out.  Active in the gun club with Amélie, but it’s a tense association, as she is still close with Gabriel.

Mei-Ling Zhou - Geoscience major, junior.  Active member of the university’s chapter of the Sierra Club.  Editor-in-chief of the university newspaper and friends with Lúcio.  

Aleksandra Zaryanova - Anthropology major, sophomore.  Plays basketball and is the star of the women’s powerlifting team.  Volunteers in her spare time, and writes poetry (which she submits to the university newspaper under a pseudonym). 

Hanzo Shimada - Business major with a minor in military history, senior.  President of the student government, and the archery club.  

Genji Shimada - Philosophy major with a minor in visual art, sophomore.  Known by many upperclassmen somewhat disdainfully as “Shimada’s airhead kid brother,” but is much-beloved by his own classmates, as well as the drama club, where he acts and frequently paints backdrops.  

Jamison Fawkes - Mechanical engineering major, freshman.  Kicked off campus housing for being the cause of multiple minor fires in his first semester.  Rooms with alumnus and former football team member Mako Rutledge.  


Winston - Professor of Aerospace Engineering, with a dual appointment in the Applied Mathematics department.  

Zenyatta - Professor of Philosophy.  

“Jim was drunk. 

“You’re drunk.” Bones tells him. 

He really wasn’t. 

‘I’m not.” He told his husband, pausing just long enough to stick his tongue out in his effort to climb onto the bar’s lone long table. He slapped Cupcake’s hand away as he wobbled onto his feet. 

Uhura stuffed her fist into her mouth and hid her face in the crook of Spock’s neck. “Captain, perhaps you should-” Spock started. 

“Don’t bother. He’s determined.” Bones sighed, Jim’s favorite of Bones’ sighs, the affectionate exasperated kind. 

“Music, maestro!” Jim pointed at Keenser who was playing DJ for some reason after he reclaimed it from Jaylah’s rather aggressive playlist selection. 

A song started up–something classic and Jim moved off beat as Keenser cranked up the volume. 

“This song, crewbies-” The captain started.

“Crewbies?” Sulu mouthed to Chekov, who shrugged. 

“Is for my Bonsie.” Jim yelled, flinging his hands wide.

Bones ran a hand over his face, desperate to not be the only mostly sober one in the bar. 

“I DIDN’T KNOW THAT I WAS STARVING TILL I TASTED YOU.” Jim jumped on the table, making everyone jump back. 

“Fuck, Jim,” Bones tried to hide his blush but Jaylah was already snapping a comm (she kept documenting everything she found fascinating).

“Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo!” Jim crowed, skipping away from Cupcake’s attempts to get him down and Bones attempts shoo him off the table. 

“By the wayyyyy, by the way, you do the things to my boddddddy.” Jim yelled, voice cracking with the effort.

Later, Jim had no one to blame but himself when the newsfeeds picked up the video. And Bones spent the rest of their afternoon under the covers making Jim pay for embarrassing him. It was worth it. 

gredtheunicorn prompted me with “Bones trying not to smile while Jim serenades him?”

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Adrienette, post-reveal (preferably?), #1 (things you said when you were drunk prompts)

(So fun fact: I wrote an answer to this two days ago and as I was writing the tags my google chrome spazzed and exited out and when I opened it back up everything I’d written was gone HAHA KILL ME here’s take two)

Things You Said When You Were Drunk (Send more!)

Adrien had never thought the smell of Dupain-Cheng croissants would make him feel nauseous, but that was before he woke up on the morning after his eighteenth birthday.

He felt a bit like he had swallowed a handful of salty, live frogs, if the dryness in his mouth and churning in his stomach were any indication. A warm pressure against his back made squirm and him blink his eyes open—only to slam them shut against an unholy brightness that made his head pound.

His whimpered response to the pain made the warm pressure against his back shift and let out a yawn. Adrien wrinkled his nose as the question arose: where was he? Although his father had become more lenient, and especially in the light of his eighteenth birthday, he truly doubted that he would have allowed Adrien to sleep with a girl in his room. And that yawn was decidedly feminine. Nathalie would no doubt have had words to say. And Ladybug–

Ladybug. At the thought of his girlfriend, Adrien jolted into a sitting position, nausea and headache forgotten.  What was Ladybug going to say if she found out he was…His eyes adjusted. He was…

In Ladybug’s room. In her bed. Which was Marinette’s bed. With Marinette, who was blinking blearily at him in confusion from her spot beside him. Because Marinette was Ladybug, and his girlfriend. And she had been for a while. Right.

