dj pedro

djs and their tumblrs

Busy P: default theme. Comments on every fucking post but no one wants to call him out cause hes too nice. Uses :) a lot but not in the “um sweaty” way.

Justice: ultimate grab-bag blogs. one second dogs next second hardcore porn gif. Tag each other in everything but are also on each other’s dfif lists.

So Me: art blog that’s more “reblogs are better than likes” posts than actual art.

Sebastian: all black theme with no icon or blog description. Only posts text style shitposts with no tags, but they become meme sensations anyway. Everyone thinks he’s genius but really he’s just weird.


Daft Punk: spam bots.

Gesaffelstein: has like 20 different aesthetic/suggestion blogs ranging from angel kin to suckdog ripoff to health goth. Also has a star wars fan blog but it’s password protected and nobody knows about it. Promos constantly with selfies.

Brodinski: 4 column blog of photography and high fashion. Always getting really weird anons but answers them with grace and style. Has more followers than anyone else.

Danger: he was actually just daftinthehead this whole time.