dj pam

Thing I love about the Mcelroys

No matter what Genere of thing they somehow make an eldritch horror of incredible power that threatens to destroy everything


TAZ: The Hunger thats killed hundreds of realitys

Car Boys: Best Case by far, Busto 1.0, Busto 2.0, The Eldritch Horrors in the endless ocean that has intersecting realitys, The Blob, The OVO, and while some of these are their allies they still count

Monster Factory: The Final Pam, a literal goddess that can destroy and create anything, had to be trapped in an endless empty ocean to prevent her from escaping the game and Destroying our planet, DJ Slime Time, while not having anywhere near power of Final Pam, DJ Slime Time was also trapped in an endless ocean, though by accident

Join us this Saturday, June 29th and celebrate summer! Wear your best sparkles.

Happening at Glob 3551 Brighton Blvd, Denver with Talk All Night + DJ Manizer/DJ Pam/DJ Elyse Beatles and DJ Private Property - huzzah!

All ages welcome, $5-10 cover goes to the 5th Annual titwrench fest this fall, September 6+7, true story.