“Adrien?” Marinette said in her cracked, sleepy voice. Adrien wanted to stay in his spot above her, admiring her flushed cheeks and bed hair, but now that his panic was out of the way, his headache had come back with a vengeance and instead he found himself lowering back down with a whimper of pain. He closed his eyes again as Marinette stroked the hair behind his ear.

“Poor minou. How are you feeling?” She was whispering, which he was grateful for.  He let out a small, almost inaudible squeak.  Before she could answer, another voice interrupted.

“Sucks to suck, dude.” Adrien frowned, peeking one eye open to see Nino walking into the room, carrying a plate of freshly baked croissants.  “Shut up,” Adrien grumbled.

“Yeah, you’re one to talk, babe,” said another voice, and Adrien didn’t have to open his eyes to know it came from Alya, probably on Marinette’s chaise.

Nino disappeared from sight and Adrien heard him say, “What do you mean?”  He could practically hear the smirk in Alya’s voice as she drawled, “I remember someone couldn’t hold his liquor on his birthday either.”

Marinette snorted. Adrien smiled at the sound despite himself. He ignored the bickering of the other couple as he looked up at Marinette, who was leaning over him and rubbing her thumb soothingly over his cheek. “So what happened?”

Mari quirked her mouth and raised an eyebrow. “What do you remember, exactly?”

Adrien frowned as he tried to remember. “We went to a club. And we danced a lot? Nino and Alya kept buying me drinks.  I drank them. And there was more dancing?”

Mari tinkled a laugh and lay back down, folding her hands on Adrien’s chest and resting her chin on them while she looked up at him. Adrien had to duck his chin and peer down his nose to look at her. “You’ve got that right so far.”

“Was I…” He hesitated, nervous.  Marinette seemed to get what he meant though.

“Aw, no, chaton. “ Adrien tried not to let all his relief show, but Marinette probably picked up on it more than she showed, because she smiled soothingly and continued, “You just got competitive.  And very excitable. You challenged Kim to a shot contest.”

Well that explained a lot. Adrien wrinkled his nose. Kim had only gotten taller since lycée ended, and though Adrien, being a model, was not short himself, he didn’t have the muscle and pure body mass Kim had developed over the years. Not to mention, of course, it had been Adrien’s first time drinking alcohol. “I should’ve known better than that.”

“Yeah, you should have,” Nino called from the chaise. A smacking sound and a subsequent “Ow!” let Adrien know that Alya had shushed him.  Adrien smirked a little and turned back to Marinette. She shrugged.

“Max, Alix and I stopped you guys before Kim started singing “We Are the Champions” onstage, so it’s okay. I personally didn’t even notice you’d had too much to drink until… well…”

A wave of anxiety hit Adrien like a blast from Guitar Villain’s akumatised guitar. Sure Marinette said he hadn’t been… too much, but what if he had been ungentlemanly or something and upset her, or—“Until what?” Adrien cut himself off before he could become more anxious. Marinette got a mischievous look on her face.

“You dared me to arm wrestle you.”

Adrien had not been expecting that. He hummed thoughtfully as he looked away. “Did I win?” He pretty much already knew the answer.

Sure enough, Marinette rolled her eyes and sat up, placing a hand on either side of Adrien’s torso and leaning over him. Her hair, falling out from yesterday’s hairstyle, tickled his nose. “No.  And needless to say, you’re five hundred euros poorer now.”

Adrien pretended to be disheartened but in reality he didn’t mind—he probably would have spent the money buying Mari new fabrics anyway, so really this was just cutting out the middle-man. Besides, the sun was shining through the skylight and hitting Mari from behind, making her look like she was surrounded by a pale golden halo. Even with last night’s eyeliner a smudgy mess underneath her eyes, Adrien was still finding it difficult to breathe. He made a noise that might have been a hum of disappointment, eyes locked on Marinette’s impossibly blue ones.

She was saying something, but as his hand slid up her back to rest behind her head and pull her down gently, he found he wasn’t quite interested in hearing more about his night. As long as he didn’t do anything too crazy he was fine.

Just before their lips met, Marinette pushed herself off of his chest quickly. “Oh no you don’t. Teeth brushed first, and then you need to get some kind of carb in you.”

Adrien whined. “But, Princess,—“

“No but’s,” She tapped him on his nose lightly and pulled back, shuffling until she was making her way down the bunk stairs. “It’ll help your headache and your stomach. “

Adrien sighed, resting his head back on the pillow. He rubbed his eyes wearily, before a thought struck him. “Hey, Mari?”

She paused, the top of her just visible above the steps. “Hm?”

