dj people

Got this from @redwitchrising, who, due to details about their job, I’ve decided to clip:

I think of DJ using an assumed name to cause mischief and then having to call Steve to come bail him out of jail because having Cap come get him would be much simpler than having Iron Man trying to rip the jail to pieces.


If DJ got arrested for doing something, he’s calling Clint.  Clint does not ask questions.  Clint has a literal sack of cash taped to the underside of the sink labeled “Totally not bail money, Phil,” and he expects to use it.

And if DJ got arrested for something he didn’t do, he’s calling Nat.  Maybe Pepper.  Both of them.  They will show up, his vicious, brilliant, brutal moms, and make some backwoods sheriff CRY.

Okay, now I want to write my first “five and one” fic, about the Avengers showing up to bail DJ out of trouble.  And/or jail.

I should start small, just go with Tony. 8)


From the entrance they went down a metal staircase and came face-to-face with what looked like an alter. A large gargoyle sat in the middle surrounded by candles and vines, with two urns on either side and a shiver ran up Ryleigh’s spine as she wondered if they were real, were there actual people’s ashes in there?

“This is a crypt!” she exclaimed, turning to narrow her eyes at Quinn.

“Well technically it is, yes,” Quinn nodded, eyeing the alter for a second before pushing through their group towards the door on their right. “But trust me when I say that’s not all it is. Come on!”

As soon as Quinn pushed the double doors open, they were hit by a wave of sound. Music blasted from inside mixed with the faint sound of people yelling to be heard over the music, an glasses clinking. Ryleigh stared around in surprise as she stepped through the door; it really was a club.

She found herself wondering for a second who in their right mind would have thought to start a nightclub in a crypt before her eyes were drawn to the room through the archways. A DJ was playing while people moved around the lit dance floor underneath a massive chandelier. The whole place was a strange mix of old gothic and modern styles.

“Told you so,” Quinn shouted over the music, laughing. “You guys grab some seats while I grab us drinks.”