“How did me challenging you to an arm wrestling contest show you I was drunk?”

She hoisted herself back up until her face was visible, sending him a wink and a saucy grin that had him wondering for the thousandth time how he had not realized she was Ladybug so many years ago. “Because, chaton, if you were sober you would have known I would beat you.”


Marie Claire July 2016 Issue - BEAST Interview

Not long ago, Junhyung posted on SNS a screen capture of the chat featuring the member’s hot response towards the new song. There’s even message of the members listening to the music 30 times.

JH: I sent the members a mail on the song I’ve written asking for feedback and the members likes it. I think the most important factor while producing song is the feelings of the singer. Listening to the feelings of the singer, people will see the music coolly and listen to it well. With confidence and confirmation can one brings out a spectacular performance. More than having any special changes, we hope to put out a song emerging from the time we (BEAST) spent together. There’s nothing we can do as we age, however, the feelings and atmosphere among us has changed through the years of being on stage, we have featured these changes in the songs.

YS: The colours of BEAST has been more affirmed. Honestly, BEAST’s music genre could not be determined by a word. However, thoughts like “Yes, BEAST has to do these type of music” will pop up. It will become the most BEAST-like music.

In the idol world, to debut for more than 7 years is consider a long period of time. Compared to the music you first did, there’s definitely differences right?

JH: At the start, we follow the direction of others and not ourselves. We have to follow suit even being swept along. As for now, compared to following the route pointed out by others, we’re working hard on grasping on the route the members and myself wish to take on. Rather than letting others seek for the answers while looking at us, we’re providing the answers.

GK: When we first debut, we were young therefore there were more things that I was unsure than sure. Being led by others was a norm. Now, gaining with age, we can slowly disclose the true colours of us. The members has gained experienced through helping each other along the way. We are slowly disclosing that part of us.

DW: Until 2 years back, we have always felt the burden when releasing any songs. We worry a lot on being able to attain 1st on music broadcast, will the public like it or not. Now, I don’t think about things befalling. It will be sufficient if we have fun practicing today right?

DJ: I, on the other hand, worries a lot. I’m afraid that as the choices increases as compared to before, our probability gets lower. When I was younger, there isn’t anything to be afraid of, thus the courage of trying anything out. As my route is more or less fixed, I will constantly think of choices that could keep things down. However, when I’m doing activities in the name of BEAST rather than Yoon Dujun, it seems like I gain more courage and look tougher.

YS: After debuting in the name of BEAST, the heart of wanting BEAST to do well gets greater and greater, thus I’m not afraid at all. The heart towards BEAST is uniform among us. However, as we take up different individual activities, it seems like we are slowly gaining more experience one by one. As I started on musical, I seek for success in being a musical actor. I sincerely hope that Dujunie, Gikwangie, Dongwoonie, Junhyungie will all do well in their own aspect.

What does BEAST mean to each of you?

GK: A resting area!

DJ: Isn’t it too easy (an answer)? (laughs)

GK: No, it’s not that. When having activities alone, we have to bear everything by ourselves, the burden is huge. We have to bear all responses, good or bad. We can share the load when we’re together, it puts my heart at ease.

YS: A construction site! BEAST is a building the 5 of us built together. It can’t be done if I’m alone.

DW: Give you a creative award.

DJ: If I were to add onto what Gikwang said – when I’m working alone, at times when I trouble over things, or have to make a choice between two, if I’m with the members, it seems like the choice that I missed out on would surface. Also, we go by majority. We were able to stick by the rule of going by consensus since debut. Sticking by the rule, we concede even if the consensus turns out different from our choice. Next answer is by Dongwoon. You may hold high hopes as he reads a lot. (laughs)

DW: We’re the roots that grasp onto the core. Because there’s BEAST as our core, we were able to outgrow ourselves.

JH: Ah, I was about to say it’s to the extent of a ‘home’. More than fixing a word to it, it’s a comfort zone I seek for during unpleasant happenings or when I fall into a slump. It’s a place where my heart will feel at ease upon seeking help. No matter how many unpleasant happenings, joking around with the boys allow me to overlook it. Without realizing, I’ve became dependent on them.

What’s the benchmark of a successful album? Does receiving 1st on music show makes it a success?

YS: It doesn’t seem solely receiving 1st on music broadcasts meant success. A few years back when ‘Gangnam Style’ was a hit worldwide, we was put to compete 1st. Clearly, ‘Gangnam Style’ was a greater hit song, but we received 1st instead, that made me a little embarrassed. It’ll be great if our songs can become a hit song heard all over the world. A song everyone could sing to together.

It’s not easy for idols to last together for a very long period of time, as time pass by, it seems like you’ll stress over the “end”.

DJ: 1-2 years back, I was troubled by such thoughts a lot. More than that, I wish to go on for a long long time with the fans who loved us. With the thinking of treating everyday as the final day, it seems like BEAST can last for a long period of time.
GK: At age 28, it’s an age where we get troubled a lot. We have yet to serve the country, popularity is transient and it’s tough to remain unchanged over time. If I’m alone, it seems like I’ll think a lot. Being with the members makes everything seems okay.

YS: What’s popularity?

DJ: It’s sea wave (laughs)

YS: I like things as it is now. Doing the music we like to do, there isn’t much burden.

JH: I choose to think that the most beautiful period of BEAST has yet to arrive. It seems like the most beautiful period will come when the album releases. With that, let’s grasp onto it and not let it slip by. I have good feelings for the songs I produced for this album. I like it not because I wrote it, there are some weird trash-like songs, I’ll totally delete it. I will definitely not keep it if it doesn’t feel right. However, I self-praised myself for the songs in the album this time round. It seems like a really great period will come by, if it doesn’t there’s nothing much I can do.

Have you imagined BEAST in the 30s? Or anything you wish to do before 20s passes by?

DJ: Of course. Because we’ve to serve the country, I’m curious what changes will there be after returning. I think the most magnificent period happens in our 20s, it seems like there’ll be more freedom when we’re in our 30s.

GK: It seems interesting and fun if either of us get married. I don’t have the instinct to who will get married first. It might be a while from now or an immediate romance surfacing, we won’t know. Before the end of my 20s, I hope to travel alone. Yoseob has went to Saipan Island alone. A while back, I went to film “The law of jungle”, but had to return alone due to schedules, I like it even if it’s for a short period. I transited twice, ate at the airport, I just like time spent like this with no particular reasons.

DJ: I want to travel together with the members as 5, a holiday with just us.

DW: To spend a month at home, not meeting anyone, not doing anything.

DJ: Shortly after you’ll contact us saying “Hyung, it’s so boring”.

If you’re born again, will you choose to live as an idol?

DJ: It seems like I have to think about it again.

DW: If it could be assured of the popularity we have now? (laughs)

DJ: Unconditioned like this? If I have to start from trainee days, I don’t think I can do it. The future is not bright, the competition is fierce. Although it is helpful to practice as a trainee, it seems like we learn more from mistakes made on stage than being a trainee.

Do the members talk about the past when gathered together?

YS: We do it a lot. In the past, we would easily have 20 trainees practicing in the same room. Now, the practice room has become a lot better.

JH: When we were still trainee, there are times where we practice at home, or sleep at the sauna rooms.

What type of life do you wish to lead in the future? The media industry is full of rumours, not knowing the future, and a place where a burning popularity dies down any time.

DW: To live life protecting things I have to protect. More than dying down shortly after rising, I hope we could quietly go down.

GK: I couldn’t remember the name, but recently there’s a pop singer that raised in level of popularity. Despite so, he/she still chose to remain in the small scene than to perform in big concerts. To stay rooted like this, he looks happy too. Even when I grow older, or has a lot of time passed by as compared to now, I hope to hold concert like this, to interact closely with fans, and live while working interestingly.

BEAST, are you happy with things as it is now?

YS: I am happy. Firstly, this dream job I wished for since trainee days has come true. As I’m taking on this job, there are times where I couldn’t sleep, there are tough times, and there are also things that made me displeased. However, I was able to live life while doing a job I’ve dreamt of. That reason itself, makes it a happy job.

GK: It’s the same for me. I just hope that my injured arm could recover soon.

DJ: I’m happy. “I want to be an artiste” is a vague dream I dreamt of. I didn’t went through any deep thoughts before choosing this road. However, if I’m given a chance to make the choice again, I’m not sure if I would have made the same choice. More than saying I came into this road with confidence, it’s more appropriate to say I was led into this road. Fortunately, I was able to get to where I am today with good luck.

DW: My family is happy; to be able to work together with the members, I’m happy; to have fans who awaits for our album, I’m happy too.

JH: My father always tell me “To be free from hunger, to do something I wish to do, is true happiness”. When I was young, I told myself, even if I have to undergo hunger, I will complete what I wish to do. Now, to be able to freely do what I want to do, to be able to live this way, I am happy. I am confident that I can continue doing my work without feeling sick of it in the future.

Scan of article credits to: FLYSOHIGH ; English translations credits to: @yndjnx | 2016.06.23 21:38 목록 크게
(may contain inaccuracies)